You Are Intuitive with Dr Divi Chandna

In this conversation with Dr. Divi Chandna, we discuss:

  • The subconscious choice that many of us make early on, which disconnects us from our natural intuitive gifts


  • How ‘becoming intuitive’ is really about getting out of your own way and learning not to second guess yourself


  • Navigating the early stages of building a professional intuitive practice


  • The benefits of taking more formal training in intuitive and energetic development

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About Dr. Divi:

Dr. Divi has been a family doctor for 20 years and is the founder of the Centre of Mind Body Spirit Medicine in Vancouver, BC.

She is also an author, international speaker, & gifted teacher.

In her many years working as a family doctor, Divi started to understand more about the true nature of health and well-being. She began to realize early into her medical practice that, despite what she had been taught in school, dis-ease was not only located in the physical body, but it was also connected to many other factors, including the mental, emotional, and energetic states of her patients.

Using this knowledge and her gifts of intuition, Dr. Divi began to help people re-balance and self-heal using a holistic mind-body-spirit approach. Today, in addition to running her private medical practice, she also offers incredible medical intuitive readings, popular self-healing workshops, as well as certification courses in Mind Body Spirit coaching.

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