You are changing, and you’re growing. Big time.

Where you’re going with these shifts isn’t yet clear, but one thing is certain: you no longer fit into your life the way you used to, even if you desperately want to. You’re simply too big for the old ways now. You’re different. Transformed… and continuing to transform.

It might feel scary, confusing, isolating, and painful to admit it to yourself, but deep in your bones, you know the containers that once held you so comfortably— whether they’re certain relationships, your job, community affiliations, institutions, or well-worn habits—will no longer be able to support you as you move forward, at least not in any aligned way. So you’re at a crossroads now, and you need to make some choices:

Will you commit to participating as consciously as possible in your ongoing metamorphosis, even when it feels challenging, and even when the outcome is uncertain? Will you cultivate curiosity and a general readiness to feel into what’s most aligned for you—again and again—adjusting your actions and your energy accordingly when needed? Will you enlist the support of witnesses who are on a similar journey to you?

Will you take responsibility for yourself and for your experience of life?


Will you pledge allegiance to your past and do whatever you can to stay the same? Will you distort and contort yourself as you try to accommodate others and fit yourself back into too-tight roles? Will you resist? Will you avoid? Will you play the victim and experiment with believing yourself to be at the mercy of outside forces and external whims?

There are no wrong answers, and you always have a choice.

Choosing to hold yourself accountable doesn’t mean you won’t ever face resistance again (because you will). Likewise, trying simply to ‘keep on keeping on’ won’t prevent you from changing, either (because again—you definitely will).

But if you are ready—or at least willing—to be an agent in your life and to assume the position as sovereign of your own experience, then I’d like to introduce you to Monarch, a 10-week group curriculum for womxn* that is part online program but bigger parts community and direct experience. Monarch is not intended for passive consumption but has instead been designed specifically to provide the necessary validation, solidarity, embodied practices, accountability, and extensive integration opportunities for those who recognize that old paradigms are crumbling and new ways of being are taking root, on both personal and collective levels.

*By ‘womxn’, I mean cis-, trans-, non-binary, queer, and gender-fluid individuals who identify as a woman

Do you hear the call, Love?

Do you feel your Deep, Full, and Sovereign Self beckoning you into better alignment, greater expression, and more embodied personal authority than you’ve let yourself inhabit before?

Isn’t it time you assumed your rightful throne?

Yes, I feel it – it’s time! Take me to the enrollment page.

Meet Monarch:

I named this program Monarch to weave together two of the primary elements that can underpin the broad and yet intensely personal experience of growth, change, and evolution.

Firstly, the name pays tribute to the monarch butterfly, which undergoes a metamorphosis so dramatic that it is literally not the same being as it once was when it emerges from its cocoon.

Do you feel as though you are dissolving into a cosmic soup from which a New You can be shaped? Do you notice yourself dismantling and digesting long-standing pillars in your life so that— hopefully— new opportunities and more aligned structures can be built in their places, even if you have no idea what they are at this time? If so, then you are already attuned to the frequency of Monarch. You are already primed to deep-dive with the collective of souls who have also heard this call!

Secondly, the name Monarch recognizes the aligned, embodied quality of leadership that is required for rulers to preside over their dominions effectively.

Even in the wake of chaos, devastation, collapse, and widespread unrest, a monarch holds herself accountable to make clear choices and to follow through on a course of action that feels the most aligned to her. A monarch takes responsibility. A monarch leads by example. A monarch trusts herself enough to decide. She also trusts herself to know her truth, deep down, even though she might not always be able to explain or justify this to anyone else.    

You might not be feeling so stable or sovereign right now, Love.

In fact, you might be utterly caught up in the intensity of what is breaking down around you or not working and fitting anymore. You might not dare to deem yourself capable of finding a patch of solid ground beneath your feet again, let alone of steering your life forward as a Ruler. But, Queen: a part of you still recognizes that a monarch is truly who you are at your core. There is already a seed inside of you that promises and claims a life of more alignment, integrity, and truth for yourself. If you listen closely, this kernel whispers yes, yes, yes. I give myself permission. I claim this potential as my own.   

You are a Monarch, Beloved: a being on the leading edge of change. A pioneer of new patterns and paradigms. A ruler on the front lines of both personal and collective healing and growth. Again, you might not be able to articulate where you are going yet or when and how you will get there, but you’re clear on this much: It’s not here. This isn’t it. There must be another way. I know there is something else.

That’s okay. This is enough, and so are you.

Monarch is a safe, warm, and inviting container within which you can explore your own edges, unravel old seams, and weave together better-fitting garments to carry with you forward. Although the soul work is your own and must be done at your own pace and in your own way, it doesn’t mean that you need to do it alone or that you are alone. Monarch provides a community, a council, and a container. Inside the hallowed halls of this virtual space, you will be met by a congregation of witnesses: people who see and support you on this journey. Others who are navigating a similar path.

The Monarch Curriculum in More Detail:

Although the order of sessions and the specific content of each class will be custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of the group, here is a taste of what awaits you in the Monarch framework:

Session One: Supporting Your Nervous System, Turning Off the Offs, and Regulating the Stress Response through Embodied Practices

(Monday, September 23rd from 5:30-7 pm PST)

  •  Introduction to Heart Coherence and the vagus nerve: honouring, mitigating, and completing stress response cycles effectively


  • Feeling into the current landscape of your physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies and cultivating compassion for the areas that most require attention and care at this time; designing a personalized practice that can best meet your needs moving forward


  • Recognizing the paramount importance of rest and carving out time & space for integration


  • Understanding energetic charge and discharge– learning when, why, and how to use each strategy to come back into personal alignment and flow


  • Sensual Focus: Exploring the kinesthetic and proprioceptive senses via self-guided movement practices

Session Two: Facing Your Shoulds, Exploring Conditioning, & Telling Yourself the Truth

(Wednesday, October 2nd from 5:30-7 pm PST)

  • Giving a voice to what feels misaligned (even when it’s scary)


  • Identifying the external and internal expectations you currently subscribe to, in both conscious and subconscious iterations


  • Questioning the gravity of outside authority and strengthening the compass of inner guidance


  • Gaining more clarity around the perceived costs and benefits of Staying The Same


  • Sensual Focus: Designing meaningful and customized ways to connect with the sense of smell

Session Three: Next Level Inner Work, Holding and Taking Up Space, & Softening Resistance to Growth and Change

(Wednesday, October 16th from 5:30-7 pm PST)

  • Building and occupying a robust energetic container for yourself; supporting yourself to learn, grow, and change


  • Exploring and maintaining better boundaries around your time, space, and energetic resources


  • Becoming familiar with and tapping into the powerful energies of conscious destruction and creation


  • Grounding exercises and group heart coherence practice


  • Sensual Focus: Guiding yourself to consciously savour the sense of taste

Session Four: Claiming Your Wants, Needs, and Desires More Clearly and Without Apology

(Wednesday, October 30th from 5:30-7 pm PST)

  • Amplifying clarity and courage around identifying what it is you need


  • Dismantling guilt, shame, and self-censorship around stating and honouring your desires, especially when they run contrary to what other people want or the way things have ‘always been’


  • Holding yourself accountable for having your needs met; shifting the locus of responsibility away from others and towards your Self


  • Sensual Focus: Refining the sense of sight through visioning exercises and the practices of both witnessing and being seen

Session Five: Receptivity 2.0- Aligning Your Stated Desires with Subconscious Beliefs

(Wednesday, November 13th from 5:30-7 pm PST)

  • Introduction to Breathwork practice


  • Addressing unworthiness and the resistance to receive


  • Guided group Breathwork practice to tangibly shift stuck energy and to claim a new baseline of receptivity


  • Sensual Focus: Softening to the sense of touch; letting both physical and emotional sensations register viscerally in your body

Session Six: Wielding Pleasure as a Tool, Turning On the Ons, & Staking a Claim in Feeling Good

(Wednesday, November 27th from 5:30-7 pm PST)

  • Affirming that pleasure is power and giving yourself permission to experience pleasure as deeply and fully as possible


  • Breaking the vows of martyrdom, disembodiment, and body shame


  • Celebrating diversity and owning what feels good and right for you


  • Exploring and enjoying non-sexual forms of pleasure; building a more solid foundation of the New Normal for yourself


  • Final guided group practice (either Heart Coherence or Breathwork, depending on the preferences and needs of the group)


  • Sensual Focus: Embracing the sense of hearing and enjoying the music of life

These sessions will be conducted live over Zoom and will be bookmarked by additional Opening and Closing Ceremonies online (also over Zoom). (All sessions will be recorded and shared with the group afterward, in the event that you are not able to attend them live. I will also call your energy in deliberately and specifically before every session- whether you attend or not- to ensure that you can benefit fully from the material across time and space.)

The Opening Ceremony will take place via Zoom on Saturday, September 21st from 5:30-7 pm PST to coincide with the Equinox. The Closing Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, November 30th from 5:30-7 pm PST to leave plenty of time before the holiday rush. To check your time zone conversion for the sessions, click here.  

The main course sessions will be augmented by ongoing group discussions in a private Facebook forum. (Yes- I’m actually heading back onto FB specifically—and only—for this class!) There will also be suggested personal practices or ‘labs’ offered biweekly via PDFs, and regular, high touch check-ins from me between classes. The safety, intimacy, and rich connections of this community are paramount to me, and I will be devoting my attention and energetic resources to cultivating all of these elements consciously.

Cost & Payment Plan Options:

The one-time payment price for Monarch is $550 (listed in Canadian Dollars; approximately $415 USD, €375, £340, or $600 AUD)

This payment can be broken up into 3 monthly installments of $185 or 6 biweekly installments of $95.



Also: sometimes the Moonclerk app is fussy and will decline international credit cards for no good reason. If this is the case for you, please email me (, and I am happy to set up invoices through PayPal for you instead.

What You Get:

  • 6x 90-Minute Online Lectures


  • 2x 90-Minute Online Ceremonies (Guided Opening and Closing/Coronation Rituals)


  • 4-5x Guided Heart Coherence Practices as a Group (included in the lecture times)


  • 1-2x Guided Breathwork Practices as a Group (included in the lecture times)


  • Biweekly PDFs with reflection exercises, journal prompts, and suggested embodiment practices & sensual explorations to augment the content of each class


  • High-Touch Engagement with Dana in the private Monarch Facebook group


  • A Warm Community of resonant souls who are on a similar journey to yours

Is The Monarch Program A Fit?

This guided journey through personal alchemy and self-agency is for you if:

  • You recognize the growing lack of alignment between Who You Once Were and Who You Are Becoming, and you are choosing to lean into these changes rather than to avoid them (Btw, resistance is still totally natural and bound to come up repeatedly along the way, but the key here is that you are committing to your own growth and recalibration.)


  • Feeling aligned is becoming a top priority for you, even if it means facing and working through discomfort, uncertainty, and ‘shadow’ emotions like fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, or depression.


  • You are willing and able to devote time, space, and energetic resources to reflection and introspection. You want to and can commit to showing up for yourself and doing your work in this container.


  • You are seeking connections with others who are on a similar path at this time, and you feel confident in your capacity to both witness and be witnessed by a sacred community of womxn as part of your growth.


  • You are far or deep enough into your own healing process (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) to not be experiencing acute symptoms, episodes, or traumas that require concentrated professional attention at this time.


  • You have support available to you outside of this container as needed, including trusted friends, family members, or professional allies (counselors, therapists, bodyworkers, etc.)


  • You identify as a womxn*. (*Because many of the concepts and practices that will be introduced throughout this program might feel triggering or confronting at first, the robust safety of this container is absolutely essential. Monarch is therefore only open to cis-, trans-, queer, and non-binary/gender fluid people who identify as a womxn).

Monarch is not the best-fitting experience for you if:

  • You can benefit more from direct, in-person support rather than from the supportive dynamics of a virtual group.


  • You require more individualized attention and customized guidance than can reasonably be offered through a group program. (Although you will certainly be brought into a safe and intimate fold when you enroll in this program, this is not the container where you can receive 1:1 readings or in-depth intuitive insights from me. To book a private reading instead, click here.)


  • You aren’t ready to change, grow, or take full responsibility for yourself yet. (This is okay and allowed, not to mention a totally normal part of the human experience! However, this program is specifically for people who are committing to their next level of evolution by cultivating more agency and accountability around their energy, words, and actions. Please respect where you’re at in your personal growth cycle and make your choice to enroll or not accordingly.)


  • You are looking for a guru or generic quick tips, shortcuts, silver bullets, hacks, or ‘proven’ formulae rather than being willing to forge your own aligned path forward.


  • You want to keep your learning cerebral and theoretical for now and aren’t willing to engage in the direct experiences and somatic practices that are offered in Monarch. (Please note: You will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do, and many of the suggested practices will be done privately on your own time, too. However, experiential and embodied learning—such as through guided Breathwork and Heart Coherence techniques—form a core part of the Monarch curriculum. Please make your decision to join us mindfully!)


  • You do not identify as a womxn. (Although this particular container is not a fit for you in this case, you can still book a private reading with me here.)

Cost & Payment Plan Options:

The one-time payment price for Monarch is $550 (listed in Canadian Dollars; approximately $415 USD, €375, £340, or $600 AUD)

This payment can be broken up into 3 monthly installments of $185 or 6 biweekly installments of $95.


Sometimes Moonclerk will decline international credit cards for no good reason. If this is the case for you, please email me (, and I am happy to set up invoices through PayPal for you instead.

Meet Your Guide:

I’m Dana, and I am certified as an Add Heart Facilitator with the HeartMath Institute as well as soon-to-be-trained as a Breathwork Facilitator through David Elliott. I have been offering in-depth intuitive readings and custom energy work to a vast array of clients over the past four+ years, and more recently I started offering 1:1 sessions geared towards the sacral area in particular.

After completing dozens of these sacral-specific readings for individuals, I came to realize just how profoundly connected we all are, even though we are clearly varied and unique as well. All of us are grappling more intensely with the issues most connected to the sacral energy centre at this time, such as sexuality, creativity, money, relationship dynamics, emotional well-being, self-worth, and pleasure. All of us are sifting through inherited or internalized patterns we’ve now outgrown, and all of us are attempting to establish new and better baselines for ourselves in these areas, among others.

Monarch was borne out of my deep desire to reduce the sense of isolation and even taboo that can accompany growth in general but especially growth around highly-charged themes such as money, sex, relationships, and endings/death.

I felt called to create a platform upon which womxn could come together, share their experiences, and witness and support each other as they navigated through the In-Between spaces, both individually and together. We might not have ready-made maps to guide us directly between Where We Are and Where We Are Going… but we can have each other and we can feel our way forward, too. This felt and lived experience of personal agency in the broader container of community is what Monarch is for. 

On a more personal level, I value leading by example, so I have dedicated the past year to deeply exploring, embodying, and practicing every single element that I will be sharing in Monarch.  (Truthfully, my own realignment process has been unfolding over a number of years now, but the past twelve months in particular have been full-on, all-in soul work.) I know from the experience of recently choosing to step outside of a loving, 15-year marriage how disorienting and painful it can feel to rebuild a life from scratch, and I’m well acquainted with feelings of overwhelming shame, guilt, and fear, too. However, I’ve also been able to enjoy the growing vitality, clarity, trust, and joy that accompany living in greater alignment—even when it’s inconvenient and challenging AF—and this is what I’m so excited to share with you!            

What I Offer As A Teacher:

I am someone who values and prioritizes alignment. I aim to live what I teach and to be as congruent as possible in my thoughts, words, and actions.

I am not afraid of Shadow Work and believe that this deep, scary, and oftentimes confusing work is essential to our healing and evolution. (In other words, I have much more to offer than rainbows and unicorns, though I do love me some glitter, too!)

I am an excellent witness and holder of space. I intend all of my offerings to feel safe, intimate, real, and nourishing to everyone who participates in them, and I’ve been the go-to person for friends and even strangers to feel seen, heard, and held since I was wee.

I bring rich personal, professional, and academic experiences to the table. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication Studies (where I specialized in womxn’s reproductive health), I’ve worked in lingerie departments and sexual health organizations since I entered the job force way back in the day, and I’ve served over 500 people directly in my 1:1 intuitive readings and group programs to date. I also have an insatiable thirst for learning, so I’ve read all the books (well, many of them at least), and I’ve both studied and practiced everything from EFT (Tapping) to Tantra Yoga to Psychic Development with accomplished mentors and established teachers.

I go there: to the depths, to the triggers, to the heights, and to the healing. I cry openly in many of my sessions. I also giggle nonstop at my own nerdy jokes! I dance awkwardly, sing badly, and encourage others to join in as well. I do not sugar coat what needs to be seen, heard, and known, and yet I can shine the light of truth in ways that feel grounding, loving, and deeply nurturing to you.

After many years of being one of the biggest go-getters and over-achievers on the planet, I am practically allergic to rushing and forcing things now. (It feels great, btw!) I’ve designed the Monarch program so intentionally with plenty of time and space in between lectures to allow for pause, deep reflection, practice, and maximum integration.

What I Can’t Offer Or Promise:

I am not a peddler of guarantees or miracle cures. Monarch isn’t a program that will usher you directly to the doorstep of shiny outcomes or rock-solid certainty in six neat modules. After all… it’s your job to journey. It’s your job to grow and to say Yes to yourself. I am here to wade through the mess of change alongside you and to support you in plugging back to your own truth and power source, again and again and again. How you emerge in 10 weeks is ultimately up to you, but I’ll be applauding you and reflecting your inherent majesty back to you at every step of the way!

Related to the above: Please look elsewhere for quick tips, magic bullets, and other so-called ‘opportunities’ which operate according to the principle that people are (or should be) homogenous, generic, and easily inserted into a universal template. That’s not real or realistic, and I won’t perpetuate the lie that you’re somehow bad, wrong, or not good enough if you don’t hit ‘x’ target by ‘y’ deadline along with everyone else in your cohort. We’re all growing, but how, when, and why we shift will be different for everyone.

Finally, although I am familiar with the principles of Trauma & Violence Informed Care (TVIC), I am not specifically trained or accredited to support people through major trauma resolution, acute mental health issues or episodes, addictions and/or substance abuse, or thoughts of suicide. If you require the support and services of licensed medical or mental health professionals in these regards, please seek them out—your well-being is worth it!  

Cost & Payment Plan Options:

The one-time payment price for Monarch is $550 (listed in Canadian Dollars; approximately $415 USD, €375, £340, or $600 AUD)

This payment can be broken up into 3 monthly installments of $185 or 6 biweekly installments of $95.


If PayPal works better for you, please email me (, and I am happy to set up PayPal invoices on your behalf.

You’ve Got Questions/I’ve Got Answers

Q: I’ve got a lot on the go right now. Will you be running this program in the future?

A: I honestly don’t know! I structure my offerings in a way that allows me maximum alignment in any given moment, and I’m not sure if/when it will feel right to introduce this program again. If you resonate with Monarch now and feel called to participate, please trust yourself and act accordingly!


Q: My work schedule or time zone won’t allow me to participate in the sessions live. Will I still benefit from watching the recordings?

A: Yes! Once you are registered in the program, you will be an integral part of our collective fabric. I will deliberately weave everyone’s energy into every lecture, discussion, and heart coherence or Breathwork practice ahead of time, so you will still be personally included and receive full benefits from the content across time and space.    


Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes! I’ve created easy links for one-time, monthly (x3), or biweekly (x6) payment options for this program. If you have a need for a different payment schedule than what is currently available, please connect with me over email (, and I’m happy to make other arrangements that work for you. I can also set up PayPal invoices if the Moonclerk app isn’t accepting your credit card for whatever reason (which sometimes happens with international cards).


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: I trust you to make decisions that are right for you, and I’m also counting on you to invest your time, energy, and money wisely. If you honestly feel that you misjudged the fit between you and Monarch after class has commenced, please reach out and let me know before we start Session 2 (October 2nd). We can assess your situation privately, and I can offer a partial refund on a case-by-case basis (minus a session cost equivalent and processing fees). That said, experiencing resistance (procrastination, overwhelm, fear, upper limits, etc.) will not be considered valid grounds for issuing a refund. Resistance is such a normal part of the leveling-up experience, so if anything, the presence of it will indicate that you’re right on track, not off base or in the wrong place in any way, haha. 😉      


Q: How much of my time and energy is required to get the most out of this program?

A: Each online session is 90 minutes, and you will be offered journal exercises as well as personal practices to test out and integrate between classes, too. It’s up to you how much you wish to engage with the material and the community of Monarch, and it’s also your prerogative to pass on anything that doesn’t feel relevant or aligned with your needs. I would estimate that around 3-5 hours per week of your time will be sufficient, but it could be more than that for you personally, and it also could be less!


Q: Do I have to be involved in the community aspect of this program? What if I feel like hermiting away and going through the course by myself?

A: It’s totally your call, Love! The community is available if you feel that you could benefit from engaging with others on this journey, but it’s certainly not required for you to participate in this way. Everyone has a different learning style and different needs. You decide if, how, and when to get involved in each element of the Monarch program.


Q: Is this going to be yet another white-centric, heteronormative, classist, ableist, ‘love and light’ kind of online program? Are you going to make us dance around in flowing gowns to world music or suggest that we examine our vulvas in hand mirrors?

A: In a word: no. We’re all different and have different experiences and needs. We all go through life facing different intersections of privilege and systemic discrimination, and we are all currently facing massive changes in different areas of our lives (not to mention to different degrees). I won’t be prescribing yoni eggs as a cure-all for existential unease or mandating masturbation as a universal instrument of ascension in this class- I PROMISE. You have the right to both participate in and/or pass on any part of this curriculum, because it’s all about agency and taking responsibility for your own alignment and choices!


Q: Do I need to be on Facebook to get the most out of this class?

A: Honestly… probably. I deleted my own Facebook account nearly 2 years ago and haven’t missed it one bit, and yet this platform offers the chance to engage with the class community in ways that can’t be matched elsewhere. I’ve created a dummy Facebook account just so I can create the private group, and I’d definitely recommend doing the same to maximize the value you receive from this program! (Trust me, this wasn’t a decision I made lightly. I made it intuitively and in accordance with what I felt would be best for the class.)


Q: Is this program better suited to certain age groups over others?

A: That’s a great question, and again, the answer is no. The waves of change that are sweeping through us as a collective aren’t excluding people under the age of ‘x’ or over the age of ‘y’, and Monarch won’t do that, either. When asking yourself if this program is a fit for you or not, it’s probably better to wonder, Do I feel like I don’t properly fit into my life anymore? –or— Is everything changing for me in ways that I don’t really understand and definitely can’t seem to control? These queries are a much better gauge for your fit than your age. (That said, if you have any questions or lingering doubts, shoot me an email and let me know! I’m happy to chat with you and to make sure that this is a fit for you. You can reach me at            

Other questions? Please let me know!

Cost & Payment Plan Options:

The one-time payment price for Monarch is $550 (listed in Canadian Dollars; approximately $415 USD, €375, £340, or $600 AUD)

This payment can be broken up into 3 monthly installments of $185 or 6 biweekly installments of $95.


If PayPal works better for you, please email me (, and I am happy to set up PayPal invoices on your behalf.

Immense gratitude to Sarah Pukin Photography for the photographic images used throughout this page. The butterfly wings in the Monarch class logo were added as an embellishment afterward by Dana Machacek.