Creating Flexible Boundaries for Yourself

Greetings, my dearest reader! I hope you are doing well and that your energy is radiating love and high vibrations. 🙂

How are you when it comes to setting boundaries for yourself?

Stop in the name of love!

Stop in the name of love!

For a (very) long time, I struggled to set boundaries for myself at all. I had a very difficult time separating my own energy out from the energies of other people, and I regularly burnt myself out taking on emotions, drama, and issues that weren’t even mine to begin with. Not fun. (Or healthy.)

Then, when I gradually started to marshal the courage and self-respect needed to establish clear boundaries for myself, I veered too much in the opposite direction: I set really firm, totally inflexible, and borderline OCD boundaries, which let nothing and nobody in. Again: Not fun. And still not healthy. Can you relate?

I know that I’m not alone in trying to find a middle ground when it comes to setting boundaries. This week’s video explores boundaries and opens the door to a new perspective on setting clear but flexible boundaries for yourself. You can watch it here:

Highlights that are covered in the video include:

  • The one-sided way that most of us tend to view boundaries
  • The main problem with this one-sided perspective on boundaries
  • The ‘boundary setting’ spectrum– where do you fall on the continuum at this point in your life?
  • A visualization exercise to help you understand boundaries as more flexible and dynamic (vs rigid and indiscriminate)

Bonus! I actually recorded this video during daylight hours and with a real camera vs with my laptop’s crappy built-in webcam. So you can see me! Crisply! Yeah!!

I hope you enjoy seeing my actual face and my real facial features… and obviously, I also hope that this video is helpful for you. Heh. More information and support around boundaries to come. 🙂

–xo, Dana

PS: If you have a question or topic you would like me to cover in a future blog post or video, fire me an e-mail to let me know. I’m always happy to help! Have a beautiful day and week…

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