The sacrum is a large, triangular bone located at the base of the spine and at the back of the pelvic cavity. This bone was referred to in Greek as hieron osteon, which translates to ‘holy bone’ or ‘temple bone’, and in Latin, os sacrum meant the same. The sacrum has been considered sacred for centuries, due in part to its proximity to the organs of procreation and because the sacrum is usually the last bone in a buried body to decay. It was also in this holy bone that the soul was believed to reside in the body. 

A Holy Bone Reading zeroes in on this sacred temple in your body and offers insights on physical, cognitive, emotional, and/or subtle energetic levels.

These sessions fuse deep intuitive insights with powerful energy work, making them one of the most profound offerings I have available. Holy Bone (or Sacral) Readings are also unique in that their format, content, approach, and tools were all given to me as a fully-formed intuitive ‘download’ in 2019. They exist solely because I was essentially commanded to create and facilitate them with others!         

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Physically, the sacrum is associated with the entire pelvic region, including the reproductive organs, bladder, kidneys, genitals, hips, and lower back. Energetically, however, the sacrum is intimately connected with important themes such as sexuality, fertility and potency (both literally and symbolically, via creativity), emotional well-being, sensuality and pleasure, relationship dynamics, and financial flow.

In a Holy Bone Reading, we explore where the energetic circulation is ‘good’ and well-established in your system as well as where and how it might be congested, stuck, stagnant, or being leaked. It is incredibly common (if not universal) for there to be some stickiness, sluggishness, or burnout in the sacral energies, and a Holy Bone Reading offers targeted insights and activating impulses to help restore equilibrium here moving forward.    

Each session unfolds uniquely, in accordance with where you are at presently and where it is in your highest good to be.

You may choose to specify a topic or theme for me to explore on your behalf in advance, particularly if you are notably struggling with something. Otherwise, I will use your sacral region itself to inform me of the top priority or priorities in your system and go from there. We cannot predict exactly what will come through in any reading ahead of time, but you can expect there to be a mixture of insights related to your particular physical, emotional, mental, and/or emotional states and well-being.    

People of any gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or sex characteristics are able to book this type of reading with me.

I welcome all cis, trans, non-binary, and intersex folks! In a Holy Bone Reading, I will use one of three laminated printouts from a Human Anatomy textbook, which you can specify for yourself when you book. One diagram is anatomically ‘female’ and includes a vulva, uterus, ovaries, etc. Another is anatomically ‘male’ and depicts a penis, testicles, scrotum, etc. The final diagram is gender neutral and features a pelvic skeleton and non-binary body outline but no gender-specific organs or glands. Everyone is welcome to select the diagram that most aligns with their identity or feels like the best fit for them, and if no preference is indicated, then I’ll default to using the gender neutral diagram. 

At the time of your session, I will create an energetic link between you and the chosen pelvis diagram so that the printout can function as a stand-in for you and your energy. I will then run my hand along the diagram and ‘feel-see’ any knots, leaks, congestion, stagnation, drains, blockages, or points of interest through my fingertips. I will narrate the entire process in your audio and let you know what I sense in each area of the pelvis (sides, centre, front, back, top, bottom). I will also describe (in exquisite detail!) the energy work that is being performed on your behalf throughout your session and flesh out any guidance that’s coming through to help you re-establish balance.

Holy Bone Readings combine a more traditional ‘intuitive reading’ format with skilled distance energy work. It is quite common to experience these sessions as being:

+ Incredibly activating. The insights can awaken, turn on, catalyze, and enhance aspects of yourself that have either been dormant or under-utilized before now.

+ Re-aligning or recalibrating. Holy Bone Readings can function like a chiropractic adjustment of your energetic anatomy, bringing you back to your centre and truth.

+ Healing and medicinal. If you, like so many others, have experienced wounding or trauma that’s connected to- or stored in- your pelvic region, a Holy Bone Reading can be received as a soothing balm, salve, or poultice. It may also feel astringent at first, however, as though old hurts are being cleansed with an antiseptic. This is energetic first aid at its best.

+ Deactivating, detoxifying, and deconditioning. Holy Bone Readings can facilitate a gentle but firm letting go and releasing of stuck energies, old patterns, and non-beneficial programs from your system. Old switches may be turned off. Old ‘gunk’ may be stirred up so it can then be flushed out.

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Is this a fit?

A Holy Bone Reading is a good fit for you if:

+ You are ready and willing to go deep into your own energetic landscape. Like the tones that ring out from two different-sized tuning forks, there is a subtle but clear energetic difference between a readiness to dive in (even if you’re nervous) and rushing into something prematurely. Holy Bone Readings are designed to be activating and up-levelling, so I trust you to check in with yourself and to make sure you’re in a place where you can handle going beneath the surface. 

+ You are feeling stuck, drained, stagnant, misaligned or otherwise uncomfortable when it comes to your sexuality, creativity, fertility, emotions, relationships, or finances, and you have a felt sense or inner knowing that an energetic approach will support your growth in this respect.

+ You resonate with my energy and feel drawn to working with me. (When you know, you just know!)

+ You are open to the possibility of receiving immense shifts and activations through intuitive avenues. You are willing to be surprised!


A Holy Bone Reading is not a good fit for you if:

+ You are only looking for surface-level insights or- gasp!- saccharine entertainment. These sessions are definitely geared towards people who are committed to and capable of going deep. This doesn’t mean you won’t giggle or feel amused during your reading, but it *does* mean that I’m not here to offer fortune cookie-style insights or vague, cheeseball predictions about when you’ll meet a tall, dark stranger, haha!

+ The insights you seek are best addressed by somebody besides an intuitive. For example, I can’t diagnose a medical condition, confirm a pregnancy, or melt your endometriosis all by my magical self.

+ You actually require professional medical, legal, financial, or psychological support at this time, which a Holy Bone Reading cannot provide. I am not a doctor, licensed therapist, lawyer, or accredited financial adviser. Please don’t book a Holy Bone Reading in place of checking in with another professional! These readings are meant to complement and supplement the care you are (hopefully) receiving from a whole team of qualified folks.

+ You believe that I can read your mind or predict the future and will be upset when I remind you that alas, I cannot.

+ You’re not ready or willing to do any work on yourself or for yourself at this time.


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The details:

Your Holy Bone Reading will be a detailed and thorough audio recording, which will be e-mailed to you as an mp4 file so you can listen to it at your convenience. The audio format allows me to embed subtle energy work into the insights, meaning that you benefit not only from what is being said but also how it is being transmitted to you.

The cost of a Holy Bone Reading starts at $195 (CAD).

(Approximately $145 USD, £115, €125, or $205 AUD)

People who are in a position to add a ‘tip’ can do so at checkout, and all tips collected will be rolled into partial bursaries to support people who experience financial barriers to accessing my services. Thank you for contributing whatever feels like an aligned exchange for you!

If you are a returning client who has already received a Soul Blueprint Reading from me before, you can schedule a Holy Bone Reading for yourself at a special rate here.


This cost includes:

+ An activating mp4 audio file; minimum length is 90 minutes, although many sessions run 120 minutes or more.

+ One follow-up e-mail if needed, where any final questions you might have can be addressed and clarified.

Payment is required in advance and can be made through the secure online scheduler here. The booking app accepts all major credit cards. If you wish to pay via e-transfer instead (from a Canadian bank account), you can e-mail $195 (or more) CAD to (In this case, you will be responsible for the small processing fee, too.)


More information:

+ You will be emailed a receipt and confirmation message automatically.

+ Even though the calendar software specifies a 2-hour window for your reading on a certain day, I will actually perform your session on my own time (still on that day, but not necessarily at the precise time you booked in for, because #intuition.)

+ We will not meet over Skype, Zoom, the phone, or in person while I record your audio insights. You do not need to be resting or otherwise sitting still while I am tuning in on your behalf, either! Your insights will be just as accurate and relevant, regardless of what you are doing (or not doing) while I am connecting with your energy field.

+ The recording of your session will be e-mailed to you as soon as it is ready, and you can work through it at your own pace and convenience. You will receive your insights as an mp4 audio file. I will e-mail you a link to the mp4 via Dropbox, which you can download to your computer and listen to as your schedule permits.

+ Please feel free to e-mail me afterward with any comments or questions you have!

+ Thank you for understanding that all sales are final for Holy Bone Readings.


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Here’s what some people have said after listening to their Holy Bone audio:

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Some final notes on Holy Bone Readings and my style:

These sessions are not predictive—they cannot predict the future or confirm whether something will happen (or not) with any accuracy whatsoever. However, they can provide a detailed, nuanced, and holistic picture of the present moment and your current energetic constitution, along with clues about how to navigate forward. Please do not use Holy Bone Readings as a substitute for qualified medical, legal, financial, or other professional support. Please don’t discredit your own intuition, either– ever! If something I say in a session doesn’t resonate with you for any reason, trust yourself and don’t allow my words to override your own inner guidance. Be your own authority!

I am not a medium, meaning that I do not communicate with the spirits of our dearly departed. I’m also not an astrologer, so I don’t talk about any planetary or celestial influences on your life. I am not trained as a medical intuitive, although occasionally I receive insights that relate to a client’s physical body or health.

So far, I have offered Holy Bone Readings for folks between the ages of 18 and 75, so odds are good that you’re the ‘right age’ to have one of these sessions done. 😉

If you have a question that wasn’t addressed on this page, please feel free to e-mail me directly: I appreciate your time and am always happy to help! xx