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Welcome to my online home. I’m glad you’re here!

Hello, Dear One!

My name is Dana, and I offer in-depth intuitive readings as well as practical yet highly resonant online programs to help you get in touch with yourself as an intuitive, energetic, and embodied being.

The way I see it, my job is essentially to witness and support you in connecting with and truly remembering yourself.

I use my gifts, skills, extensive training, and experience to see and feel into the heart of your truth, and then I reflect that truth back to you. Although it sounds (and is) quite simple, the effect of this work is profound.

Nothing feels quite as refreshing, validating, reassuring, or liberating as being seen and accepted wholly as you are, and this is what I have to offer.

I operate according to the core beliefs that you’re not broken or wrong and that you don’t need to be fixed. I offer simple, down to earth, and effective guidance that you can implement in the real world and in the here and now, because seriously– what’s the point otherwise?

All of my services are open to everyone. I welcome people of every gender, age, race, sexual orientation, class, ability, and background, and I also offer flexible payment plans as requested or needed– just email me! I invite you to explore this digital abode and to connect with me on Instagram or via e-mail (dana@zonapellucida.net) if you have any questions! Thank you for being here. xo

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