Have you ever experienced a magnetic pull towards someone without really knowing why? Have you ever felt certain that you’d be friends with a perfect stranger, if only you had the opportunity to connect?

That’s how I felt about Naomi.

I only knew Naomi vaguely and fleetingly through Instagram before this series, but everything I did know about her felt absolutely irresistible—yet in the most subtle and soft of ways. (It didn’t feel stalker-ish is what I’m trying to say, haha. It was more like this delicate cord of receptive energy that connected our hearts together, without it being obvious or over the top. You know?)


I felt like an excited six-year old when Naomi agreed to participate in this series, and speaking with her for the first time felt like ‘I knew it! I knew that I’d love her this much!’ in my heart.

I ended up learning a ton from this conversation—like a lot a lot a lot—and I’m so thrilled to be sharing it with you today!

In this extremely eye-opening interview with Naomi Doe Moody, we talk about:

  • How Naomi honestly felt nervous, unqualified, and not at all like an intuitive ‘expert’ before coming on the call (which was the exact reason why I created this series in the first place! To highlight and validate the fact that each of us is already an expert in our own self.)


  • The importance of doing shadow work on one’s spiritual or intuitive journey


  • Plant allies: different ways to find them, connect with them, and use them in personal healing and shadow work


  • The best plants to start with if you are completely new to the folk and plant medicine scenes (like I am!)

Watch the video interview below:

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About Naomi:


Naomi Doe Moody is an apprentice folk herbalist who is passionate about using plants to heal herself and others, to connect with the earth, and to honour her ancestors and their wisdom. She lives off the grid in a yurt with her family in southern Vermont and has been practicing and teaching yoga for around 10 years.

Naomi is a healer who believes that we can only heal ourselves. She is committed to doing her own Shadow Work with the support of teachers and plant allies, and she loves magick, Tarot, oracles, moon phases, crystals, guides, and reiki.

Naomi firmly believes that chocolate is a food group, (which instantly endeared her to me). She has so much wisdom to share around connecting to and using plants as part of an intuitive practice, and you can follow her ongoing herbalism adventures on Instagram here: @radiclenaomi

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