A Holy Bone Immersion is a flexible, private mentorship container within which you can explore, cultivate, deepen, and express your sacral energies over a 3-9 month time period.

Each immersion program is designed and co-curated specifically for you and features a combination of participatory energy work and more receptive activations.

Due to the level of commitment and presence involved, spots for Immersions are limited and are available by application only. (Click here to be taken directly to the application questions.)

More Information:

A Holy Bone Immersion is a witnessed, thorough, and intimate exploration of your sacral and pelvic region, particularly the energies that reside in and resonate with this center. Sacral energies include (but aren’t limited to) things like sensuality, sexuality, creativity, and fertility (symbolic or literal), so an Immersion can be built around any or all of these themes. A Holy Bone Immersion is perfect for you if you feel, sense, or know that you are ready to reconnect with and reclaim the energetic lifeblood of your sacrum or if you feel pulled to deepen your relationship with these energies and to take them to the next level– whatever that level looks like for you.

Keep in mind that being ready doesn’t necessarily mean being fearless. Being ready means recognizing your next growth edge and being willing to step towards it.

It would be my honour and pleasure to serve as your witness and guide throughout this journey!

How It Works:

The cost of a Holy Bone Immersion is $2000 (CAD) and can take place anywhere within a 3 to 9 month period, depending on how you choose to design your unique curriculum. (Payments can also be made in installments over the course of your Immersion if that’s helpful! The total cost works out to approximately $1500 USD, £1150, €1300, and $2100 AUD, and you will not be charged extra for paying in installments compared to in a single lump sum.)

If you are seeking a deep, intensive experience with concentrated activations spaced more closely together, then you can complete your immersion in as few as 3 months. If you prefer to build in more space for reflection between sessions, though, then your immersion can be spread out for as long as 9 months (or any number of months in between.)

Each Immersion includes:

+ An initial intuitive reading (90-120 minutes long, offered as an audio file), which will zero in on your sacral capacities and gauge where you are currently ‘online’ and where you might be more latent, dormant, or ‘offline’. This reading will help to identify which aspects of you can benefit from activation and up-regulation as well as areas where you are overstimulated and can benefit more from down-regulation or discharge of excess energies.

+ A 90-minute Intake session, where we will discuss what stood out to you in your reading and curate the rest of your Immersion curriculum together. The Intake session will take place over Zoom.

+ Six, one-hour customized heart coherence sessions, which will take place virtually over Zoom. Not only will you learn various ways to establish coherence in your heart rhythms, but you will also be led through customized meditations that target your specific constitution and impart activations, energy healing, recalibration, or deprogramming frequencies as needed.

+ An Inner Balance™ Bluetooth ear sensor (mailed directly to your door), which pairs with the free Inner Balance app and lets you see your own levels of heart coherence in real time. The ear sensor was developed by the HeartMath Institute and retails at $159 USD, but it is included in the cost of the Holy Bone Immersion. An Apple or Android device is required to download the Inner Balance app.

+ Four, 75-minute Breathwork and/or PSYCH-K® sessions. Depending on your preferences and comfort levels, you can build your curriculum with either Breathwork or PSYCH-K® appointments, or you can combine the modalities in any way for up to four sessions total.

+ Ongoing homework assignments, which may include reading, writing, movement, and/or sensory activities. You will also be invited to create a personal project and to share it at the end of your Immersion.

+ A private Closing Ceremony– think sacred rituals, powerful initiations, and overall magick. 😉 The Ceremony will take place over Zoom, and it is also where you can choose to share your final project if it feels appropriate.

+ Priority booking in my calendar and ongoing text or DM support as needed

HOLY WHOA: I am ready to apply for a Holy Bone Immersion

This guided journey through personal alchemy and self-initiation is for you if:

+ You wish to re-establish or deepen a connection with your sacral area, particularly the energies of sensuality, creativity, sexuality, or fertility

+ You are willing and able to devote time, space, and energetic resources to reflection, introspection, and more active forms of meditation and energy work. You want to and can commit to showing up for yourself and doing your work in this container.

+ You sense that being witnessed in your sensuality and creative prowess is an important part of your growth.

+ You are far or deep enough into your own healing process (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) to not be experiencing acute symptoms, episodes, or traumas that require concentrated professional attention at this time.

+ You have additional support and resources available to you outside of this container as needed, including trusted friends, family members, and/or professional allies (counselors, therapists, bodyworkers, etc.)

+ You are a female-identified person. (Although I welcome folks of all genders and identities in my other offerings, this mentorship container is specifically for cis-, trans- and non-binary women.)


A Holy Bone Immersion is not the best-fitting experience for you if:

+ You aren’t prepared to change, grow, or to get in touch with yourself as a deeply sensual, sexual, fertile, or creative being just yet. (This is okay and allowed, not to mention a totally normal part of the human experience! Please respect where you’re at in your personal growth cycle and make your choice to apply or not accordingly.)

+ You are looking for a guru, guarantees, or shortcuts rather than being willing to forge your own aligned path forward. I will be present with you at my highest capacity throughout our Immersion, but I also expect you to show up fully in this container as well.

+ You want to keep your learning cerebral and theoretical for now and aren’t willing to engage in the direct experiences and somatic practices that will be shared throughout your Immersion. (Please note: You will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do, and many of the suggested practices will be done privately on your own time, too. However, experiential and embodied learning form a core part of every Holy Bone Immersion curriculum. Please make your decision to apply mindfully!)

+ You are not a female-identified person. (Although this particular container is not a fit for you in this case, you can still book a private reading or session with me here.)

+ You are not in a position to pay the ‘tuition’ for a Holy Bone Immersion in full (as a lump sum or over multiple installments). Although I offer sliding scales, payment plans, and partial bursaries for all of my other offerings, everyone who embarks on a Holy Bone Immersion will be expected to pay the full $2000 cost.  

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Meet Your Guide

I’m Dana, and I bring a wealth of training, certifications, knowledge, and lived experience to our mentorship container together. I am certified to offer heart coherence, Breathwork, and PSYCH-K® sessions, and I have been offering in-depth intuitive readings and custom energy work professionally to a vast array of clients for over five years.

I have a particular interest in (and passion for!) the sacral area, and this has played out in various iterations over decades already– from my first job fitting bras at a lingerie department as a teenager to my current role answering people’s questions about sex and sexuality through a local non-profit organization. (One of the many hats I wear!) I live and breathe sacral energies, and I have always been a magnet for intimacy, too. People have always felt comfortable asking me decidedly uncomfortable or embarrassing questions, and it is in my fundamental makeup to hold safe space so traditionally taboo topics can be explored, defused, and reclaimed.

Holy Bone Immersions were borne out of my deep desire to reduce the sense of isolation and, again, taboo that can accompany growth in general but especially growth around highly-charged themes such as sex, pleasure, fertility, and creativity.

On a more personal level, I really value leading by example, so I have dedicated the past several years to deeply exploring, embodying, and practicing every single element that I might share with you in a Holy Bone Immersion. I know from the experience of ending a loving, 15-year marriage how disorienting and painful it can feel to rebuild a life from scratch, and I’m well acquainted with feelings of overwhelming shame, guilt, and fear, too. However, I’ve also been able to enjoy the growing vitality, clarity, trust, and joy that accompany living in greater alignment—even when it’s inconvenient and challenging AF—and this is what I’m so excited to share with you! I’ve never been more attuned to my sensuality and sexuality than I am right now. I’ve never been more ready to support others in cultivating and deepening their own sacral energies as well.


What I Offer As A Mentor:

I am someone who values and prioritizes alignment. I aim to live what I teach and to be as congruent as possible in my thoughts, words, and actions.

I am not afraid of Shadow Work and believe that this deep, scary, and oftentimes confusing work is essential to our healing and evolution. (In other words, I have much more to offer than rainbows and unicorns, though I do love me some glitter, too!)

I am an excellent witness and holder of space. I intend all of my offerings to feel safe, intimate, real, and nourishing to everyone who participates in them, and I’ve been the go-to person for friends and even strangers to feel seen, heard, and held since I was wee.

I bring rich personal, professional, and academic experiences to the table. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication Studies (where I specialized in reproductive health), I’ve worked in lingerie departments and sexual health organizations since I entered the job force way back in the day, and I’ve served over 500 people directly in my 1:1 intuitive readings and group programs to date. I also have an insatiable thirst for learning, so I’ve read all the books (well, many of them at least), and I’ve both studied and practiced everything from EFT (Tapping) to Tantra Yoga to Psychic Development with accomplished mentors and established teachers.

I go there: to the depths, to the triggers, to the heights, and to the healing. I cry openly in many of my sessions. I also giggle nonstop at my own nerdy jokes! I dance awkwardly, sing badly, and encourage others to join in as well. I do not sugarcoat what needs to be seen, heard, and known, and yet I can shine the light of truth in ways that feel grounding, loving, and deeply nurturing to you.

After many years of being one of the biggest go-getters and over-achievers on the planet, I am practically allergic to rushing and forcing things now. (It feels great, btw!) I’ve made sure that the Holy Bone Immersions are flexible enough to give you exactly the amount of time and space you need in between sessions to allow for pause, deep reflection, practice, and maximum integration.

What I Can’t Offer Or Promise:

I am not a peddler of guarantees or miracle cures. A Holy Bone Immersion isn’t a program that will usher you directly to the doorstep of shiny outcomes or rock-solid certainty in a few neat modules. After all… it’s your job to journey. It’s your job to grow and to say Yes to yourself. I am here to wade through the mess of change alongside you and to support you in plugging back to your own truth and power source, again and again and again. How you emerge in your Closing Ceremony is ultimately up to you, but I’ll be applauding you and witnessing you the entire way!

Although I am familiar with the principles of Trauma & Violence Informed Care (TVIC) and have completed several trainings around trauma, I am not accredited as a therapist or counsellor to support people through major trauma resolution, acute mental health issues or episodes, addictions and/or substance abuse, or acute thoughts of suicide. If you require the support and services of licensed medical or mental health professionals in these regards, please seek them out—your well-being is worth it!


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You’ve Got Questions/I’ve Got Answers

Q: I’ve got a lot on the go right now. Will you be running these mentorships in the future?

A: I honestly don’t know! I structure my offerings in a way that allows me maximum alignment in any given moment, and I’m not sure if/when it will feel right to invite applications for Holy Bone Immersions in the future. If you resonate with this opportunity now and feel called to apply, please trust yourself and act accordingly!


Q: My work schedule is tight and my time zone is different than yours. Can I still apply for an Immersion?

A: Yes! The application form will ask about your availability and preferences, and I’ll do my absolute best to accommodate your schedule. Holy Bone Immersions will be offered bespoke slots in my calendar, based on times that are open and convenient for both of us. (In other words, we’ll make sure that neither of us needs to have a session at midnight, haha!)


Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Definitely! We will work together to create the payment plan that works best for you, based on your chosen length of Immersion and your financial situation.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: I trust you to make decisions that are right for you, and I’m also counting on you to invest your time, energy, and money wisely. Once you have completed an application form and we’ve touched base to chat about whether an Immersion is a great fit for you, no refunds on any payments made will be offered. Thank you for understanding!


Other questions? Please let me know! You can reach me at dana.m.machacek@gmail.com.          

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