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Here are some of the most amazing souls I’ve had the privilege to witness and/or experience personally:

aquarius nation2Zodiac   : :   Astrology   : :   Lunar Cycle Magic

If you’re accustomed to reading the typical newspaper horoscope (aka: “You will be accident prone this week (but maybe not!), and you might become involved in the arts, publishing, the law, teaching, plumbing, other trades, or something involving manual or mental work before Friday”), then KV’s distinctive readings will either fascinate you or horrify you. Her astrological and lunar forecasts are definitely not the chirpy, one-sentence fluff you usually see in lowest common denominator publications- nope! Instead, they are channeled, in-depth mini-essays, attuned to each sign’s essential core, and timed for release according to the lunar cycles (which is awesome). I resonate so profoundly with each of her readings and eagerly await her newsletters at every full and new moon. Sign up for her newsletter, but only if you’re ready for your socks to be rocked.


Gorgeous Meditation Music   : :   Self Love Tools and Inspiration

Yeah… I pretty much have a girl crush on Tahlee, mainly because her music just oozes
spirit and strikes the deepest chords within my soul. I can barely manage to listen to her angelic singing voice without weeping cleansing tears of joy! Her meditone albums gently stimulate specific brain waves if you listen to them with headphones, and they are simply to die for. You hear me? DIE FOR.

palmistryinspiredPalmistry   : :     Astro Readings   : :   Spot-On Intuitive Guidance

Oh, sweet mercy– I could go on and on (and on) about the magic that Juliet weaves in her readings. She is absolutely on point with her astro chart and palm readings, and listening to her gentle audios is like being cradled by the warm frequency of love itself. I’ve had my own reading done (and I cried the whole time listening to my audio, obviously.) My middle sister has also been read by Juliet, my man has been read by her (and flat-out wowed by her insights!), and the most precious gift of all: my enchanted niece was read by Juliet on her 8th birthday, too. (Juliet specializes in reading the charts and palms of children, so that their parents and family members can learn how to best support the unfolding of their gifts and soul purposes. Stellar, right?) Juliet’s readings are highly recommended at any time, but especially during times of confusion and uncertainty regarding the ‘next steps’ on one’s life path. She’s incredible!

inner hueOracle Cards   : :   Soul School Lessons   : :   Intuitive Development

For some reason, I seem to be cosmically drawn to Aussies for most of my intuitive and inspirational needs. Lauren is no exception: yet another Aussie on my personal support team! I’ve raved about her gorgeous deck of oracle cards before, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love her Soul School Monthly lessons, too. Really: what’s not to love about Lauren and Inner Hue? Absolutely nothing. 🙂 Lauren was my personal mentor for psychic and intuitive development, and she provided me with the tools and the confidence I needed to honor my gifts and put my services out into the world. Definitely check her out if you’re interested in channeling your inner guidance, and prepare to drool over her swoon-worthy images and visual branding. Ack– infinite hearts and love for Inner Hue! 

drdivi750High Vibrations   : :   Intuitive Readings   : :   Life-Changing Workshops

What I love the most about Dr. Divi Chandna is that she seamlessly combines ultra-deep, cosmic wisdom with unexpectedly hilarious humor. Whenever I feel grossly coated in too much self-help sugar (yes- that’s a thing), Dr. Divi’s approach to health and well-being reminds me that it is possible to combine humor with helping and to weave sarcasm in with spirituality. Crisis of Seriousness: averted. I have received several one-on-one intuitive readings with Dr. Divi (who is a bona fide medical intuitive), and my beloved husband and I also attended one of her weekend intensive workshops on self-healing together. This workshop was literally one of the best things we’ve ever done together as a couple. Kapow! By the time we left the course on Sunday evening, we were vibrating like a pair of regular supernovas– lighting up the galaxy with our high frequencies. Don’t miss the chance to see Divi in person or to attend one of her webinars or workshops. (I’m not kidding: they’re amazing!)  

Image credits (top to bottom): Aquarius Nation logo created by The Fifth Element Life & borrowed from KV’s Instagram feed; Image of Tahlee borrowed from www.sonesence.com; Mandala image borrowed from The Palmistry Inspired website; photo of Lauren’s hand, crystals, and ring borrowed from the Inner Hue Instagram feed; and headshot of Dr. Divi taken from www.drdivi.com



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    I’m off to check them out. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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      No problem! Always happy to give a shout out to the women I’m kinda sorta infatuated with. 😉

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