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Thank you for joining my tribe and for taking steps to enrich and strengthen your solar plexus chakra. I created this guided meditation because the large majority of people I work with experience varying degrees of self-doubt, self-criticism, energy leaks, or lack of self confidence– all of which are classic third chakra imbalances. 

In my intuitive readings, I can ‘see’ and feel these imbalances– yes– but more than that:

I can also see the gifts and the tremendous reserves of personal power that lie, untapped, behind and beneath these energetic blockages.

I think it’s safe to say we all want to see more of your power and less of your self-doubt…

The world isn’t served by you dimming your light or shrinking away from your gifts and power– nope. Instead, we all benefit from you owning your uniqueness, cultivating your special brand of confidence, and sharing your specific talents with the people who need it most.

That’s where “Empowered” comes in.

Empowered album artwork final resizedsolid lineGet Empowered Here

The Empowered meditation audio helps to clear and balance the solar plexus chakra. In this beautiful 10-minute track, you will be guided to relax deeply and then to reclaim aspects of your personal power that are currently tied up in things that don’t serve your highest good– whether that is other people, competition and comparison, the past, or anything else.

Please feel free to download your audio here.

Please note: due to the size of the file, you will need to download it to a desktop or laptop computer first, before transferring it to your phone or other mobile device.

solid lineGorgeous music for the Empowered meditation was composed by Tahlee Rouillon of Sonesence.

Sublime cover illustration for the track was created by Ouvra-Maria of Ouvra.

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