The most important thing I can say about the ‘You Are Intuitive’ series is that everything about it is… well… intuitive.

It was first conceived unexpectedly through a dream late in July, and even though I can’t remember the actual content of the dream, I do remember waking up feeling so, so clear that I would create an interview series on people’s experiences with intuition. I had a knowing of who I would approach, what we would speak about, and it suddenly felt obvious to me that this was my next step. Totally matter of fact.

(Prior to this dream, though, I was living very much in the in-between, unclear, and in-the-dark phase, having sold our home, dismantled my intuitive business entirely, and embarked on a road trip with no set purpose, destination, or timeline in mind. Yeah. I had committed to trust in divine guidance and divine timing in a major way, but part of me was also secretly freaking out that I had no plans and no clue what to do next. Honestly: having that dream was a big, effing relief.)

(And just so you know, I actually say the word ‘effing’ regularly, out loud, and just like that: ‘e-f-f-i-n-g’ in real conversations. I’m not just using it as a more polite stand-in for ‘fucking’ here. Nope! Sometimes, what I really mean to say is effing, and having that dream was a big, effing relief.)


I spent the better part of August scheduling and hosting interviews. Part of me was dying to share these conversations with the world immediately, but again– intuitively– I knew not to rush. I sensed not to push.

This isn’t one of those ’30 interviews in 7 days!’ series.

It’s not one of those ‘amazing new content released daily!’ kinda things, either.

That felt like rushing to me. (You know?) That felt like forcing to me. That felt like a recipe for information overload and energetic indigestion to me.

I know that every marketing book under the sun recommends creating ‘time scarcity’ or otherwise orchestrating a pronounced sense of urgency with a launch of any kind, but I deliberately chose an organic flow over over-consumption here. Yes, there’s a lot of content available in this series, but you can choose to indulge in what you want, when you want to, alright?

There’s time allowed for integration.

There’s space allowed space for absorption, processing, reflection, and intentional savouring… because believe me, all of these interviews are delicious.

Before you dive into your first interview, I would love for you to introduce yourself on Instagram or via e-mail (

I know from personal experience that being a part of a supportive community is one of the easiest and quickest ways to build up your intuitive muscles, so I’m looking forward to connecting with you more and getting to know you!

Thanks again for being here!
Lots of love,