You want to feel connected to yourself and clear about your purpose and path.

You’re drawn to divination tools like the Tarot and oracle cards, but you also feel intimidated by them. (So many cards! What do they all mean? How could I possibly remember everything?)

Mostly, you are ready to dive, heart first, onto a path of more meaning, clarity, and self-discovery.

Dear One, I feel you. Come: let’s chat.

+ You were fluent in the language of your tarot and oracle cards, and you could read them with confidence and accuracy, every time?

+ You could provide yourself and others with specific, resonant, and trustworthy guidance, without needing to consult a tarot guidebook or look up card meanings online first?

+ You could see the way forward with clarity, and easily understand how to navigate through your current situation in the most aligned way possible?

+ You trusted yourself and your intuition, rather than second-guessing yourself all the time?

+ You no longer needed to look outside of yourself for direction, guidance, permission, or validation?

How would it feel to be that intuitive?

How amazing would it be to support others and yourself with relevant guidance and reassuring insights?

This isn’t just a pipe dream, Dear Heart—igniting your intuition is totally possible, and it doesn’t have to be difficult or take forever, either.

I created the Introduction to Intuitive Tarot class as a way to guide you safely and deeply back into the core of your own inner knowing, using the ancient and widely available tool of the Tarot.

This course is part self-guided study and part supportive online community, where you can implement what you are learning and flex your growing intuitive muscles in a low-pressure context.

The Introduction to Intuitive Tarot class is a journey of remembrance more than anything, because

The truth is that you are already intuitive, Love. (You are!)

Yes, you might have forgotten how to tap into your innate extrasensory reserves after years of social conditioning and fears, but your energetic anatomy has ‘muscle memory’ and will quickly remember how to do it, especially when you utilize the tool of the Tarot. Trust.

There is no memorization required in this class, and using your imagination (as well as your intuition… obviously) is highly encouraged!

Join the community now for $79

 Class content will be delivered to you as soon as I see your order come through, and you will be invited to join the private Facebook group shortly thereafter, too.

Important note: If you purchased the Introduction to Intuitive Tarot class during Tarot Summer School in 2016, please e-mail me for a special alumni rate. The foundational content of the course is the same; however, two new video lectures and lessons have been added since its original release.

Here are some of the topics that we will explore in the Introduction to Intuitive Tarot curriculum:

+ Overcoming the fear of ‘getting it wrong’

+ Shifting out of your left (logical) brain and into your right (intuitive) brain

+ Developing your intuitive muscles with consistent practice and helpful prompts

+ Choosing a resonant tarot deck and setting yourself up to succeed

+ Building a strong friendship with your deck and learning its unique language

+ Setting powerful intentions and understanding how to release expectations in your card readings

+ Interpreting single card pulls and multiple card spreads without the use of a guidebook

+ Using the ‘Dear Abby’ technique to channel accurate and insightful guidance to yourself or for clients

+ Creating a Year Ahead Spread and using it as a customized, trustworthy road map to guide you forward with clarity

The Introduction to Intuitive Tarot course offers multimedia content for all learning types and also grants you access to the private Facebook community, where there will be regular opportunities to practice and integrate what you have learned with both Dana and other students in the class.

+ Over 2 hours of video content, which you can work through at your own pace

+ Extensive lecture notes in online and PDF format

+ Downloadable worksheets, sample intuitive card readings, affirmation images, and templates

+ Dozens of journal prompts to help you tap into your intuition and read your cards fluently without the use of a guidebook

+ An invitation to the private Facebook group, with ongoing support from Dana and the class community

+ Exclusive savings on live group meditation calls

Join now for $79

I would love to have you there!

Remember: if you were already a student of this class in Tarot Summer School, please e-mail me, as you qualify for a special alumni rate on the program.

Reading your cards intuitively isn’t rocket science, Love—I promise!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can progress from feeling dependent on a tarot guidebook to not needing the guidebook at all. It would be an honour to have you in the class and to support you on this next leg of your intuitive journey! xx

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About Dana:

I have established myself as a unique and trusted voice in the intuitive community, offering both collective guidance as well as one on one readings to an international clientele. My signature tarot insights are received to rave reviews on Instagram and Facebook, and my private practice is regularly booked weeks in advance.

Can I share a secret with you, though?     

Up until 2015, I honestly didn’t believe that I was intuitive, and I was terrified of tarot cards, too! (Yeah: for real!) I had owned a few decks since my early 20s, but I only ever felt comfortable pulling cards for myself (not giving readings to other people), and I would only ever copy the insights directly from the guidebook into my journal—never venturing to question, elaborate on, or go deeper with the provided meanings. Tarot intimidated me, big time, and I didn’t think I would ever ‘get it’.

It wasn’t until I developed my own way of engaging with and understanding the cards that I finally felt ready to share my insights with others; and when I did start sharing this guidance, my intuition skyrocketed and my professional practice quickly grew, too!

This method is what I share in the Introduction to Intuitive Tarot class, and I’d love for you to join me. I know what it’s like to feel both fascinated by and frustrated with tarot cards, and I also know from personal experience how possible it is to master their meanings without needing to memorize or regurgitate anything. Let me share my simple process with you and help you tap into your own intuitive reserves. You can sign up and get started here. xo