I believe in supporting artists.

(And that’s not just because I am married to an incredibly talented painter, I promise.)

visa street art

(This isn’t my husband’s artwork, but it is a pretty awesome mural nonetheless. Courtesy of the students at the Vancouver Island School of Art in Victoria.)

Whether the ‘art form’ in question is a song, a carving, a delicious facial, or a powerful energy healing session, it’s so important to recognize other people’s gifts and to help them thrive in this world by supporting them. Seriously: my version of a perfect world involves people (everybody) doing what they are passionate about, people (everybody) lifting others up with their arts, and people (everybody) being able to live off the fruits of their gifts, forever and ever, amen.

Doesn’t that sound divine? Yesssssss…

succulent 1260x240One of the best ways to support artists of all kinds (aside from making purchases directly, because, well, that’s pretty obvious and self-explanatory) is to make referrals. Sharing is an easy way to spread the love, and it’s also a win-win-win kinda situation:

  • You win by creating that, “Aw… I’m helping another person!” sensation deep within your cells
  • The ‘artist’ wins by gaining more business, followers, or other resources to help them continue doing what they love and what they are gifted at, indefinitely and forevermore
  • The person being referred wins by getting to partake in the most magical and sacred of experiences, often with the ‘artist’ themselves. Drinking the best tea in town. Buying a handmade bar of soap that smells like angels. Watching the funniest performance ever and leaving the venue feeling sore from all the belly laughs. Feeling like a new person after an out-of-this-world reiki session.

Today, I’m doing my small part by sharing some of my personal favorites with you

Here are a handful of my go-to support team members, each of them with a cosmic, soulful bend. I’d love for you to check these women out, and no– I’m not recommending them for any kickbacks whatsoever. I’ve simply had divine connections with each of them (directly or not), and it would thrill me to see them continuing their soul work well into the future and thriving while doing so!

things and people I loveI’m sure this list will grow and evolve over time, but in this inaugural collection of links, allow me to introduce you to four incredible women. (Click the picture above.)

And hey: if you have amazing ‘artists’ (visual or not) you’d like to recommend, shout them out in the comments section! I’m always on the lookout for more swoon-worthy people, products, and services…

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