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We are taught from a young age to predict, control, plan, strategize, manage, and mitigate.

We learn to think things through, figure things out, and make things work.

We are rewarded for studying hard, getting it right, and acing the test.

In this sort of context, though, it is difficult– if not impossible– to embrace ambiguity and to truly enjoy being surprised.

(Sure, we like surprises, but only if they’re ‘good’ surprises that give us what we want… and expect. Think: birthday gifts and surprise marriage proposals. But ‘bad’ surprises? Being startled with a tax audit or shocked by a untimely medical diagnosis? No thank you, Universe!)

Clinging to our own expectations and leading with what we ‘already know’ can be useful strategies in certain situations but hindrances in others. If you are taking the bar exam, for example, by all means: study! Utilize that powerful, saturated-with-information brain of yours! But if you are tuning into your body, an unfamiliar situation, or another person– feeling into the currents and frequencies that lie beneath the surface– your best laid plans, plotted meticulously in advance, might very well hold you back. Your insistence that things look, act, or feel a certain way can prevent you from seeing and understanding them as they actually are.

A critical component of intuition is a willingness to be surprised.

A critical component of intuition is a willingness to be surprised.

This willingness is practically a requirement if you are tapping into your own intuitive gifts and powers, but it is just as helpful to remain open and receptive to surprise when you are on the receiving end of intuition, as in a reading or energy healing session.

Closed-mindedness and hostile skepticism can shut intuition right down, whether you are providing intuitive insights or receiving them.

So: Are you willing to be surprised? Can you become willing? (And how?) Here are some very simple ways to keep those ‘surprise me!’ channels open.

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If you are (or will be) RECEIVING intuitive insights:

  • Prior to your session, use one of the following mantras (out loud or in your head):
    • I am willing to be surprised 
    • I am willing to receive unexpected insights and unexpected answers to my questions 
    • In this moment, I choose to be curious instead of controlling 
    • (or my personal favourite) I’m ready for my surprise, Universe– Go on: Delight me!
  • Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself what is truly more important to you: To be right or to be free? If you wish to be right or correct at all costs, then it is unlikely you will be surprised. However, if you wish to be free (of your nagging questions, doubts, insecurities, or fears), then trust that the Universe has a million and one ways to get you there… if you let it. Choose freedom!
  • Practice a super easy energy medicine technique called “The Crown Pull” before you head into a reading. Developed by Donna Eden, the Crown Pull helps to release mental congestion and overwhelm while simultaneously opening you to higher insights and divine inspiration. (In other words, it’s the perfect technique to use to prime yourself for universal surprises!) It takes about a minute to do the Crown Pull, and you can watch a short video on how to do it here.
  • Pay attention to your body’s subtle signals while you are receiving a reading. Are you tensing up? Contracting? Or are you demonstrating open, receptive, and relaxed body language? If you notice yourself sitting there as tight as the lid on an unopened pickle jar… relax. Take a few breaths, re-center yourself, and reaffirm that you are willing to be surprised.

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If you are (or will be) PROVIDING intuitive insights:

  • Make an effort to intentionally dump all of your ‘I already know this’ thoughts, expectations, preconceptions, and assumptions out of your head. You can do this via The Crown Pull, or you can silently use this simple mantra: Show me, Universe/Divine/God/Holy Spirit/Intuition.
  • Unscramble your energy! Oh my goodness– DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!! This exercise– developed by a gentleman named Wayne Cook but made popular by Donna Eden– takes about two minutes to do, and it rewires not only your own energy field but also the energy fields of those around you! Your neural circuitry is brought back into proper alignment and flow, enabling you to distinguish much better between ‘left brain’ (logical) and ‘right brain’ (intuitive) insights. DO IT.  (<– Video link)
  • Adopt the curious, excited mindset of a small child playing hide and seek as you start testing the intuitive waters. Remember that intuition is fun and delightful and that it revels in surprising you! Tiptoe forward in your mind, knowing that intuitive insights are waiting in anticipation for you to find them. Turn your sensitivity up to high volume, pay attention to everything you are noticing through each of your senses, and follow every lead. Keep it light and fun!
  • Suspend your need to be correct, and don’t put any pressure on yourself to be ‘profound’. Remember: F-U-N.
  • Celebrate every single surprise you encounter! Laugh it out! Shake it off! Every time you validate your intuition, you gain more confidence in it and strengthen your intuitive muscles.

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Can you think of other ways to keep yourself open and receptive to surprises? Leave me a comment below or send me an e-mail to chat. I love to hear from you! xx- Dana

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