Blaire Porter is an incredible space holder, witness, guide, and healer, but she hasn’t always felt this way. What I love about Blaire’s journey is that she seemed to stumble onto her intuitive skills almost accidentally but then was able to develop her ‘superpowers’ with incredible ease and speed once they were uncovered. Her story is so inspiring!

Blaire’s personal experiences are so validating and reassuring to anyone who’s ever believed that ‘real’ (or ‘good’) intuitives have been practicing psychic wizardry since they came out of the womb. Sure, for some people, that’s been the case… but it’s not that way for everyone.

Many (if not most!) people don’t discover or develop their intuitive skills until later on, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties, or beyond right now: it’s still possible for you to uncover your own intuitive prowess, too!

It’s not too late for you to be intuitive (and it’s never too late to be something you already are!)

In this beautiful conversation with Blaire Porter, we examine:

  • Intuitive ‘gatekeepers’: why Blaire initially felt that she needed to go see other readers in order to have legitimate access to the unseen realms (and what changed to help her realize that she didn’t actually need an intermediary anymore.)


  • Intuitive readings and (dis)empowerment: how the best readers are often the ones who will ‘cut you off’ from receiving subsequent readings from them at a certain point (you know—the old ‘give a man fish’ vs ‘teaching a man how to fish’ philosophy…)


  • Ridiculous preconceptions we’ve both had about what intuition is or who’s ‘allowed’ to be intuitive (and the crucial item of Real Deal Intuitive clothing that both of us are lacking in our wardrobes!)


  • Making things way more complicated than they need to be (and how to stop doing that)

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About Blaire:

Blaire Porter’s story begins in darkness, as the best ones always do. She had lost her job, apartment, and car within a matter of a week and was forced to pause and start examining how she was living her life, compared to how she truly wanted to live it.

After this “week of loss”, Blaire checked out emotionally. She didn’t start to process what had happened in her life for about 6 months, when she met with an intuitive healer, which marked the beginning of the rest of her life.

The first year of healing was full of ups and downs, but Blaire came out on the other side with clarity and intention. She was initially tapped on the shoulder by the divine to create Indigo Reign, a custom jewelry line based on chakra test results, and later in her journey she quickly discovered her own deep gifts as a psychic medium.

Blaire now knows that we are all perfect exactly as we are and that we don’t need ‘fixing.’ She shows up in her work as her full and authentic self—giver, lover, intuitive, and healer. She honors her teachers, and you can find her online at the following places:


Instagram: @iamblaireporter

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