Today, I am jamming with my wise friend, Hera Bosley about the rhythms and seasons we all go through on our intuitive and energetic journeys.

When it comes to intuition (not to mention, um, anything and everything in real life), there is no such thing as a straight-line trajectory or growth pattern. We might strive for that ‘endless summer’ fantasy or that ‘direct from A to Z’ map, but it’s not only okay for us to pull back at regular intervals and to digest, process, and integrate whatever we are experiencing and learning: it’s necessary.

I just love Hera’s grounded, practical, and accessible approach to intuition.

In this interview with the goddess Hera Bosley, we discuss:

  • Natural energetic cycles and rhythms (and being okay with down time)


  • The importance of returning to the self always, especially after periods of more intense gathering


  • Practical ways to start an intuitive practice with and for others


  • How to decide if it’s the right time to hang up your shingle as a professional intuitive

At one point in this interview, Hera briefly mentions that she also has a full-time office job in addition to her professional tarot and intuitive practice.

She talks about her fear of being seen as too ‘woo’ or ‘out there’ in her professional workplace, but I really, really wish that I had kept the recording going afterward so you could have heard our rich post-interview discussion on the opposite fear, too: the shame around not being a full-time soulpreneur.

Here’s the gist of it:

It’s totally normal and common to feel afraid about coming out as a spiritual entrepreneur, especially to people that know you in a different professional capacity. (After all, nobody wants to suddenly be seen as flaky, flighty, or weird by your colleagues!) However, it’s just as normal and just as common to experience fear, shame, and hiding around not being fully supported by intuitive or energetic work financially, whether you’re not a full-time spiritual entrepreneur yet or whether you’ll never be in a position to quit your day job at all.

It’s okay.

I want you to know that it’s perfectly alright to have an office job, or a bridge job, or a second job at any time when you are exploring the possibility of diving into professional intuitive work. This might be a temporary necessity or a permanent fixture in your life, and either way: it’s okay.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough or successful enough as an intuitive.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have beautiful skills or needed gifts to offer to others.

It doesn’t mean that you should give up or quit, or that it’s not possible for you to be ‘An Intuitive’.

Got it?

(And if you want to explore this topic of soulpreneur shame more, then I highly suggest you check out my other interview with Carrie Mallon here!)

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About Hera:

Hera Bosley is the radiant presence behind Mindful Euphoria. She is an intuitive healer, energy worker, and gifted writer and blogger. She regularly offers collective tarot insights on the full and new moons, and she contributes high vibrational energy to the world through her website and beautifully curated Instagram feed. Her intention is to hold sacred space for modern mystics in all of the work that she does.

Hera has many dreams for herself and the world, including writing a book, making art, and speaking to youth—especially young girls—to teach them about the importance of developing a strong relationship with themselves and to use meditation as a tool to connect with their intuition.

To learn more about Hera’s work online, go to:

Instagram: @hera_morgan

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