My guest today is another person that I’ve admired from a (hopefully respectful and non-creepy) distance for several years so far, haha.

(And yeah: Hosting these interviews was seriously like an endless birthday party for me. It felt like I was receiving countless presents from the presence of everyone I got to connect with, and my inner seven-year old was like YESSSSSS the entire time!)

Anyway! You might be familiar with Jo Klima’s work for any number of reasons. Perhaps you had the graphics for your gorgeous website designed by her (or admired somebody else’s sublime website that was created by her). Maybe you’ve partaken in her popular Unicorn Project series before, or perhaps you got your hands on her most recent creation, the Inner Star Oracle card deck, which took Kickstarter and the internet by storm earlier in 2017 (fully funded in less than 12 hours!!)

If you don’t already know Jo or drool over her creations, then you are in for a refreshing treat with this conversation! Jo takes us behind the scenes in her business and life, walking us through her earlier path of ticking all the right boxes and doing all the right things (according to everyone else), to discovering that she was miserable and choosing to make some drastic changes for the sake of her own well-being.

In this interview with Jo Klima, we discuss:

  • The pain and misalignment that can (or let’s just be honest and say ‘will… eventually’) come when you live your life based on other people’s expectations rather than according to your own inner compass


  • Creative expression as an intuitive practice


  • Discomfort around certain new age terms (like ‘channeling’), and being surprised to discover that it isn’t necessarily what you thought it was!


  • The ease and flow that can come about when trusting your intuition fully


  • Keeping track of intuitive instances in your own life experiences, so that you can establish a baseline of ‘evidence’ or ‘proof’ that intuition really works for you!

Watch the video interview below:

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Questions for Personal Reflection:

Have you ever found yourself living a life of ‘should’s and ‘supposed to’s, only to find yourself suffering and miserable? How did you start honouring yourself instead of always trying to meet the expectations of others?

+   +   +

How do you enjoy expressing your creativity? Does it feel like your creative outlet of choice allows you to tap into your intuition, too?

+   +   +

Are there certain metaphysical or new age concepts that you feel personally resistant to or uncomfortable around? Where might that discomfort stem from? What might help you to feel more ease or comfort around those ideas, practices, or words?   

About Jo:

Jo Klima is an artist and creative who loves seeing creative projects come to life to add beauty, colour and meaning into the world. Her desire is to discover, unearth and understand herself more deeply, and to continuously learn new ways and beliefs that will continue her journey into her highest self. By experiencing her own truth, growth and purpose through creativity, she aims to help others do the same.

Jo is the creator of the popular Unicorn Project, a number of online creativity workshops, and most recently the amazing Inner Star Oracle card deck. To learn more about Jo’s work online, visit her website: or follow her on Instagram: or Facebook:

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