When I was first creating the You Are Intuitive series, I knew that I needed to speak with intuitive men and not just intuitive women.

Let’s face it: the spiritual, energetic, and healing professions are pretty saturated with women, many (if not most) of whom are explicitly serving other women but not necessarily targeting… or even including… men. As a result, it can be easy for the men walking this path to feel isolated and even outright unsupported at times.

This breaks my heart.

Although my own clientele is usually comprised of around 90% women (due to the simple nature of the game, I guess?), it’s always been a priority for me to include and serve sensitive men, too. I want men to feel just as seen, validated, and ‘normal’ as they explore their own intuitive skills as women do. This is why I’m thrilled to introduce Mike Iamele to you today.

Mike and I first had a Zoom ‘date’ back in February 2017, and going into our informal meeting, I knew next to nothing about him. I knew he was a spiritual entrepreneur but I honestly (and rather naively, I’ll admit) was not expecting him to be so dialed into his intuition, too! He offered me an impromptu mini reading while we were on the phone, and I spent the rest of our conversation absolutely stunned with a river of tears streaming down my face. He made a powerful first impression, that’s for sure.

Today’s interview with Mike Iamele is filled with candid insights and practical tips for both men and women who are beginning to understand themselves as intuitive. In our spirited conversation, we discuss:

  • The ‘coming out’ process: why coming out of the spiritual closet was more terrifying to Mike than it was to come out as a gay man (and how you can ease the ‘coming out’ process for yourself)


  • The importance of play and games when developing your intuition


  • How to easily and quickly establish a baseline of trust with yourself, and how to start building a unique connection with your body as an intuitive tool


  • Being yourself: all of yourself, and healing both yourself and others (across generations) in the process

Watch the video interview below:

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Questions for Personal Reflection:


Do you feel like you are in a ‘spiritual closet’ right now, or have you already ‘come out’? What was the biggest challenge about coming out as a spiritual or intuitive being to your friends, family, coworkers, or even strangers? What was the biggest surprise? Did people react the way that you expected (or feared) they would?

+  +  +

Do you believe it’s even necessary to come out of the spiritual closet? Why or why not?

+  +  +

Do you notice yourself feeling really serious about developing your intuition? How can you incorporate more play and fun into the process of expanding your intuitive prowess?

+  +  +

Do you feel like you are being ‘all’ of yourself with all of the people in your life? Why or why not? How does it feel to hide or highlight certain aspects of yourself, depending on who’s around you at the time? Do you believe it’s possible to be yourself fully? How can you honour more of your truth today, starting now?

About Mike:

Mike Iamele is a mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs, an author, a coach, and founder of the Sacred Circle. He works with spiritual entrepreneurs at every step of the game — from those who are just starting out to six- and seven-figure business owners. Mike helps his clients to build financially and spiritually nourishing businesses based on their soul’s purpose, and to share their message with millions… without the hustling or striving.

Most people know Mike from his renowned Sacred Circles, which have helped hundreds of spiritual entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and to transform their lives based on their unique life purpose, energetics, and their soul’s evolution.

Prior to working specifically with spiritual entrepreneurs, Mike co-founded Torch Communications, LLC, a boutique PR firm where he specialized in disruptive technology, philanthropy, and healthcare reform. He brings this high-level and energetically-based perspective on thought leadership and advanced public relations to the spiritual entrepreneurs that he believes are doing the most world-changing work today.

Learn more about Mike’s work online here: www.mikeiamele.com, or go to www.sacredmastermind.com/sacred-circle-live to learn more about the Sacred Circles. Mike also has a bang-up Facebook page here, and you can also follow him on Instagram here.

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