Virtual Breathwork sessions are offered online over Zoom, which is a free and user-friendly software platform similar to Skype. Appointments are 75 minutes long, and you will receive a recording of your session afterward to revisit as often as you’d like.

Your comfort and sense of safety are my utmost priorities, so you can always choose whether or not to have your camera on during your online Breathwork session. That said, it’s helpful to keep your mic on so I can check in with you verbally throughout the practice! My camera and mic will always be on.

You have the option to specify what you would like to focus on during your session in advance, or we can leave the focus open-ended to see what emerges for processing at that time.

Online Breathwork sessions feature:

  • A personally curated playlist, which you will breathe to during your appointment and will receive a direct link to afterward
  • Tailored intuitive insights where relevant
  • Targeted subtle energy work throughout the appointment, including grounding, clearing, shielding, and healing offerings

Breathwork is done fully clothed while laying flat on a clean bed, yoga mat, or floor. You will be sent more detailed information about how to prepare your space for your session when you book.

Book your session here:

Please email me if you have any questions!