This interview is unique in that I’m speaking with my own beloved partner, Marty.

I’ve always said that Marty is intuitive (because he is!), but if you can believe it, for many years I believed that I wasn’t intuitive because my own intuition looked nothing like Marty’s. My mind created fixed rules and categories about what counted as intuition and how intuition should show up, and because my experiences didn’t really mirror Marty’s, I ended up excluding myself from the category of ‘intuitive’ for an embarrassing amount of years. (Over a decade, in fact. Yep.)

Marty is incredibly wise, grounded, perceptive, and at home with himself, which I know you’ll be able to sense when you listen to our conversation.

Today’s interview with my beloved, Marty Machacek discusses:

  • Inadvertently developing your intuition, without actually trying to do so (or without even realizing what intuition is!)


  • How everything is medicine: even difficult or challenging circumstances contain powerful opportunities for learning and growth (and Marty would make the same choices again if offered a ‘do-over’, precisely for that reason.)


  • Making space for intuitive insights to come in: how your hoped-for answers, ideas, and inspiration are more likely to reach you when you’re not actually focusing too hard on ‘discovering’ them


  • Following your own advice as an avenue through which to connect with your inner guidance more

Watch the video interview below:

(Please note that this interview was actually recorded as an audio only file, so the ‘video’ isn’t much of a video at all. It’s simply our audio file set to still photographs– surprise!)

Listen on SoundCloud:

About Marty:

Marty Machacek is a professional visual artist, a gifted hands-on healer, and a creative visionary who is eternally ahead of his time. He also happens to be my partner. 🙂

Marty has lived a rich and varied life with immensely diverse experiences. His family emigrated from the Czech Republic to Canada when Marty was eight years old, and he was a competitive cyclist and triathlete for years before focusing his energy primarily on growing a professional art business.

After over a decade of creating his signature paintings and building up an international fan base and clientele, Marty intuitively sensed that his life was meant to shift once more. He is currently in the process of moving forward intuitively—not knowing exactly where he will end up but trusting that he will be guided to his next right path at every step of the way.

Marty is a master of magic and manifestation, a champion of justice and equality, and a grounding presence to anyone who finds themselves in his sphere. You can view his artwork online at, or you can follow his cycling adventures on Instagram here: @martycultural.

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