I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that, since you are reading this post, you are a sensitive person– maybe even a highly sensitive person. Chances are, you have had the experience of getting caught up in somebody else’s emotions before, whether their awesome energy elevated your mood like a swelling tide of good vibes… or their dark and murky energy pulled you down into a sinkhole of sorrow, despair, and seemingly no return. (It’s never a pretty thing when The Sinkhole Situation happens. Ugh.)

Even if you’re sensitive, empathetic, and incredibly attuned to the energy of other people, it doesn’t mean that you’re destined (or doomed) to absorb other people’s stuff forevermore.

It’s really easy (and fast!) to protect your own energy.

Plus: “protecting your energy” doesn’t mean that you’ll morph into an uncaring, insensitive robot who no longer computes the subtleties of human emotion anymore. (I promise.)

It’s the best of both worlds, really: you can be sensitive and centered at the same time, no longer susceptible to the dreaded energy suck. Come, grasshopper– Let me show you how.

But first– some context. One of my personal heroines is the legendary Donna Eden.

Be still, my beating heart!

Be still, my beating heart!

Donna is gifted with the ability to see energies as clearly as she can see everything ‘real’ in this world. Her life’s work has been dedicated to finding simple ways to harmonize, balance, and regulate our body’s natural energy systems, and she has developed an entire lexicon of postures, poses, and techniques that anybody can learn and do to keep their energies flowing and in good shape.

(If you want to see some of her super quick stress-busting techniques in action, you can also check out my short video here.)

One of Donna’s most beloved and recommended energy medicine techniques is called The Zip-Up. Not coincidentally, it involves “zipping up” your body’s aura or biofield by tracing your index fingers (or palm) along the central meridian, which runs up from the pubic bone all the way to the lower lip, in a straight line directly up the center of your torso.

Why arrange my own photoshoot when I can borrow this highly informative, ultra 80s GIF from reflectwell.com?

Why arrange my own photoshoot when I can borrow this highly informative, ultra 80s GIF from reflectwell.com? (Sports bra and track shorts optional– wink!)

“Zipping yourself up” once, twice, or even three times before you leave the house in the morning not only locks in your good vibes  but it also shields you from any non-beneficial energies you might encounter from other people, situations, places, or things. I like to do the Zip-Up slowly, deliberately and very intentionally– imagining that as I trace my fingers upwards, everything beneficial is getting sealed inside my aura and everything else is being shown the way out, thank you very much.

Make a habit of Zipping Yourself Up every morning, and also when you feel like you need an extra boost of energetic shielding and alignment.

As with most energy medicine techniques, you might not notice a huge difference on an average day, but if you Zip Up before you go into that performance review with your boss, or before you catch up with your old friend from high school, who is really sweet but who is also the World’s Biggest Whiner, you will feel a remarkable shift in your energy.

One final note: Donna doesn’t believe in ‘energy vampires’ (people who feed off of and drain your energetic reserves– unwittingly or intentionally). That said, I know from personal experience that

sometimes it can feel like your energy is being sucked away from you and that there’s nothing you can do to stop it or to protect yourself.

If this is you, and you want to be more centered in your own energy, rather than feeling like you’re automatically absorbing the grossest emotions from the grossest people, definitely try the Zip-Up Technique. You can still interact with other people, and you can still be your lovable, empathetic self, but you’ll notice that you aren’t taking on other people’s energy as much (or at all) anymore. Energy medicine for the win!

Boundaries are a huge part of staying centered in your own energy, too. You can watch my video on setting flexible boundaries for yourself here

solid lineAnd hey! Guess what else is a big part of staying centered in your own energy? Working on your solar plexus chakra, of course. 🙂 If you want a free guided visualization track to help you clear, balance, and strengthen your solar plexus, then hop on my newsletter and get instant access to the audio!

xo, Dana


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