Oooh, I am so excited to have you here! You will receive a link and password to the class content itself as a separate e-mail once your payment has gone through in full, so check your e-mail (and possibly your spam folder) for that important information! (Remember that if you are paying in monthly installments, you won’t receive access to the tutorials until after your second payment goes through. Thank you for understanding!)

In the meantime, you can get started on downloading the following apps to your Android phone or tablet:

1. Pixlr by Autodesk

Pixlr is a seriously incredible app that does the work of 3-4 separate apps all in one. And the best news is, it’s free to download! There is an option to remove the ads from the app for a mere $2.79, but otherwise, there’s no watermarks to contend with on the photos you create and no ‘pro’ filters or effects that you need to pay to unlock. You can have the entire editing suite for free if you don’t mind putting up with ads, or you can remove the ads for cheap cheap cheap! I LOVE THIS APP.

2. Perfect365

Perfect365 is a digital makeup app that allows you to enhance your selfies either subtly or significantly. It’s a godsend if you want to put your best face forward online (literally), and you can use it to make even minor enhancements to your skin, face, hair, and makeup without looking like a Plastic McFakePants. (Pssst– you don’t have to be a woman or female in order to make good use of this app. I regularly use it to make discrete touch ups to the men in my photos, too.)

I recommend paying to upgrade this app, because the free version will only allow you to save your photos in low definition. You can unlock the high definition upgrade for around $3, and there are a bunch of other makeup palettes and effects you can purchase for between 99 cents and $3 as well. Personally, I only paid for the HD upgrade of this app.

3. Split Pic

If you haven’t already signed up to receive the free tutorial series for the Split Pic app, you can do so here.

The free version of Split Pic places a watermark at the bottom of the photos you create in the app, unless you pay to upgrade. Upgrades range from $1.50 to just take off the watermark to $5.50 to remove the watermark and unlock all of the ‘pro’ layouts, filters, and stickers.