You Are Intuitive with Hera Bosley

In this interview with the goddess Hera Bosley, we discuss:

  • Natural energetic cycles and rhythms (and being okay with down time)


  • The importance of returning to the self always, especially after periods of more intense gathering


  • Practical ways to start an intuitive practice with and for others


  • How to decide if it’s the right time to hang up your shingle as a professional intuitive

Watch the video interview below:

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About Hera:

Hera Bosley is the radiant presence behind Mindful Euphoria. She is an intuitive healer, energy worker, and gifted writer and blogger. She regularly offers collective tarot insights on the full and new moons, and she contributes high vibrational energy to the world through her website and beautifully curated Instagram feed. Her intention is to hold sacred space for modern mystics in all of the work that she does.

Hera has many dreams for herself and the world, including writing a book, making art, and speaking to youth—especially young girls—to teach them about the importance of developing a strong relationship with themselves and to use meditation as a tool to connect with their intuition.

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Instagram: @mindfuleuphoria

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