Some people bash the use of filters and photo apps on social media, claiming that these edited photos are




And that they don’t represent ‘real life’.

What if…

… Instead of using filters to hide or cover something up, you could wield them expertly to help showcase your true energetic essence?

… Your photos could be beautifully embellished and lovingly enhanced,

not to put up a false facade,

but to invite everyone who sees them to feel a certain way

or to be touched by the deeper, genuine presence of Who You Are?

I believe that posting intentionally designed and consciously-created photographs can be an act of soulful service… not to mention hella fun!

Sure, apps can be used for the ‘wrong reasons’ (hello, fake-o-rama bot accounts!), but they can also be utilized for the right ones. It all depends on your intentions, and I’m here to show you how a handful of carefully selected photo apps can transform your social media feed from ordinary to extraordinary,

even if you’re not very tech savvy,

and even if you don’t have stellar photography skills or Photoshop.

I am thrilled to introduce you to App Magic, a comprehensive collection of easy-to-follow video tutorials that walk you through my favorite apps and teach you, step by step, how to infuse each and every one of your photos with meaning, magic, and magnetism.

This program has been intuitively designed for both Apple and Android platforms (yes!), so as long as you have a smart phone or tablet with internet connectivity, you’ll be able to benefit from this course and to apply your newfound knowledge immediately.

Have an iPhone or an iPad? Purchase the App Magic program here:

Have an Android? Purchase the App Magic program here:

If you:

+ wish to create unmistakable photos that draw visitors to your feed and promote more engagement

+ don’t want to waste your time, energy, or money testing out a bunch of photo apps that may or may not end up being awesome

+ are a visual learner and prefer to see how to do something rather than just being told what to do in theory

+ need more than just well-meaning instructions to ‘play around’ or ‘experiment’ with an app before you’ll really understand how to make magic with it

+ want to transmit uplifting, magnetic, or otherwise intentional vibes through the images you post online

+ are so excited to start channeling your creative energy into the process of designing incredible images for your feed!

Or if you just wanna know how to make your pictures look super cool without having to hire professional photographers or graphic designers (or figure out how to use Photoshop from scratch)

… then App Magic is totally for you!

Here are some of the tools and effects that are covered in detail in the App Magic curriculum*:

*Please note that the curriculum varies for Apple and Android devices. Not all of the featured effects above are covered in the Android curriculum, as I wasn’t able to track down comparable apps across platforms. Specifically, the Android curriculum does not include a dedicated lens flare app or collage-making app, although the rest of the effects can be created on either platform.

When you enroll in the App Magic online class, you will receive:

+ An extensive series of screen sharing and video-based tutorials– nearly 2.5 hours of content for Android users and 4.5 hours of content for the Apple platform! (OMG, right?)

+ Comprehensive PDF worksheets with additional tips and reminders for each featured app

+ Inspiring suggestions and practice exercises for you to try with each app, so you can easily implement what you are learning at every step!

+ Lifetime access to all class content, including access to any upgrades or edits as they become available

The content is self-paced and is available as an instant download.

When you place your order as a one-time payment, you’ll be directed to the online class portal right away. Here, you can access and work through each lesson as you choose. (Please e-mail me for other payment plan options if you’d like to break the registration fee into two parts.)

Apple users can purchase the App Magic class here:

Android users can get App Magic here:

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ Do I need to be on Instagram in order to benefit from this program?

A. Not at all! You can use the knowledge you gain from the video series to create images for any visually-based social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest), or you can design images for other purposes entirely, like for your website, vision boards, screen savers, art cards, phone cases, or whatever! The sky is the limit, but you will need some sort of smart phone or tablet with internet connectivity in order to download the apps for yourself.

+ What if I’ve already taken the Energetics of Instagram course with Rachael Webb? Is this class a repeat of what I learned there?

A. Absolutely not, Love. I took the EofI class myself, and I was even interviewed about my mad app skillz for a subsequent cohort of students in that program. Since then, however, I’ve discovered the most incredible app that literally does the work of 3 or 4 separate apps in one! This is the app that we’ll be focusing on primarily in the App Magic class. We will also dive deep into a few apps that are touched on more briefly in other programs such as EofI, but the curriculum for the App Magic class is all in-depth and brand new.

+ What if I don’t have an iPhone or iPad? Are the apps you share in the App Magic class available on Android devices, too?

A. Totally! Although I personally use an iPad for most of my technical wizardry, I wanted to make sure that everything I taught in this class could apply to any platform. (There’s nothing worse than paying for a class and then finding out that nothing in it is actually relevant to you, right?) I enlisted an Android-wielding colleague, and together, we determined which of the apps I discussed in this program could be downloaded to non-Apple devices. The result is two distinct streams: one version of the class is specific to Apple users, and the other is unique to Androids.

+ Why does the Android version of the App Magic class cost less than the Apple one?

A. Not all of the apps I use in my personal embellishment practice are currently available on the Android platform, so the different prices reflect this discrepancy. If you sign up for the Android version of this program, you will receive access to fewer app tutorials overall, just because you won’t be able to download everything from the complete program to an Android device.

+ I’m not tech savvy at all. Is the App Magic course suitable for beginners?

A. Yes, indeed! You do not require any professional photography experience or previous tech know-how in order to benefit from this class. I do assume that you have a basic understanding of the camera function on your phone (how to take a photo or selfie, how to download apps to your device, and how to pinch your screen to zoom in and out of an image in your camera roll, etc.), but other than that, I will literally walk you through each app so you can understand exactly how to use it and why!

+ How much will it cost me to download all of the apps you recommend in this program?

A. If you decide to upgrade to the paid version of every app I discuss in this class, you will be looking at $6-20 on Android or $15-25 on Apple to do so, depending on your country and currency. However, the amazing wonder app that comprises the bulk of the App Magic program is free to download, and you would only need to upgrade it if you wanted to remove the ads.

+ How long does this program run for? Do I need to show up for any live classes?

A. The App Magic class is an instant download that you can purchase and work through whenever you like. There is no fixed start or end date to the program and no live calls to schedule into your calendar, either. Complete and utter freedom- aahhhh… 

Purchase the App Magic Program for Apple Devices Here:

Purchase the App Magic Program for Android Devices Here:

Other Questions?

If you have a question that wasn’t addressed or answered to your satisfaction here, please let me know! You can reach me at, and I’ll be happy to hear from you.