If you’re not already familiar with Carrie Mallon, on the surface she seems… (and of course also is)… sweet, caring, compassionate, and kind. But she’s also devoted to honesty, even if that honesty flies in the face of conventional ‘positive thinking’ wisdom or saccharine affirmations.

Essentially, Carrie is willing and able to tell it like it is, but she does so in a way that is still achingly validating, accessible, and loving.

I adored this conversation with her, and I wish with all of my heart that more people were willing to open up this particular can of worms and to sift through its contents with such patience, clarity, and self-reflectiveness.

In this EPIC conversation with the incredible Carrie Mallon, we go there. Everywhere. We discuss:

  • The fear (and the sometime reality) of not ‘making it’ as an intuitive entrepreneur, and why it’s still okay if you can’t pay all… or any… of your bills by being a lightworker


  • The underbelly of the online world, and how preying on people’s vulnerabilities and insecurities is still big business (unfortunately!)


  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic book, and how it relates to intuition (and especially to intuitive businesses)


  • Being comfortable with ‘not knowing’ and with having your path unfold differently than you had planned or expected it to

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About Carrie:

Carrie Mallon is a writer, tarot reader, and one of the most down to earth spiritual mentors on the entire internet (ed: note, according to me, not necessarily to her!) Carrie is an INFP with a Cancer sun sign and Virgo moon sign. She has a bachelor’s degree in human development and is totally fascinated by the human psyche.

Carrie enjoys cuddling with cats, thinking about the meaning of life, and encouraging others to become the most expansive version of themselves. She has created a stunningly comprehensive and insightful resource on The Wild Unknown tarot deck meanings, which you can access on her website, and she is also available for heart-affirming private readings as well as customized mentorship services.

You can learn more about her work and services here:

Website: www.carriemallon.com

Instagram: @carriemallon

Facebook: @Carrie A Mallon

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