Self-portrait with a decidedly off-centered bun...

Self-portrait with a decidedly off-centered bun…

Most of us want to feel centered.

After all, ‘being centered’ sounds so romantic and appealing, right? Who wouldn’t want to be centered?

While most of us desire to be centered, many of us aren’t sure how to actually ‘get’ centered. Like, in real life.

Do we need to meditate? Must we set aside a solid hour of time each day, sitting in lotus position and ensuring we aren’t interrupted for any reason? What do we actually do?

The truth is, getting centered is simple and quick. All that’s required is an honest intention and a few minutes of self-awareness.

solid lineTo begin: calmly affirm to yourself that you wish to be centered. Your intention should be rooted in kindness and curiosity. You’re not trying to ‘fix’ yourself or force yourself back into line, a la soldiers at boot camp. No. This will be a most gentle and subtle re-alignment of your energetic body.

Next, tune into yourself to get a feel for your current (and likely un-centered) energy state.

(You might wish to close your eyes for this part.) What do you sense about your energy right now? Describe your energy to yourself in words, pictures, feelings, or sounds.

Maybe your energy is concentrated all around your head and feels like a giant, foggy cloud. Does it buzz or hum?

Perhaps you notice that your energy isn’t inside your body at all! Maybe your physical body is in one place and your energy is somewhere else altogether– behind it, beside it, three steps ahead of it, etc. Do you feel fragmented or disconnected, like you are two people instead of one?

Maybe your energy feels weak, flimsy, and porous– like wearing a lace shawl but trying to keep warm in the dead of winter. What color is your energy? How vibrant or dull is it?

Or maybe your energy is hardened and unyielding like a suit of armor around your physical body. Perhaps it feels like your energetic body is pinching and constricting your whole being.

You might feel silly or like you’re doing this exercise ‘wrong’, but please trust yourself. There’s no such thing as an ‘incorrect’ way to do this.

Once you see or feel your energy as it is, say a silent thank you to yourself, and then ask, ‘In this moment, what would help me get centered?’

Again, there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers here, and what works for you might not work for someone else. (Also, what works for you on one day might not work again for you on a different day!) However, you can always trust your body to give you an honest and accurate answer every time you ask.

Here are some possible ways to center your energy. Try them out and see how they resonate!

  • If your energy is ‘stuck in your head’, take a few deep breaths. With every inhale, imagine that your energy field is growing and getting warmer, and with every exhale, gently and slowly ‘pull’ your energy down the rest of your body. Feel each cell in your body light up as your energy/aura comes into contact with it. Guide your energy all the way down to the soles of your feet, and ‘anchor’ some of it into the ground beneath you as well. Take one last deep breath, and pay special attention to the new feelings of balance and centeredness within you. Say ‘thank you’ to yourself.
  • If your energy is outside of your physical body, visualize a column of light pouring into the crown of your head from the heavens above. See this light stretching down the length of your body and well into the ground below you, too. (The light can be any color of your choosing, and you can also picture it being a pleasing temperature and intensity.) Now, as you focus on the light within you, imagine that it becomes magnetic, gently drawing every last bit of your energy from outside your being to deep within your core. Aaaahhhh…. Just as a magnet only attracts iron and not other metals, so too does the magnetic light within you only attract your own energy inside. Other people’s ‘stuff’ and non-beneficial energies of all kinds are not picked up by the column of light within you. Feel your energy consolidating within the center of your body, and say ‘thank you’ to yourself.
  • If your energy is torn, uneven, or ragged, imagine yourself as a divine seamstress, lovingly patching and reinforcing your energetic fabric wherever it’s required. Build up your energy like a warm coat, mending any drafty spots and savoring the newfound warmth and glow you feel inside your aura. Picture all of your energy snuggling against your body beneath your cozy jacket, and bask in the comfort of having all of your energy close by. Now that you are centered, say ‘thank you’ to yourself.
  • If your energy feels too rigid and defensive, you can center yourself by giving your aura more ‘breathing room’! Take a few deep breaths, and with every inhale, picture your armor or protective shell expanding– safely– just a tiny bit more. On every exhale, let your energy stretch out and occupy the larger space within and around you. When you reach a spot where you no longer feel cramped but also feel comfortable and protected, pay attention to how this balance feels in your body. Congratulations, you are centered! Say ‘thank you’ to yourself.

It only takes a minute or two to get centered.

Of course, it’s nice to spend some more time getting familiar with your body and with your energy, learning how they communicate uniquely with you. You can always extend the centering process as time permits and explore different ways to shift and align your own energies. With practice, you will find yourself not only understanding yourself and your own needs clearly, but also knowing how to bring yourself back into alignment quickly and with confidence!

How do you center yourself?

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