North Star: An Interactive Energy Mapping Workshop

Energy Mapping is easily the most useful tool I’ve encountered in my own practice and personal healing journey recently, and it’s my intention that the replay of this interactive workshop will be incredibly practical, accessible, and super duper fun, too!

Over the course of this video workshop, you will learn how to:

– amplify your intuition and ‘read’ your entire being

– locate and identify precise areas of relative strength and imbalance

– create an accurate map of your current energies, and

– understand the specific, concrete steps that you can take RIGHT NOW to get back into balance or to move forward harmoniously.

Although everyone can benefit from the incredible tool of energy mapping, you will probably find this workshop to be most beneficial (and flat-out relieving to your soul) if you are currently struggling with any—or all—of the following:

– Low energy and vitality

– Feeling stuck or frustrated with where you are at in life, but not necessarily knowing how to move forward or get out of the funk

– Illness, injury, dis-ease, or lack of well being in any area

– Comparison—feeling ‘behind’ or ‘less than’ other people, either online or in real life

– A sense of information overload

– Compulsive purchases of programs, books, individual sessions, and other resources in the hopes that they will have ‘answers’ for you or show you how to ‘fix’ your problems

I created this workshop- first and foremost- because my own recent experience with energy mapping gave me a lifeline that I couldn’t find in any program, healing session, book, podcast, or retreat—however well-meaning these outside resources were.

While I was recovering from the worst of the (hellish and totally debilitating) vertigo and dehydration symptoms that landed me in the ER twice, it was my energy map—not the doctor’s advice, not my Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Body” book, and not even the insights of cherished friends and psychics—that let me know EXACTLY what to do, what to avoid, and how to heal in the most direct and efficient way possible. Energy mapping gave me an ‘in’ that wasn’t available anywhere else. (Even better: it actually worked!)

Secondly, this workshop came into being because I passionately wanted EVERYONE I KNEW (and countless people I didn’t yet know!) to be able to reclaim their rightful position as the expert on themselves: The leading authority. The one who knows themselves best, deep down.

Once I saw the power of energy mapping play out in my own life—day by day and step by step—I was distraught that so many people (myself included) seemed to be searching ‘out there’ for something that was already ‘in here’. I wanted to redirect the focus back inward and to create a warm and supportive context in which to do so. That’s how North Star: An Interactive Energy Mapping Workshop came into being.

The Quick Details of this Workshop:

– North Star is a three-hour video workshop replay, which you will gain instant access to upon registration


– The cost of the workshop is $35 CAD per person, which is approximately $28 USD

– Theory is combined with actual practice in this class, allowing you to create your own Energy Map by the time we are through!

Only $35 CAD to register!

The primary focus of the North Star workshop will be on actively implementing insights rather than on passively consuming them… because I think we can all agree we are suffering from some serious content overload and information indigestion as a collective.

Here’s a more detailed look at how everything shakes down during the workshop video replay:

– Part 1 is devoted to learning about what energy maps are, why they are useful, and how you can start connecting with your own body now to begin mapping easily (and accurately) for yourself

– Part 2 outlines the basics of subtle anatomy, using Donna Eden’s Nine Energy Systems as a foundation. (Don’t worry, though—you won’t need to use all nine systems… or even any of them necessarily… when creating your own map!)

– Part 3 is dedicated to creating your unique energy map, applying what you learned in the first two sections and emerging (triumphantly, of course!) with an accurate and concise blueprint of Where You Are At right now

By the end of the video replay, you will understand how to support yourself immediately with simple and concrete actions, and you will also be able to track your progress moving forward. What could be better than that?

To gain access to the complete North Star workshop- including worksheets, body templates, and a 3+-hour video replay- sign up here.

Only $35 CAD to register!

Once you register online, you’ll instantly receive an e-mail that contains the Welcome Package of PDF worksheets and templates, plus the full video replay of the North Star workshop. When you are ready to watch the replay, please come prepared with any supplies you feel you might use when creating your unique energy map, such as paper, pencils or pens, and colored markers if you’re feeling fancy. (I created my original map using just a pencil and a notebook, though, because the point of the exercise isn’t to dazzle the world with your brilliant art skills, ha.)  

There will be plenty of time for creating your map throughout the map, and you can obviously pause the video at any time. If you have questions after you’ve gone through the workshop that weren’t answered elsewhere, please feel free to e-mail me and ask! I’m always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is an Energy Map?

An Energy Map is a visual diagram of your current energetic state—created by tuning into yourself and translating what you feel inside into something you can see on paper. Like any map, Energy Maps can be read and followed to chart an accurate course between where you are now and where you would like to be.


What if I don’t know how to tune into myself or read my own energy?

You actually do, Love. You might just need a little guidance and a safe place to practice! In the North Star workshop, you will be led through an empowering meditation to help reconnect you with yourself on a number of different levels. You will also be offered an extensive collection of prompts and questions to help you start and flesh out your personal Energy Map. All you need to bring to the workshop replay (aside from your writing utensils and paper) is a soft willingness to trust yourself and your inner voice. You can do it, Love. We will do it together.


Help! I totally suck at drawing, and there’s no way I can create an Energy Map that looks anywhere near decent!

Artistic skills are definitely not required for the North Star workshop! Our goal in creating Energy Maps is not to create a stunning masterpiece of artistic genius that will fetch 7 figures at a Christie’s auction. Not at all! Instead, we will do the best we can to create a visual representation of how our energy feels throughout our being. You can use scribbles, symbols, stick figures, and words of elaboration and clarification if you like. Besides, you will be supplied with pre-drawn body templates to use as your base, because drawing the body itself is the most intimidating part of the process for most people. Have no fear! We’ll focus on the process of being creative rather than on the products of creativity, okay?


How will I know if my Energy Map is ‘right’?

There isn’t a single ‘correct’ map for your energy, Beloved, and whatever you create for yourself will be perfect. Trust. One of the primary aims of the North Star workshop is to gently coax you out of the habit of looking for answers and validation outside of yourself, because you are ultimately and inevitably the expert on YOU. You’ll get a feel for what sings Yes inside your bones throughout this workshop. Whatever emerges out of this practice will be exactly and perfectly ‘right’!


Does it matter that I’ll be watching a replay and not participating in the live workshop (because it already took place)? Will I still benefit from participating after the fact?

Totally! You’ll still receive all of the templates and worksheets, and it will be just as effective and accurate to create your Energy Map on your own time.


Will you be offering the ‘North Star’ workshop live again in the future?

Honestly, I have no clue! Over the past year, I have learned to plan less and flow more, so it’s difficult for me to know when and if this particular workshop will be offered in a live format again. If it returns, it might have a slightly different format or cost, so if you’re feeling the pull now to join, I’d definitely encourage you to follow your gut and register.

Register for the replay of the North Star Interactive Energy Mapping workshop here.

Only $35 CAD to register!