There’s this idea that people are either super enthusiastic about psychics and all things metaphysical, or they’re not. Period.

Unfortunately, it seems that people who are on the fence in any way about having a reading done end up relegating themselves to the ‘not for me’ pack by default, simply because they can’t relate to the pervasive, fist-pumping excitement that other people feel about intuition and energy healing.

I get the hesitation, and I understand the apprehension.

For one thing, um… there’s a lot of shitty psychics in the world. (Madam Ruby, the Tarot Reader-slash-Tax Prep Agent in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure comes to mind.)

madam rubySome people have been burned personally by a crap reading in the past, and others simply don’t want to take the chance that they’ll end up wasting their time and money with a charlatan or a fear-monger. Makes perfect sense.

Also, there are a lot of unknowns going into a reading, so it’s natural to experience some uncertainty beforehand.

What will come up in my reading?

What can she see?

Can I keep anything private, or am I an open book with nothing kept sacred?

What if she says something I don’t want to hear?

The truth is: It’s normal and natural to have some reservations beforehand.

It’s also perfectly understandable to want to feel safe and reassured before committing to a reading. Sure, some people are irresistibly drawn to the intuitive arts and feel comfortable almost instantaneously about getting someone to tune in on their behalf, but if that’s not you and you’re currently on the fence, you’re not the only one.

Being nervous isn’t necessarily your intuition signalling you that a psychic reading is ‘not for you’.

Instead, nervousness is a sign that you need to gather more information and possibly have a brief chat with an intuitive to get a better sense of how you resonate with each other before you reach the decision that feels right for you.

I offer complimentary, 15-minute consultations over Skype for people who aren’t sure about having a reading done, or who want to get more of a feel for my personality and reading style before committing. (All you need to do is e-mail me and we can set something up!) 

Pressuring people and violating their comfort levels is not my style at all.

I want everyone who has a reading with me to feel safe, guided, and held, and to be perfectly honest– I don’t feel comfortable proceeding with someone who is clearly not feeling that with me just yet. (Butterflies in the tummy is one thing, but deep-seated discomfort is an entirely different beast!)

It’s always my intention to hold the highest and best good of all concerned in mind when I provide a reading.

In my experience, even the clients who were nervous, uncertain, or downright scared before a reading end up discovering that their worries– while totally natural– were ultimately unfounded. But like I say– it’s (always) your call, and if want to chat with me before making up your mind, I’m happy to oblige! Send me an e-mail and we can make arrangements from there. xo
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