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Hello, Love

dana-violet-auraI’m Dana, and I’m here to teach you how to be intuitive. (Yes, you!) Nothing lights me up more than seeing that telltale flicker of recognition, surprise, and delight on your face when you realize that

‘Hey! I’m intuitive! I’m really doing it! (And it was in me all along!)’

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients around the world to date, and at the height of my 1:1 practice, my busy schedule was consistently booked out weeks in advance.

My intuitive readings would regularly bring people to happy tears of validation, and my insights would offer them the utter relief of feeling really, truly, and finally seen.

Other psychics, intuitives, and healers would come to me for readings, and even my mentor started booking in for sessions with me whenever she needed clarity or guidance!

I was the go-to girl for exquisitely resonant insights and deep, deep healing.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In fact, up until 2015, I honestly didn’t believe that I was intuitive at all.

What’s more, I secretly assumed that I could never be intuitive, either—that it was too late for me, or that I was foolish to feel like I had anything special or of value to offer… because as far as I could tell, I didn’t have any intuitive gifts whatsoever.

The Long Road (aka How I Got To Where I Am Now, in a Really Roundabout Way):

Despite having earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies, I worked a number of fairly menial and odd-ball jobs before settling in to work full-time with my partner at his wildly successful art booth.

I fit bras in the lingerie department of a national retail chain.

I memorized organic produce codes and rang people’s groceries through at a grassroots health food store.

I counselled women on birth control methods and pregnancy options at a feminist sexual health centre,

and I processed donations and made elaborate spreadsheets as an Accounting Associate at a prominent non-profit organization.

All the while, I was privately interested in intuition, lightworking, and all things metaphysical.

I devoured books by Caroline Myss and jumped at every opportunity to have a psychic, oracle card, astrological, or palm reading done. Each reading set me on fire, and I burned to tap into this invisible and infinite ocean of energy for myself. I yearned to touch other people in such a meaningful and resonant way, too, but I figured that since I hadn’t been wowing people with profound insights and mad mind-reading skillz since I was fresh out of the womb, it wasn’t in the cards for me personally to be an intuitive. Plus, I came from a very religious family and always worried in the back of my mind that working with energy would somehow be bad, wrong, or sinful.

It felt safer and simpler to just focus on other, more ‘legitimate’ things (like growing my partner’s art business), so that’s what I did. For many, many years.

By 2015, I was coming up to my 34th birthday and had been working at the art booth for nearly seven years. My energy was flat-lining and my emotions were all over the place. I felt extremely disappointed in myself for not ‘living up to my full potential’ by essentially working as my husband’s glorified sidekick, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what my true potential was, or what I was meant to be doing instead.

I could feel actual pressure building up inside of my body whenever I’d try to figure out my life’s purpose (which was all the time).

This pressure started manifesting in symptoms like flushed cheeks, extra weight, lethargy, and a feeling of energetic constipation. Every day, I’d start planning a new career path for myself— Holistic nutritionist? Life coach? Certified EFT practitioner? – and every evening, I’d fall into bed discouraged again, since nothing I could think of doing really felt ‘right’ to me. I resigned myself to the idea of working at the art booth indefinitely, and I tried to convince myself that this was my seva— my sacred service to the world.

One night in early April 2015, though, I had a dream.

In it, I was a rodeo clown with an Australian woman I recognized vaguely from the internet (Lauren Aletta), and she was throwing fistfuls of dollar bills into an adoring crowd in the stands. I was overtaken with admiration for her, too, and when I woke up from this random dream,

I knew that I wanted to work with her—not just to receive a reading from her, but to learn directly from her. To mentor with her. To have her teach me how to be intuitive.

(Little did I realize it at the time, but that clear inner knowing was actually me being intuitive… already! Whaddya know?)


Risking certain embarrassment and potential rejection, I sent Lauren what might be the world’s dorkiest e-mail (like, ‘Hi! I’m Dana from Canada. I had a dream about you—we were clowns in a rodeo! So… will you be my teacher?’) When she replied with a warm and gracious yes, it triggered a whole series of events, experiences, and inner adjustments that has completely and deliciously transformed my life.


Today, I not only know myself as completely and utterly intuitive, but I also know right down to my bones—no questions asked—that you are, too. (Once again: Yes. YOU!)

I am intuitive, and you are intuitive. Full stop.

I’ve discovered quite simply that energy is a language, and I’ve learned through giving hundreds (and hundreds) of sessions both how to read this language and how to teach it—quickly and effectively—to others.

(Finally—six years and two degrees in Communication Studies come in handy! Yessss!)

Here is what I know for sure:

You can learn how to read and speak ‘Intuition’ in the same way that you learned how to read and speak English (or your native tongue) when you were young. You can easily become literate (and then fluent) in the universal language of Energy, and all it takes is willingness and practice. Seriously.

If you feel pulled towards intuition, Love, it’s for a reason. There’s something that is drawing you near, even if you can’t make sense of it yet, and even if you can’t see auras or communicate with spirits. (I don’t, either!)

If you’d like a teacher to help you master the alphabet, grammar, and lexicon of your own intuition, I would love to help. I’ve walked this path. I’ve totally been there.

You can get started on your personal intuitive adventure by signing up to receive my amazing free video series, You Are Intuitive here, and you’ll also be the first to know when my new intuitive immersion course goes live, in case you’re ready for high-touch support from me in an intimate online learning environment.

‘Being Intuitive’:

Honestly? Supreme real talk? I didn’t think it was possible before. I didn’t really believe I had it in me, and I certainly didn’t expect to come so far with intuition in such a short time.

It’s not too late for you, either.

It’s not too difficult or too complicated- I promise.

Intuitive skills are not something that are reserved only for other people but not for you.

Check in with your heart now to see if my words register as true for you, and if you hear a soft ‘yes’ from within, then I invite you to take the first step and to check out the You Are Intuitive interviews here. You can also connect with me on Instagram or via e-mail.

You’ve got this, Love.

I see you. I know you. I’ve been you. And I believe in you. xo

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Thank you for being here and for trusting my guidance on your journey. I’m grateful for your presence and will honor you to your core. xoxo– Dana

Professional Bio:

Dana Machacek is a gifted teacher who mentors women and men of all ages in intuitive development, or what she refers to as ‘Intuitive Literacy’. After running a busy 1:1 reading practice and serving a diverse international clientele, she realized that most people weren’t coming to see her for intuitive insights per se but to receive validation and confirmation of what they already knew inside. Fueled by this new understanding, Dana dismantled her private practice and aligned herself with a new mission.

Today, Dana is dedicated to supporting as many people as possible in activating their inherent intuitive gifts and in learning how to become fluent in the language of energy. She is currently offering a comprehensive (and free!) interview series that demystifies what intuition is as well as who can be intuitive, and she is also developing a comprehensive intuitive immersion program, which will open for enrollment in late 2017.

To contact, interview, or feature Dana in relevant press and publications, please e-mail dana@zonapellucida.net. She can also be reached online through Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/danamachacek/