I am delighted, honoured, and beside myself with love pangs to be sharing this conversation with you today!
Katrina Smith is incredibly wise, perceptive, intuitive, and connected to her inner truth. Her presence alone is like a shining beacon of activation for everyone she encounters, and she doesn’t even need to ‘do’ anything in order to do everything, you know? She’s one of those people who awakens and initiates others simply by being present, physically or energetically. (She’s amazing is what it boils down to, haha. Can you tell that I’m a big fan of hers?)

In this beautiful conversation with my soul sister, Katrina Smith, we touch on topics like:

  • How the idea of what’s ‘normal’ can be incredibly damaging, isolating, and disempowering for people


  • The new frontier of intuitive and energetic gifts, and how the limitations of language can’t even accommodate or do justice to what’s awakening within everyone today


  • Being flexible, patient, and open: spiritual practice as a fluid engagement rather than a strict discipline


  • Different strokes for different folks: how a one-size-fits-all approach to intuition simply isn’t possible!

Watch the video interview below:

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About Katrina:

Katrina Smith is a heart-led creative, weaver, artist, and crystal messenger. She is a yoga & meditation teacher, a Reiki II practitioner, a mother of two, and the Creatress behind Heart & Hands—a one-woman soul operation that creates divinely inspired talismans for people worldwide.

Katrina’s creations are all designed and handmade by her, through an organic and intuitively-led process that unfolds uniquely for each piece. As a conduit of high vibrational energy, Katrina receives clear and specific intuitive visions for each creation she makes, and she trusts that all of her talismans will serve as instruments that can inspire her purchasers to do, feel, or be something that reconnects them with their own Divine nature.

Katrina is a beautiful advocate for conscious production and consumerism, and you can learn more about her work or follow her online here:

Website: www.heartandhandscreations.com

Instagram: @heart_and_hands

Facebook: @Heart and Hands Creations

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