In-Person Breathwork Sessions

In-person Breathwork sessions are offered in the Dalhousie area of Northwest Calgary. Appointments are 75 minutes long and are intuitively tailored to you specifically. With every session, you have the option to specify what you would like to focus on in advance, or we can leave the focus open-ended to see what emerges for processing at that time.

In-person Breathwork sessions feature:

  • An intuitively selected essential oil blend in the diffuser to maximize energy flow and to facilitate gentle healing
  • A personally curated playlist, which you will receive a link to afterward
  • A cup of organic herbal tea
  • A grounding foot or hand massage following your Breathwork practice

Breathwork is done fully clothed while laying flat on a clean bed. I have a number of warm blankets in my healing space as well as a deluxe space heater to help regulate your body temperature throughout the practice if you like. Please wear comfortable clothing for your appointment. You are welcome to bring anything you feel would be beneficial for your practice along with you, too, such as crystals to hold or an eye pillow, though these aren’t mandatory.

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Please email me if you have any questions!