Dearest One,

Before you delve into the You Are Intuitive series (yessss!), I wanted to say a few things about online summits like these.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely signed up for an interview series before, all excited to dive in and to absorb all the things! For the first interview, you’re totally on it. You’ve set aside time to tune in, you’ve got a notebook and pen at the ready, and you feel totally inspired by the interview afterward. Win!

You might catch a few other interviews in rapid fire succession, too – loving all of the insights that come through them—but then somewhere along the line, life happens and you end up missing an interview (or two… or five… or more).

You start to feel ‘behind’…

Which makes you feel overwhelmed…

Which gets you panicking and wondering when (or if) you can possibly go back and ‘catch up’ on everything you’ve missed…

But it feels like too much…

So you end up saying ‘Ah, fuck it!’…

And you pull out of the series entirely and try to forget that the whole thing ever happened.

Does this sound familiar?

Let me state for the record that I want this series to be different for you.

There is no expectation or requirement that you listen to all of these interviews immediately.

There is no expectation or requirement that you listen to all of these interviews at all.

I want you to use this series primarily as an opportunity to connect with and strengthen your own intuition (because it is a series on intuition, after all…)

For each and every interview in this series, rather than immediately slipping into FOMO mode or feeling like you ‘have to’ watch it ‘just in case’, see if you can center yourself first. It might help to start by taking a few conscious breaths, or you can place your hand over your belly or heart and intentionally connect to yourself as both a physical presence and energetic being. When you feel ready, simply ask yourself, How do I feel about listening to this interview today?

Pay attention to your body, feelings, thoughts, and energy.

Does the idea of tuning in for that particular interview feel light, exciting, expansive, open, free, plugged in, resonant, bright, shiny, like a ‘want to’, or like something internally is ‘clicking into place’?

Or does something about the idea of the specific interview feel ‘off’, heavy, misaligned, fishy, constrictive, hard, cold, disconnected, taxing, like a ‘should’ or ‘have to’, or like it would be an uphill battle?

There’s no right or wrong answers here and no one-size-fits-all way for everyone to gauge the fit of a particular interview, but your body will let you know—one way or another—what’s a fit for you and what isn’t a good match at this time.

Please trust yourself.

You can trust yourself to know what’s right and true for you.

You can trust yourself to get a clear sense of which interviews will serve you the most at that time and which ones can either be saved for later or never opened at all.

Trust whatever comes up for you, even if a part of you feels ‘bad’ or ‘guilty’ for pushing the archive or delete button.

The point of this series is not to cram hours and hours’ worth of content into your brain. Yes, all of these interviews are totally awesome and very inspiring (just saying!), but I would much rather see you honour your own intuition and say ‘no, thank you’ to some of the interviews than blindly consume all of the content just because it’s available or because you’re afraid of missing out, ‘just in case’.

You. Have. Permission. To Trust. Yourself.

Got it?

Got it!

Thank you again for being here. Your presence means so much to me.

Dana xx