What do you think of when you picture a ‘psychic’?

Image via conflictandscotch.com

Image via conflictandscotch.com

Crystal balls? Gauzy head scarves? Fingers dripping with jewels and necks weighed down by gold chains? Black cats? Incense? Ouija boards? Spirits of the dearly departed?

There is definitely a (bad) stereotype of what psychics look like, and there are also a lot of (mis)conceptions around what a typical psychic reading will entail. Many people believe that intuitives* are mind readers, and that a good psychic should be able to anticipate every thought and every question that crosses your mind. (Um… not true.) Other people believe that a psychic reading involves communicating with their dead relatives, finding lost objects with uncanny precision, picking winning lottery ticket numbers, or discovering the exact date when they will meet their soulmate.

There is a wide range of skills and specialties when it comes to the intuitive arts, and while some people are indeed gifted as ‘mediums’ (being able to connect with spirits of loved ones), not every psychic is a medium.

(Personally, I have yet to converse with the dearly departed myself, although I don’t discount that I might develop this skill in the future.)

Some psychics specialize in delivering the most surprising little factoids during their readings — like How did you know I had a blue bike with pink streamers when I was six?! Omg! — but other intuitives, including myself, offer more thematic readings, lovingly drawing out larger patterns and narratives from people’s energy fields and offering guidance to help them navigate forward with more confidence.

Image via www.943cksy.com

Image via www.943cksy.com

Psychic readings will vary widely, based upon the psychics themselves, the client (YOU!), the context or reasons for seeking a reading, as well as the expectations that either party has before going into the session.

So how do you know what’s ‘real’ in a reading? Which insights can you trust and take to heart, and which predictions should you drop like a hot potato?

Well, the most important thing to keep in mind about any psychic/intuitive reading is this:

Nobody can predict the future with pinpoint accuracy, and anybody who swears they can isn’t being honest with you.

You might hear from a psychic that you will have a child at 36, and depending on who you are and what kind of plans and aspirations you hold for your life, this news might fill your heart with hope or with dread. So… Do you believe this? Do you take it on as truth? Do you start having wild sex with abandon at 32 years old, trusting that you won’t be truly fertile for another few years anyway, because the psychic said so? Or do you swear off all sex and stop making direct eye contact with men beginning on your 36th birthday, fearing that your ovaries will betray you and get you pregnant even though you have decided not to have children– again, because a psychic told you so? Um…

What if an intuitive tells you about an impending divorce? Or disease? Death? Or a disaster? Does this mean that doom and gloom will come to pass, definitely and without fail? Would you believe this? Would you take it on as truth? How would hearing this sort of information affect how you live your life today? What, if anything, would you change? Why?

On the flip side, what if you discover the supposed date of your future wedding from an intuitive? Or the day that your condo will finally sell? What if a psychic lets you know that you will win that coveted award this spring? Or that a juicy promotion is on its way to you? That you’re on your way to a tropical destination this winter for a much-deserved vacation? Would you believe this? Would you take it on as truth? How would receiving this sort of information affect how you live your life today? What, if anything, would you change? Why?

Galaxy via mix97 dot com

Image via www.mix97.com

As human beings, we always — without fail — have free will.

Our futures are therefore being shaped and re-shaped with every passing moment, and we always get to decide how to orient ourselves and where to head next.

So when receiving a psychic or intuitive reading, take on only what feels right and feels good for you. It honestly doesn’t matter what is ‘true’ or ‘correct’ in a reading– all that’s important is tuning in with yourself and deciding what feels aligned and resonant for  you. You are the boss! You are the expert on yourself!

Keep in mind that predictions are slippery and that they are best regarded as ‘possibilities’ or ‘potentials’, rather than as promises or guarantees.

In other words, don’t let a reading get your guard up or your hopes up too much. Remember: you always get to decide how to respond to the insights that come up in a reading. Rather than automatically treating a reading as though everything in it is capital-T ‘TRUE”, you can always take only what resonates with you and leave the rest. An ethical psychic will be up front about the limitations of her art, and she should also seek to empower you through the reading, rather than strip you of options or cause you to feel like something (‘good’ or ‘bad’) is inevitable.

If something comes up in a reading that makes you cower with fear and dread, you don’t have to accept it! Instead, you can take consistent, aligned actions that will help to steer your life in a different direction (no guilt or punishment required). Also: If something comes up in a reading that you really, really want to ‘come true’, start taking consistent, aligned actions that will help to steer you in the direction of those desires. You’ve got to meet that particular potential halfway, rather than waiting inertly for it to find you!

Ultimately, pay attention to whatever strikes a deep chord within your heart or causes a part of your spirit to stir.

This will feel good: exciting, curious, interesting, and compelling. It is this sort of thing that you can definitely trust in a psychic reading. Otherwise, if something feels ‘off’, disempowering, or causes your energy to shrink and contract, that’s an excellent indication to drop those insights like they’re on fire. (Red alert!) You know best.

Trust your feelings, trust your energy, and choose to trust only those intuitive insights that align with you.

xx, –Dana

*In this post, I am using the words ‘psychic’ and ‘intuitive’ interchangeably, although I prefer the label ‘intuitive’ for myself, as it is not quite as associated with mind-reading, fortune telling, or other inaccuracies. 

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