Today I’m getting down with the Modern Money Witch herself: Lara-Rose Duong.

Lara-Rose is a fellow Canadian (woot!) who followed her intuition and transitioned out of a career as a traditional financial adviser to become the priestess of money honey. Talk about inspirational! (And kinda terrifying!) Her energy is so supportive and warm, and she feels so easy to connect with and love.

In this enlightening conversation with The Modern Money Witch, Lara-Rose Duong, we discuss:

  • Huge awakening and activation experiences: how LRD’s ancestors keep her connected to her intuition


  • Big leaps and epic career changes: How leaving a stable job might seem like a difficult choice to make on the surface, but how not making the choice isn’t even an option if you’re really listening to your heart


  • How to build your intuitive muscles by starting with lower-stakes questions, scenarios, and games


  • Creating safe and sacred spaces in your home and office: altars as physical extensions of your intuitive practices

Watch the video interview below:

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About Lara-Rose:

Lara-Rose Duong mentors activated women on their unique prosperity paths. She is a traditional financial adviser turned Modern Money Witch who marries spiritual and financial rituals to help her clients create prosperous lives and unleash their own inner Rich Witches.

Lara-Rose’s soul work revolves around engaging in the full spectrum conversation around money honey and prosperity in all areas of life. She is committed to helping the women across from her to heal their money honey stories and to have them singing the mantra “Love is Money”.

Lara-Rose empowers her clients to discover that they have the strength, wisdom, and knowledge inside of them to be the Queens of their own cash flow. She holds sacred space for women to define prosperity and luxury on their own terms, and her work is now featured in The Numinous, among other publications online.

To learn more about Lara-Rose and her work, you can visit her website at or follow her on Instagram (@lararoseduong) or Facebook (@LRD The Modern Money Witch). You can also request to join her free Facebook group, the Rich Witch Circle with LRD here.

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