Oh, my heart.

You might already know Lauren Aletta, or you might simply know of her. Not only has Lauren created two wildly successful card decks (Connected & Free Oracle and Lumina Tarot), but she is also the intuitive visionary behind the Soul School Monthly series and author of the epic ‘Into the Woods’ book. She is incredibly honest, real and relatable, and she also happens to be my personal mentor.

I first reached out to Lauren (in an extremely geeky way) in 2015, after I had a dream that we were rodeo clowns together.

(Yeah, I e-mailed Lauren to tell her about a dream involving rodeos and clowns! And she wrote back!)

Around that time, I had been searching—not exactly actively, but certainly energetically—for someone to help me develop my intuition, and when I woke up from that random-ass dream, I knew that this ‘someone’ was Lauren.

As Lauren herself says, she didn’t actually ‘teach’ me anything during our mentorship sessions, but she definitely got me out of my head (and, uh, comfort zone) and into the actual practice of intuition. I had the honour of chatting with Lauren recently about all things intuition, and it’s a true delight to share our conversation with you now!

In this interview with my beautiful soul sister, Lauren Aletta, we discuss:

  • The unequivocal truth that you are intuitive. Already. (Lauren will secretly and lovingly call bullshit on you if you tell her otherwise.)


  • How even your best efforts at keeping your emerging mystical self ‘under wraps’ are failing miserably. (Because everybody already knows who you are. And how do they know this? Because they are intuitive, too. Boom.)


  • The refreshing and permission-granting quality of being totally yourself, even if other people completely disagree with (or even actively dislike) you!


  • Why nobody except you can tell you what the next step is. (Sorry- no shortcuts or quick tips here!)

Please note that I’ve had this interview transcribed, due to the heartbreakingly non-awesome quality of both the video and audio.

Lauren and I have a pretty solid history of breaking the internet when we hop on the same bits of wifi together, and rather than subjecting your ears to the inevitable straining (or your eyes to all those times when the video doesn’t cut back to Lauren and instead keeps showing me grinning at her earnestly with hearts in my eyes), I’ve decided to offer this interview as a read-only option, too.

(If you want to verify the lo-fi quality of the video and audio for yourself, you can totally do so below the transcript, but I’d recommend sticking with the readable version instead. xo)

To access the transcript as a PDF (where the formatting is much more friendly on the eyes compared to the website transcript), click here.

You Are Intuitive, featuring Lauren Aletta

Dana:  Today I am here with my beautiful friend, Lauren Aletta. For those of you who don’t know my history with Lauren, we are very good friends now, but it actually started off that she was my mentor and my teacher to help me with my own intuitive development. I’m absolutely thrilled to get the chance to speak with her today and to unpack all of these things about intuition and energy, so thank you for being here, Lauren!

Lauren:  Thank you, this is fun! It’s so nice to have this conversation with you.

Dana:  So, the first question I’m going to ask you feels also like the most obvious question. This series is called You Are Intuitive, and the first thing I want to ask is if you consider yourself intuitive, and if you call yourself intuitive?

Lauren: Yeah, definitely. I’m human, therefore I’m intuitive. That good?

Dana: Exactly, end of story. That’s my feeling about it, too, is that everyone and anyone can be intuitive, is intuitive.

Lauren:  Yes, are. Already. Even if a person tells me that they’re not at all intuitive, I’ll acknowledge what they have to say. I believe that’s cool for them, and then I just secretly go, “Bullshit.” Because they would just do it in their own way. They’d get the gut hunch, they’d get the feeling, you know? Something didn’t feel right for them, but they didn’t want to pass that off as ‘intuitive’, and that’s cool with me.

Dana: Have you always felt or known that you were intuitive? Was there ever a time in your life where you had difficulty reconciling that or had difficulty sharing that with other people? Or has it always been this kind of matter of fact, “I’m intuitive, you’re intuitive” thing?

Lauren:  Yeah. No, not at all. I guess I can’t remember not being intuitive, so I was very little, but I didn’t think of it like that. It was life, it was normal. It wasn’t until I became aware that, perhaps seeing things, or sensing things the way I did, wasn’t the kind of parameter or framework that other people had, too—or if they did, they kind of boo-hooed it, or they put it as make believe, or just not real.

That would’ve been around when I was about ten, and then as I moved more into my teens, and then really realized all this kind of stigma attached to having something that is intuitive, or being interested in something that is unseen, and magical, or psychic, intuitive, you’re now one of “Those People.”

“Those People” fit in this kind of box, and they look like this sort of person and they do these kind of things or live this kind of lifestyle. You don’t want to kind of go too far into that. It’s difficult to reconcile, coming from a somewhat religious background and coming from a middle class background, too, where the emphasis was on education. I kind of went, “Oh, hang on. Don’t be the weird girl.”

Dana: And what did you do to “not be the weird girl”? How did you compartmentalize yourself? How did you suppress certain aspects of yourself?

Lauren: I did, but clearly I didn’t do a very good job of it, because now I’m ‘out of the closet’ as they say, and I stumble across people from school and they’re like, “Oh yeah, you were always like that.” And I’m like, “Damn, you don’t understand the inner turmoil I went through to keep it under wraps!”

I tried to keep it in like, “Shh, don’t be like that too much. Only to select people, and just a little bit to select people.” It really failed.

While I could say I very much felt like I was trying to live by the rule book and limit strange weirdness, really it was very internal, keeping it all to myself. It was incredibly secret, and private, and strange.

What has been interesting to me is, I sort of call them the “purple wearing, crystal ball wielding, lavender smelling cat ladies”. I didn’t really resonate with them. I was like, “I know there’s something imbalanced there, and there’s something ungrounded there.” I just, internally I didn’t feel like that was a way that I was going to learn how to harness this.

Even if I didn’t want to put my hand up as being a weirdo, I didn’t really feel like there was any other place that I could go to anyway. There was nobody to really relate to, or anybody to tell me about what was going on for me.

Dana: So is that partly why you created Inner Hue, to sort of be that resource and that touchstone for the other weirdos who are like, “What’s going on?” And “Who can I talk to about this?”

Lauren: That, and also because if you’re human you’re intuitive. There isn’t a strong societal foundation that speaks openly as to what it is to be a soul having a human experience. We have an abundance of information around everything else, but people come to me, basically usually as their last resort.

They’re wanting to say, “What’s going on with me? I’m having these experiences. I’m a high flying corporate businesswoman, or businessman.” Or, “I’m a doctor.” Whatever it is. Or, “I’m a mother at home.” But, “I’m sensing there’s something really going on, and I can’t understand what it is, and can you help me with that?”

It’s not just about teaching or wanting to get more in tune with their natural capabilities of being intuitive and being an ‘energy’. People are awakening and are having the realization of, “Oh, crap, there’s something more to me. Where can I speak to someone and feel safe?”

Dana:  First of all, you do an amazing job of that. Speaking from experience, I know. I don’t feel like I came to you as a last resort, but I really resonated with the realness of it and the realness of you. Something was shifting in me, and something was expanding in me.

I had a hint about what it was, but I didn’t really know how to harness it. The last thing I wanted to do—because I come from a very academic background and also from a fairly religious family—so I didn’t want to be in my pretty sane, pretty safe kind of package or box, and then all of a sudden to become this crazy cat lady with a crystal ball!

Seeing you, and knowing about you, it was like, “Oh, thank goodness. There’s someone who’s a real person, who’s not going to require me or suggest to me that I need to dive right off the deep end right away.” I could take it at my own pace and become intuitive and understand myself as this energetic, intuitive being, in a way that still felt really… “Real”.

Lauren: And grounded.

Dana: Grounded, yes, and approachable and accessible, and not this untouchable crazy person, so you do a wonderful job of that. I can attest to that firsthand.

I was wondering if you could go back in time a little bit to what you had been talking about earlier, about the angst and the struggle and the inner turmoil that you had gone through before coming out officially as an intuitive person?

Even though you talked about not doing a very good job hiding it or covering it up, can you speak about what it was like to have that energy inside of you? And what it was like to have these intuitive experiences, but not really knowing what to do with them, or how to share them, or who to share them with? Could you speak a little more about that time?

Lauren: Yeah. It was really quite a long journey and a long process. I think there are a few things to say first, while we’re speaking directly about people who might have a natural gift at being able to be intuitive, to read frequency and energy, and to receive unseen information. For some people, that is a more natural skill or ability to them than for others.

I really look at it like this: I can run, but I’m not Usain Bolt. So, it’s sort of like, everybody has this gift and ability (to be intuitive). Mine just happens to be my soul path and an expression as to why I came this way.

That’s not everybody’s path. That doesn’t mean that you’re not intuitive or that you can’t use your intuitive and energetic capabilities in the areas which your soul is guiding you towards.

Then there was the human integration, which is just a massive part of the process. It was a long journey of basically overcoming my own stories. Of which, let me say, I still have more to overcome!

To finally accept and embrace, right? It’s who I am, and also to make sense of, “This is what I do with it”, because it seems this is who I am, but it was up here in the air before. I’m very practical. I love this human experience, and I want to have my soul self be an expression of that, and for me to do that, then I need to be able to understand how I can utilize what it is that I am, in a way that serves.

It’s been a lot about going through, and doing all the dirty work around, the crappy beliefs I had about myself and the stories that I told myself. The past hurts and pains, and all the roadblocks that I had created. I needed to deconstruct them and create a new pathway for myself.

That took a really long time. I suffered really terrible depression around eighteen, nineteen, and twenties, on and off. Terribly so, because I didn’t know what to do with some of the things that I would see. I didn’t understand, right?

I finished school and I got this wonderful score, and I went off to University. When I was there, I was like, “Oh, but something internally is telling me that this is all wrong and I’m not meant to be here.” And, “What do I do with this part of me? How do I make it into that part?”

When I would step into that world (of energy and intuition) it felt too overwhelming, but then when I would disconnect from it, it felt like I had shut out such a big part of myself and I went into a big depression. This reinforced other stories that I had about myself that were untrue, so for me it was quite … well, it wasn’t fun, looking back at it. But now that I know far more of the skills and the tools, I’d be able to do it again. I had no idea what bus I was driving before. Now I feel like that’s something I do know: how to drive this bus, and how to navigate things.

I think it’s the thing that is really missing for everybody, regardless of whether you’re here to do work in an intuitive way or whether you’re out there being an unbelievable scientist. Knowing how this works is important! It’s a step by step process. One little stepping stone at a time, and you’re only ever going to get that next stepping stone. You just have to get in there and to do it, and to be okay with not knowing what’s coming next… but then you will know, and then you can do that next one.

When I finally did come out and own Inner Hue—when I finally set up the Facebook page before I had a website, and I made a dodgy blog myself—it was the scariest thing I think that I ever did! I felt sick. To hit “Invite” to my friends. Because I never wanted to push myself onto anybody else, or to push my beliefs. I didn’t want to be judged, and I was worried about the people that I might lose. Friends and family who might be like, “Oh”, you know that poo-pooed me. And more than that, people who might poo-poo me into thinking that I wasn’t good enough to come out to lead something.

“Look at what you’ve learned, look at these things that you’ve done, the mistakes that you’ve made. And now you’re saying that people should listen to you, or that you have a voice around something.” Ah, it’s sickening.

But that one thing there was the hardest thing that I’ve done and the catalyst for the rest of everything. Yeah. If you can get over that big, hard lump, then you’re good. Basically everything else is easy, you just keep doing it!

Dana: I really resonate with that story, too, and I really identify with the feelings of sickness, of, “Oh, I can’t believe I’m going to put this label or this title on myself as an intuitive”, right? I was just like, “Oh my God, I can’t do this!” I remember as well, when I was working with you, one of the first exercises was basically just to be intuitive around other people.

At the time, I was like, “I can’t be intuitive around the people I’m working with, they’ll think I’m batshit crazy if all of a sudden I’m like, ‘Oh, energy and chakras’, and all of this.” I was just like, “Give me any homework assignment aside from that. I don’t want to do that.”

But then like you were saying earlier, they already kinda know that about you! You think it’s this big secret and that nobody knows that you’re this energetic being. You think you’re doing such a great job of concealing your true identity.

Lauren: And you knew how they knew? Is because they’re intuitive and energetic! We can’t help but to have the energetic framework and structure that we have, and there is nothing you can do about it. You can incognito it off all that you like, and it doesn’t stop what it is that you radiate. It’s pointless.

But to own it, then you’re integrating the human self and the soul self. You’re not starting to feel like two people anymore, you’re starting to be like, “That was scary to do, but oh my God, sweet relief. I feel a little bit more like me! I just honored me! Ah, that’s so much better.”

Dana: Yes, choosing yourself rather than other people’s expectations. In many cases, at least I know for me personally, it was what I thought other people’s expectations were of me, or what I thought other people wanted of me, or who they wanted me to be.

Those weren’t actually their expectations, those were my assumptions and my fears of, “Oh, I’m supposed to be this type of person and if I come out as somebody different they’ll reject me, or they won’t like me.”

All of that was this big, elaborate story I had constructed, and none of it was real. It didn’t mean it didn’t feel real, to get over that hump, but when I was on the other side of it I was like, “Huh, that story was all me.”

Lauren: Well, and I think the other thing too, is that even if a person does have those expectations or assumptions of you, you’re going to highlight something in them by beginning to be you. Confront them with it, and they’re maybe going to run off, but it’s still going to have shifted them in some way.

Or it’s going to give them permission or curiosity to get more curious about themselves! People love it when you can own who you are, even if you don’t particularly like them, and if you’re on a global stage.

There are people globally … if we just use … oh my gosh, Trump. Look. As much as he is a fantastic man to loathe, and for so many good reasons, doesn’t he just own himself?

Dana: Completely.

Lauren: And as much as that’s gross in many ways, you can’t help but to have a little bit of admiration for a man that’s like, “This is who I am.” No apologies. He’s not really the example that, say, we want to be like ourselves, but that’s what I’m saying. Even people we don’t like, we can still go, “Yeah, but you own yourself.” And there is something cool about that. Even if I don’t agree at all with what you do.

Dana: But it does give you permission, like you’re saying, to realize, “If this totally repulsive person can fully own themselves, why can’t I own myself? Why can’t I be my true, full integrated self? And own it?”

Lauren: And the world is needing people we can trust. People are needing people we can trust. You know the people in your life that you really trust, and one of the reasons that you really trust them is because they are who they are. They’re not trying to be anybody else. That makes you feel safe. We need that. We need stronger foundations for everybody, and I wanted to be that for me, and I wanted to be that for other people to go, “Cool.”

Now, I don’t already have it all worked out, and I’ve been really honest about that, but this is who I am, to grow and be bold. And I let myself grow and be bold. I’m okay if you don’t like me, and I’m okay if I’m too much, or not enough. I’m okay when I stuff up.

You know? If I can be me, then I can hopefully … That wall of support right in itself, will support you. Even if I don’t ever come across you again.

Dana: Yes. Touching on what you were just saying about, “I’m okay being too much for people, I’m okay being not enough for some people.” Have you found, either in the past or right now, that you do get tripped up into like, “Am I being too much for this person?” Or feeling like, “Oh, I’m not good enough. I’m not clever enough. I’m not smart enough.” Do you feel like you ever get caught in that now?

Lauren: No.

Dana: No?

Lauren:  I know the areas where I want to develop, for me. I can be honest and truthful with myself to go, “I’m just really rubbish at this.” Or, “I’m needing to put way more work into it.” Or, “I don’t know how to do it.”

That can look, on particular days, like frustration, and anger, and tears, but I’m not saying “You’re not good, Lauren. You’re not as good as this person.” I don’t compare. When I see somebody who is good, that inspires me, I’m like, “Yes. I’m going to learn from you and I’m going to look at what it is that I admire, and what it is you’re teaching me.”

And then not copy, but find my own way to be that.

Sometimes I do feel like I might be too much for people and I can feel like, “Oh, tone it down a bit.” But it’s probably more my excitement, sometimes, or my play! Or my passion, and I want to be respectful.

I want to be respectful of the other person. It’s not as though I feel like I’m too much, it’s more going, “I don’t want to feel like I’m pressing or pushing my beliefs onto you.”

So, that’s when I will catch myself out and go, “Oh, tone it down. Hang on, stop. You’re being too excited or passionate. The person’s glazing over.” But it’s not as though I want to beat up on myself, it’s more of just going, “Okay, hang on, whoa, stop.” Just be respectful that that’s not their thing, or that they’re just not coping with your crazy today.

I really have mostly gotten to the point of not giving a fuck. Yeah, the next time that I have a big growth, I do feel nervous about needing to share it, but it’s more because I’m wanting to know, “How can I share it in a way that’s anchored?”

Dana: Have you always felt that way, though? As far as not really giving a fuck? Or has that been a process as well, and a learning curve?

Lauren: I don’t really worry about, “What are they gonna think of me?” anymore. Yeah. I stopped doing that. For me, I made some different decisions in my life that automatically made me step out from the well-trimmed path. It had nothing to do with intuition and such, or owning myself. It was just different lifestyle decisions that were popular to judgment and flack from others, and, you know, understandably so!

When you choose that (a different path), you’ve then got a choice whether to continue to beat up on yourself and to try and fit back in. When you just go, “No, I’m good at it. This is my life. I’m going to accept these decisions that I’ve made, whether they’ve been positive or negative, I’m going to make them positive. I’m going to utilize and do something with this. This is one awesome life, it’s so cool.” Then I’m going to go, “Okay, cool. You guys all think of me like this anyways. I can’t do anything more.”

I just really realized that people are going to have their own thoughts about who you are, whether you’re staying in the middle of the road of a well-trimmed path or not. I think people are going to judge anyway.

Dana: Something I find, with the people that I work with or I have worked with—I’ve noticed the issue of comparison is one that comes up quite a lot. People will look outside, or look on social media, and other people seem to have more gifts, or better gifts, or that they are more profound, or they’re more connected with the mystical realm, or something like that. They’ll look out and then come back to themselves and have this awful feeling like, “I’m not enough, and I’ll never be enough.”

Lauren: Yeah. But that awful feeling is not confirmation of, “I’m not enough, or I’ll never be enough. Or I don’t know what my thing is, or my thing isn’t as good.”

That awful feeling is telling you that you’re misaligned. And that the thing is not true! It’s not confirmation that, “Yes, that thing you thought about yourself is true, and this is why you’re feeling bad.” The feeling bad is, “No, wrong thought! Wrong belief! Back up! Turn this bus around! Disengage! Abort!”

See, I’ve been fortunate enough to not suffer so much with comparing, because I have this background, being from a religious background. Having that belief that God makes everything perfect. “God”, whatever that means for you.

So stop looking there, turn back around! Pay more attention to what my inner guidance in here is saying, and stop comparing how far along I am on my path. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, even though these other people seem to be ahead. There is no such thing as ‘ahead’. Time goes upwards, it doesn’t go linear.

And, I don’t know. Just get into your own life! Have fun with the fuckery in here! Be as crazy as you can, it’s so fun in here! It’s confusing, and it’s beautiful, and it’s wild, this entangled, vast, magical, cosmic landscape, that is so much more interesting than the very now outdated—anything you are seeing ‘outside’ is already old. This video, already old. It’s old! In here is now. This is the leading edge. Get in now.

Dana: Yes! I see you, Lauren, and you feel to me like such a visionary. Like a pioneer, like this vanguard and a way-shower, and a leader—just breaking ground in the new landscape and terrain of energy and intuition.

Has there been someone who was a leader and a way shower to you? Resources, or practices, or training? Have you had to be fully self-taught? Or has there been someone who’s like, not steps ‘ahead’ of you, but somebody you can reach to, to teach you, and to help you grow and evolve on your own path?

Lauren: There was … or, is, in terms of, this woman is still alive. I had a reading with her when I was 24 or 25. And it was the catalyst. She put me in high definition, so she read my frequency and my energy. Very similar to basically what I do now.

And she confirmed to me that I wasn’t crazy, basically. And I just went, “You’ve just put me in high definition!” See, she didn’t tell me anything new. She told me exactly what I knew, but all of that felt too big, and too much, and too wild, and too crazy, and too out of the box that I had inherited from my family.

She went, “No, you’re good.” And I went, “Oh, thank God, fuck.”

I had another session with her just before I came out with Inner Hue. By then, I had developed my own skill. Again, it was interesting, but if I’m being really blatantly honest, she was quite expensive for me, and the second time I went to see her I kind of was like, “Right. You didn’t really need to spend that money because …”

Dana: You already knew it.

Lauren: I had definitely developed my skill well enough to go on my own then. But she definitely was somebody that I really admired, and honestly just being in her presence, there is something very understated around being around somebody that. You resonate with that in that scene, in that truth. With someone being who they are. That alone will upgrade you.

Everything else that taught me was reading material. I went back to, I don’t know, purple velvet and all sorts of very seventies and eighties kind of stuff.

Dana: The crystal cat book, haha!

Lauren:  Yeah, no. I really dig science. I’m a bit of a science kind of nerd, and I just knew that this stuff was not magical. I mean, it is, but this is also grounded in physics and math. This is biology. I needed to find material that was teaching in a way that would make sense of my own experiences. The things that I was doing. Frequency does that best.

Dana: Going back now to what you were saying about this woman that you had a reading from. I really feel that we’re all so different. Some people need a mentor or a teacher. Someone who can break it down into different steps, into different practices, into different modules, I guess. But some of us have those activations, or have these up-levelings, just by being in the presence of someone who reminds us of Who We Are. Not necessarily teaching us anything, but confirming in a way that “you’re okay the way that you are”.

I felt, for me, I needed more than just reference materials. Because I read every single book on the planet about intuition and about energy, and I had all of the information stored up here (points to head). For me to get to that next level where I actually was intuitive, like actively intuitive, I really needed a mentor. Like you, who pushed me off the deep end and was like, “Just do it.”

Lauren:  We’ve got to move away from consuming. There is nothing that I can encourage more. Your system tells you when you’ve consumed enough, if you’re paying attention.

When you first start to get introduced to a new idea, to a new concept … See, when I was first introduced to the idea of Lemuria, I was like, “Oh, what?” Or extraterrestrials as really being something very real and very powerful and supportive and not scary. I was like, “Oh …”

Those were all my old beliefs. Those were all the things that I was instructed to feel or believe before, because the other things, if I was paying attention there was a little “Buzz.” Internally it was like, “Yeah, no. Hang on, that’s right.”

It’s a matter of being able to push the framework out, or to go, “Okay, cool. You’re really intuitive, you can meet energy. You can pick up information. Or you can send light out of your hands.” You go, “What? I can’t see anything coming out of my hands, come on, now!”

Challenge yourself, and move away from reading about it. When you read and get introduced to an idea it might feel exciting, and you’re going to enjoy reading it. You’re going to consume, but then you’ll hit … It’s like eating too much. “I can’t eat anymore.” It’s like, “This is no longer getting that excitement, that rush. This is no longer feeling good. This is feeling like it’s irritating me, or like I don’t want to go there.”

There’s a composting period where you’re integrating it, but even then, after composting, you can’t return back to it. You have to then move into applying it. You can get a teacher, and a mentor, and really even … With you, honey, I did nothing other than tell you to go about doing it. I did not teach you anything, you taught yourself.

Dana: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Lauren: You just came back. I said, “You come back, you talk about what you saw, how it worked for you, what happened.” We can talk about the finer, technical stuff. But I didn’t teach you how to do anything. I just went, “Go on, shove. Go start. Work it out.” Because that’s actually how it goes.

You can’t go, “Oh, step one is this thing, step two is that thing.” It’s not. You have to understand, no one really taught you how to walk, and no one taught you how to crawl. You did it. You worked it out. When you’re at that phase, whatever it is, whether it’s applying it to intuition or not. You know it’s in you. Listen to what it is inside that’s telling you how to step out. That’s your greatest teacher.

It’s in you already. You don’t need to go anywhere else. It’s helpful to have someone that can, you know, back you up. Like, “Hey, big buddy. This is what’s happened. How cool was that?” Or if you’re having a really down day, you know, they’re needed. But I don’t think anybody out there can really teach you how to understand something that’s inside of you. Only you can do that.

Dana: Exactly. Yeah, and again, you embody that brilliantly, as a teacher who’s teaching by just pushing you out of the nest. “Have fun flying! I’ll be here when you get back up.”

Lauren: That’s really it. I think all the work that comes before it, is your own self-belief. You have to have done the cleanup first, or more of the cleanup than not. You’ve got to go, “I think I can do this. I really think I can. I feel like I’m ready to do this, but I don’t know how.”

That’s cool. Good. You don’t need to know how. You just have to get to the point of, in whatever area of life it is, you want to play with it. “Okay, I think I can do this now. I’m ready to. I own me enough, that this is possible for me now.”

Dana: Definitely. And if somebody is at the point where they’re like, “Okay, I believe it’s possible for me to be intuitive now”, is there a specific practice you would recommend? Or a next step to experiment with, or to get curious about, to help that person get to their next level of, “Not only is it possible for me, but I’m doing this now.”

Lauren: Yeah. I hear what you’re saying, and my answer’s very boring. The next step is whatever it is that’s internal—what you’re being told internally is your next step. That’s it. It’s really as simple as that. That might be meditation, it might be going and doing some training program with somebody. It might be you need to start to spend more time outside, or you need to coddle the crap from your house.

I think we have placed so much emphasis on there being some really incredible ritual, or we hope that this person out there who has these skills can bestow this wonderful process upon us where everything will all come together… As far as I’m concerned, that’s bullshit. Not everything is necessarily going to be applicable to you, because you are your own unique system. And in the place of where you’re at now, you might have different requirements than what I had.

I could give you something and it might be like, “Whoa, that was great, but I’m still not there.” It’s about, really, honestly, stop looking out to everybody else! And going, “Okay, what’s the first thing in here?” And not to override anything that might seem small and mundane. Those are usually the most important things! Don’t think that it’s gonna seem logical all the time, or don’t think that it’s going to be like, “Oh, wow, that’s the really big … That’s so profound …”

Dana: “And then the angel visited me through the clouds.”

Lauren: Yeah. Those things happen, but they happen once you’re doing all the other small stuff. This is about staying true to your word. If your internal guidance is like, “Okay, now you’ve got to do that”, do it. That is the profound thing.

I know I disappoint when I say boring things like that, but I would be lying to you if I went, “Okay, right. So, let me just take you through this process.”

Dana: Exactly. You know, people crave the easy answers, and people desire these shortcuts and quick tips and five steps, and I think that’s part of why I really resonate with you. It’s like, that is bullshit, and I could make a list for you, but there are no shortcuts.

Lauren: Yeah, well you tell me the list! That way around!

Dana: Which you have done to me before, so –

Lauren: I did that to everybody.

Dana: Well, it works. It totally works. Thank you so much for having this conversation, Lauren.

Lauren: Thank you!

Dana:  And for just keeping it real, as always. That’s one of the things that I appreciate the most about you.

Lauren: Aw, thank you. It’s been very fun. You’re very cool. You know, I always get so excited when I see you doing this stuff. Mostly because it’s so wonderful to champion on people that are just being who they are, and unabashedly.

Dana: We’re doing it, right? You’re doing it, I’m doing it.

Lauren: It’s nice to work next to you, it’s the best ever.

Dana:  Thank you so much, Lauren!

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