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Danielle Noel is a writer, illustrator, and designer from Victoria, BC. Currently residing on Gabriola Island off the west coast of Canada, she is continuously inspired by the beauty and visceral magic of the west coast, as well as by the sacred landscapes of the Earth.

Since she discovered her first Tarot deck, Danielle has been enthralled with its unique symbology, seeing it a rich language steeped in sacred myth. Her love of studying the cosmos, ancient civilizations, magic, and energy medicine led to her eventual creation of ‘The Starchild Tarot’, which embodies the dreamscapes and worlds she connects with throughout her seeded memories and imagination. This deck works as a self-help tool for inner healing and deeper intuitive practice.

Danielle recently wrote and illustrated a new book, entitled “The Book of Tarot – A modern guide for mystics” with Penguin Random House UK and Andrew McMeels, as well as illustrated “The Wisdom of Unicorns” with author Joules Taylor for Ebury publishing. She is currently working on illustrating an upcoming oracle deck for Hay House UK, and she is dedicated to those who are seeking to reawaken their magic and inner light.

You can be on the lookout for Danielle’s next deck installment, ‘The Moonchild Tarot’, which focuses on Earth magic, the sacred cycles of the Moon, the Divine Feminine, Shadow Work, and more. To learn more about Danielle’s work online, you can connect with her here:


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Facebook: @StarChildTarot

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