This time of year is absolutely magical for me.

Summer Solstice and my birthday happen in rapid succession each year (June 21st and 22nd, woot!), and I totally savor the opportunity to check in with myself and to pull some oracle cards when my side of the world is at its lightest and brightest. Ahhh… yes.

Things have been shifting for me, dear readers, in big, sweeping ways, and today– on my birthday– it feels like I’m symbolically stepping into this world all shiny and new. I’m ready for this, and there’s just so much I have to offer this world now!

One of the cards I keep pulling from Doreen Virtue's "Ascended Masters" card deck

One of the cards I keep pulling from Doreen Virtue’s “Ascended Masters” card deck

This year’s Birthday Card Spread feels extra special, because I’ve added a new deck to my Old Faithful deck, so it’s like I’m receiving double the guidance and double the insights that I’m normally accustomed to. (Happy birthday to me, indeed!) Given that a number of you asked me to elaborate on my oracle card practices and spreads after my post on the Connected & Free deck, I thought I’d show you this year’s Birthday Reading and share the wisdom I’ve gleaned from it already:

I always start a card reading by setting ‘the mood’ as well as an intention.

I light a candle, I relax into my energy, and I imagine myself being both grounded and receptive to higher insights and divine guidance. I usually have some crystals on hand, too– today, I used quartz pillars, natural citrine, smoky quartz, and a Lemurian seed crystal wand.

I use my special tuning fork (that I received last year for my birthday, natch!) and run it over my card deck (or decks), letting the sound vibrations clear out any old or stagnant energies from the cards. I also strike the tuning fork and run it over myself, intending that my own energy comes into perfect alignment with the energy of my cards (which are a tool for divine insights and inner guidance). My tuning fork is set to the frequency of “Sonic Ohm”, and if you are interested in nerding out with a magical tuning fork as well, the one I have is here. (Scroll down to the #Sonic hashtag, yo!)

I start off my Reading Proper with an invocation,

which I usually say out loud (because I’m totally cool with talking to myself out loud, thanks in large part to EFT/Tapping!) For this special birthday reading, my invocation went something like this:

 Angels, spirits, guides, Ascended Masters, animal totems, and any and all energetic beings who work in and for the Light;

I call upon you now to be with me as I draw cards for the months ahead.

I ask that you guide me to specific symbols, lessons, insights, or energies that I need to know for each of the next three months,

And I request that the information you reveal to me be for my best and highest good.

I thank you for your wisdom and I trust you to guide me on my right path.


For this reading in particular, I started with my Oracle Tarot card deck by Lucy Cavendish, and before I intuitively selected each card, I specifically said (again, out loud): Please show me what I need to know for the month of (July, August, September). Then I repeated this same process with my Connected & Free deck. In the end, I had six cards– two cards each for the three months in between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.

birthday oracle card spreadI looked at my cards in three sets– July, August, and September. Without rushing to the guidebook to check the ‘official’ meanings for each card, I allowed myself to sink in to the words, symbols, and colors for each card on a personal level. What meanings jump out at me immediately? What do these sorts of symbols normally mean to me? How do I feel when I look at this card, or at this card pair? What do I feel the lessons and the energies are in this card pair? Some years, I have faithfully written down the guidebook explanation for each card, carrying it with me and reminding myself of the meanings frequently, but this year, I didn’t feel pulled to correlate my own interpretations of the cards with the guidebook explanations at all. Point: Intuition.

Here is what is on the energetic horizon for me for the upcoming month: Ace of Swords- Status Surge and Be You.

These two cards felt like a visual confirmation of the changes I’ve been feeling taking place within me over the past little while. I am definitely on the ‘up and up’– feeling confident in my skills and in myself overall. To me, these cards are a reminder that my true power lies in being unabashedly myself, not trying to fit myself into some preconceived mold or calling upon my inner chameleon to help me adapt to other people’s needs and preferences (usually at my own expense). No. In this case, my power, my energy, and ultimately, my ability to serve others and the world fully depend on me embracing myself completely and unconditionally. (And just so you know– I’m down with that. Authentic Me has been working her way out of her shell and is now hella ready to make a difference in the best. possible. way… so look out!)

I will revisit the other card pairs in more depth as August and September draw closer, but for now, it feels good to know that the month ahead will be all about authenticity and true power for me. Since both of these cards are linked with the Solar Plexus/Third chakra, I’ll be sure to incorporate more of the color yellow into my wardrobe and diet, and I’ll probably rock my Solar Plexus essential oil blend from Aura Cacia, too. (Please note: none of the links in this post are affiliate links– I’m not receiving compensation for mentioning or recommending these products; I just happen to enjoy using them personally.)

Whew! There you have it, lovely readers– my Birthday Card Reading in a nutshell! Did you have other questions about oracle card spreads? Ask away! Please feel free to leave a comment or to send me an e-mail– I’m always happy to help. 🙂

xo– Dana (the Birthday Girl!)

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