Energetic Boundaries and the Internet


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Last weekend, I experienced an incredible reading with Rachel Warrington in Victoria. (I’m not even sure if ‘reading’ is the right word for it, because it was more like a healing or a glimpse into my SOUL.)

It was short experience- 15 minutes- but in those 15 minutes, Rachel completely altered my LIFE!

I didn’t specify a topic for her to tap into beforehand, so she used muscle testing (via the Body Talk protocol) to ascertain what my body needed me to know right now. Turns out that my body wanted to talk about the internet.

Right away—not even two minutes into this session—Rachel explained that she saw blue lines of energy entering my system from around the right side of my head, neck, and shoulders. These lines flowed into my energy field easily, but they compromised my throat chakra and plugged right into my heart, regardless of whether I was aware of this or not, and regardless of whether I even wanted this or not, too.

I was being played by the internet, basically, rather than wielding it skillfully as a tool for my purposes.

I was also essentially being ‘hacked into’ by the energy of countless individuals and faceless others who were depending on me to show up for them in certain ways. (Yes, this is as draining as it sounds! And yes, everything she said resonated with me 100%.)

Rachel asked if I had thought about creating clear boundaries regarding my online presence. Surprisingly, Love, I hadn’t even considered this before!

I have beautiful and intentional rituals that I engage in before and after my intuitive readings, but I hadn’t actually thought about creating sacred space around my time online, too.

My body was suffering because of this lack of boundaries, though, and it communicated rather plainly with Rachel as she engaged me with a curious series of taps, holds, and gentle hand pulls.

Since having this amazing reading with Rachel, I’ve gone ahead and created a simple ritual to demarcate the shift from offline to online and back again. There are no bells or whistles involved:

I have simply started to manually connect to wifi each time I’d like to be online, and then I consciously switch it off when I’m ready to be in the real world again.

I have also turned off cell service and data roaming on my phone, so that I can’t just grab it and look something up mindlessly online anymore. Everything needs to be CLEAR and CONSCIOUS now, and I already feel so much better because of it!

I feel compelled to share this with you in case you’re also being subtly hacked into by the ever-present internet, Love. My own body didn’t denounce the online world entirely, because it’s truly an amazing tool when used mindfully- but are you using the internet now, or is it using YOU? If you spend a lot of time online and are noticing that your energy feels drained, is there something quick and easy you can do to help you establish clearer boundaries between ‘real life’ and the online world as well? Something to ponder… xoxo

(PS: If you live in the Victoria, BC area, I can’t recommend Rachel’s services highly enough! She seriously blew my mind and gave me concrete steps that I could take to change my life for the better now.)

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