Anastasia Holland is a kindred spirit who seemed to land on my radar from out of nowhere, only to burrow herself right down into the fleshiest, most tender part of my heart immediately. I really adore her and know that you will, too. 🙂

Anastasia is a fellow professional psychic and magical word weaver, and what I appreciate the most about her is her realness. Seriously—you haven’t experienced ‘real’ until you’ve encountered Anastasia and her straight-up, unapologetic, and yet eternally love-soaked insights.

I could have spoken with Anastasia for hours upon hours, but we managed to squeeze some incredibly epic exchanges into this brief(ish) conversation.

Here are just a few of the things that Anastasia and I touch on together in our conversation:

  • The ever-so-subtle difference between being ‘intuitive’ and ‘psychic’, and why each of us consciously chose to claim a different label for ourselves when stepping out professionally. (She strategically chose ‘Psychic’, and I deliberately chose ‘Intuitive’.)


  • A simple way to know for sure whether professional psychic/intuitive work is the right line of work for you


  • The relationship between pain, suffering, and intuitive awakening


  • Whether you need to be fully healed yourself before you can offer healing services to others (I had to ask this question, because I knew it would launch Anastasia into a rant, haha!)


  • The visualization we both use to prepare ourselves to give psychic readings for others (I totally/naively thought I was the only one and was delighted to discover that Anastasia does almost the exact same thing as I do before her readings!)

Watch the video interview below:

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Questions for Personal Reflection:

Do you feel like there’s a difference between being intuitive and psychic? How do you personally define intuition compared to being psychic? (Also—real talk time—do your definitions somehow manage to exclude you from being intuitive or psychic? Are you discounting and discrediting yourself based on how you understand the labels ‘intuitive’ and ‘psychic’? Something to think about…)

+   +   +

Do you ever find yourself thinking that you’re ‘too damaged’ to be a lightworker, or that you’re somehow ‘not damaged enough’ to be effective as a healer? Once again, how might you be situating yourself outside of the circle of intuitives, simply based on the stories you’re telling or the words you’re choosing?              


About Anastasia:

Anastasia Holland is a Psychic Strategist, Business Mentor, Writer, and Self Worth Warrior for women. Through her 1:1 psychic sessions, mentorship programs, and workshops, Anastasia reminds her clients of the work they are meant to do in the world and helps them do it in a way that is strategic, effective, and most aligned, based on their unique blueprint, purpose, desires, and path.

Anastasia believes that self-compassion is magic, that we don’t need to be fixed but instead nurtured, encouraged, and let loose. Her work is committed to reminding you of your power and that you can–  absolutely– do business and life in whatever way you choose.

To book a session with her, or find out more about her work head to her website You can also follow her on Instagram here: @anastasiaholland.

Anastasia is offering a free 3 part audio series designed to help you get crystal clear about what you want. You can listen to it here:

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