Today, I am speaking with my friend and business bosom buddy, Jillian Anderson.

I first came across Jillian’s work in 2016 and have since experienced mega personal upgrades from her offerings, including Permission to Prosper and Sacred Storytelling (with fellow You Are Intuitive speaker, Anastasia Holland). We used to hop on Zoom every few weeks to talk about offerings, insights, big dreams, and plans we had to make our dreams a reality… but then I up and started traveling to places with no (or subpar) internet access, making it difficult to keep up with these regular conversations. Sigh…


Jillian’s work is all about the body.

She filters everything—pleasure, abundance, confidence, trust, joy, and life overall—through the divine technology of her physical self, and as a result, she seems to have an above-average capacity to hold space for all of this goodness with ease and grace. I respect and admire her so much!

Today’s conversation with the luminous Jillian Anderson covers:

  • Learning the hard way how clearly our bodies can communicate with us intuitively


  • Morning pages: using the famous Julia Cameron exercise to help tap into your inner wisdom and guidance


  • How to establish a powerful connection between your physical self and your energetic anatomy

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About Jillian:

Jillian is a Writer, Healer, and Business Strategist who has studied and practiced Women’s Health, Spiritual Healing, Plant-Spirit Medicine, and Ancestral Healing extensively with leading experts. She is a certified Abdominal Massage Specialist (ATMAT), bodyworker (LMT) and energy-healer, with advanced training in mind-body medicine.

In addition to her deep foundations in mind-body medicine, Jillian has studied and practiced the art of coaching, heart-based business principles, and has discovered the healing shifts required to create freedom + fulfillment in a Spirit-led business. Today, she offers 1-on-1 mentorship opportunities as well as Permission to Prosper, her signature online training program that explores the intersection between sacred sexuality and money magnetism.

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Instagram: @jillianaanderson

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