Breathwork is a form of active meditation that utilizes the flow of a particular 3-part breathing pattern to help the body directly release stagnant, stuck, and misaligned emotions or energies. It is a remarkably powerful and effective somatic practice that doesn’t require any special equipment or prior experience to do. That said, because it is an active practice that can oftentimes be experienced as activating in someone’s body, some people might benefit from exploring other, more gentle self-regulation practices first, such as heart coherence or PSYCH-K®.

I trust you to know and honour your own readiness when considering a Breathwork session with me. Rest assured that I will never ask you to push yourself beyond the limits of what feels safe or comfortable to you.  

I have completed Levels 1-3 of Breathwork training with David Elliott and have supplemented these teachings with additional trainings in trauma-informed practice. I will also be undertaking further studies in physiology and neurobiology to ensure that I am offering a fully evidence-informed service backed by scientific research.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, my in-person sessions are temporarily unavailable, but virtual/online Breathwork sessions are just as transformative and effective. I am also available to lead guided Breathwork groups at yoga studios and wellness centers in the Calgary area. Please email me for more information on booking a guided Breathwork group, or use the links below to learn more about 1:1 sessions and to schedule an appointment.

Virtual Breathwork Sessions

(In-Person Breathwork Sessions have been discontinued temporarily)