Casey Campbell is a sparkly, upbeat, and beautiful person who can’t help but to radiate care, compassion, and love wherever she goes. She is a certified ThetaHealer and offers regular opportunities to partake in her sublime guided meditations and healing sessions on Facebook and IG Live (details are in her bio below!)

It was wonderful to get to speak with Casey for this series, and I trust that you’ll enjoy receiving her nuggets of wisdom, too.

Today’s conversation with Casey Campbell explores the following topics:

  • Sneaky beliefs about some types of intuition being ‘better’ than others. (Casey talks about labeling some people as ‘super psychic’ but not herself, even though she seems to have some pretty ‘super psychic’ skills of her own!)


  • The main difference between reading for yourself and reading for other people (huge hint: it’s way easier to trust the guidance that comes through on behalf of someone else!)


  • Applied Kinesiology 101: how to use muscle testing to help you tap into your inner guidance, and how to specify which ‘layer’ of your Self you wish to test at that time


  • The idea that we can be intuitive and still make mistakes, experience pain, or need to change our minds. Honing your intuition won’t enable you to bypass certain human experiences, no matter how ‘advanced’ you are!

Watch the video interview below:

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About Casey:

Casey Campbell is a certified ThetaHealer® practitioner and teacher, a Heart Presence Activator, and creator of the self-published inspirational book “I See Hearts Everywhere.” Her journey into self love and awakening of the heart began with a heart of pure light that appeared when she took a random photograph in 2007. There was no logical explanation for the heart shape, and it was the first of many, many more heart photos to follow.

Since then, Casey has followed her heart as much as possible and has dedicated herself to being the clearest conduit for divine healing that she can be. She helps people shift limiting beliefs and to remember the magic of life, the magic of the heart, and the magic that we are.

You can find Casey online at, and you can also follow her on Instagram here (@todayismagical) and Facebook here (@todayismagical). She also hosted a radio show every two weeks on the News For The Soul talk radio network, and you can access the archived episodes here.

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