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Welcome to my digital sanctuary, Love.


I am Dana Machacek: Illuminatrix of the Soul.

I am here to shine the light of clarity and conscious recognition deep into your mind and heart. I’ve made it my sacred mission to gently but powerfully re-attune you to the truth of Who You Are.

I believe, above all else, in the utterly transformative power of being seen.

Being witnessed by another—to the very core of Who You Are—is deeply and wildly healing, especially if that ‘other’ knows how to hold you without judgment in the full spectrum of your truth.

I am such a witness, Beloved.

I am gifted with the innate ability to see YOU beneath your layers and to hold your jeweled essence up to the light as a loving mirror.

Are you ready to be seen?

I have a long history of guiding clients through awkward, sensitive, and deeply personal experiences.

I also have a history of doing this in a way that feels completely safe, warm, and healing for the people involved. (Thank goodness, right?) I have been a coach, a counsellor, a fitter of bras, a counter of beans, and the highest standing student in my university program along the way to get to where I am today. Every experience has contributed to my learning. Every position I’ve filled has added immensely to my energetic toolkit along the way.

I am a voracious learner, a lover of metaphors, meaning, and connecting the dots, and I am exquisitely attuned to energetic and emotional frequencies. It’s easy for me to ‘plug in’ to people, places, situations, and memories, and I’m an expert at downloading and translating whatever information, insights, or guidance I find in there.

In my readings, I am gentle, loving, and highly attuned to the unique energies of each client. I lead with wonder and curiosity, and I embrace the full spectrum of emotions with respect and tenderness.

I incorporate many energy medicine techniques into my work, such as EFT Tapping, breathwork, and simple energy exercises to help lower stress and rid the body of non-beneficial energies.

This not only ensures that I am a clear channel for intuitive insights going into my readings, but it also helps my clients relax into a more balanced and receptive state—aligned and prepared to receive these insights, rather than being filled to capacity with energetic congestion. My clients appreciate how seen, heard, validated, and held they feel during our sessions, and it is my greatest honor to play even a small role in the evolution of their spirits.

If you are looking to get a clear picture of your current energetic landscape, learn how to boost your gifts and dissolve your blockages, or if you simply want to discover more about the intuitive services I offer, I invite you to check out my Services page here. Welcome to my online abode!

For the curious:

  • I was born right on the cusp between Cancer and Gemini, on the day after Summer Solstice. Basically, I am a magical being who embodies LIGHT and who toggles seamlessly between the worlds of feelings and thoughts. It is natural for me to both feel deeply and to find higher, more nuanced meanings for everything that I (or you!) experience.
  • I am an 11 in Numerology and also chose a Master Number as my birth date: 22. (Yes, I am complex.)
  • More than anything, I love to learn! I count reading as one of my most basic needs, after breathing, eating, and sleeping.
  • I have both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies. I’m fascinated with how we speak to ourselves and how we construct meaning out of the experiences in our lives. (In other news: I am obviously a colossal nerd– haha!)
  • I am trained in Reiki (Usui Level II), Bio-Touch, and EFT, but even more than that- I am a natural when it comes to energy healing.
  • I am married to the most wonderful man and I believe we were originally set up on a ‘blind date’ by the spirit of my long-deceased grandfather.
  • I believe in magic: fiercely. Deeply. Truly.

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Thank you for being here and for trusting my guidance on your journey. I’m grateful for your presence and will honor you to your core. xoxo– Dana

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Hey there! I’m Dana

I am an intuitive priestess who is deeply committed to helping you see, know, and connect with yourself on an intimate, soulful level. Depth and clarity are everything to me. I offer private sessions, channeled audio teachings, and illuminated online courses which attune my clients to the divine frequencies of Who They Are at their core. You can learn more about me and my mission here, and you can also get a better feel for the services I offer here. Welcome!

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I wish I could promise you that everything I say or recommend on this website will work easily and unconditionally for you. However, legally speaking, I've gotta let you know this: This website, and all of the content and coaching herein, is offered for informational and educational purposes only. It is not meant to be a stand-in or a substitute for qualified medical, legal, or other professional advice. I can't be held responsible for any outcomes (or lack thereof) you might experience if you choose to act... or not act... on the information and advice contained on this website. Please be a responsible adult and make wise choices for yourself. And please: if you are in an emergency situation, get yourself to the appropriate, qualified professional, STAT! I appreciate your understanding and support. --xo, Dana