For twelve years, I was an oracle card monogamist.

I had one, faithful deck of cards and I consulted it– only it— with devotion and loyalty. I was guaranteed to pull cards from this deck every solstice and equinox (at a minimum), and the mere thought of turning my back on this deck? Well, it wasn’t ever a thought, because it was simply unthinkable.

Choosing this deck had been a long, drawn-out, careful, and even painstaking process.

I knew going into this selection that each deck carried different energy, and I wanted to ensure that my deck and I were fully compatible before committing. (Like marriage, right? Um… right, guys? Anyone?)

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There had been my first experience with oracle cards (thank you, Auntie Cher!), in which I was enchanted and fascinated by the accuracy of my cards spreads but also terrified of pulling cards like Death. Please don’t pull the Death card. Please don’t pull the Death card. At the time, I wasn’t experienced enough to know that oracle cards are more symbolic than literal, or that pulling ‘bad’ cards don’t necessarily mean that ‘bad’ things will happen. (‘Bad’ like Death.)

Then there was that time when I inherited the traditional Rider Tarot Deck from a person who shall remain unnamed. It was long before I understood that cards could (and should) be cleared of ‘old’ energies, and mere minutes after putting it on my bookshelf to use at a later date, I felt an overwhelming need to hurtle that deck into the trash. (For the record: I did! Recycling, be damned! Not only was this deck tossed violently into the garbage can, but then I needed to take that trash out of the house immediately afterward. And even then, my soul wasn’t settled until the garbage collectors came and took that nasty-ass-energy-infused deck away forever. I’ve never been drawn to traditional decks since… but I’m a pretty avid recycler now, so at least there’s that.)


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When I was looking for my forever deck of oracle cards, I knew that I wanted cards with a positive focus (no Death cards, please), and I also wanted the illustrations to both resonate with me and be pleasing to me (no creepy Magician drawings, please). I spent hours and hours and hours poring over the Amazon website, clicking on images and narrowing down my choices from hundreds to a handful of decks. Eventually, being a young, 20-something feminist, I settled on the Oracle Tarot deck by Lucy Cavendish, clicked the ‘Add to Cart’ button, and the rest is history.


These cards have served me well.

I remember pulling the New Love Energy card less than a week before I met Marty. Flipping that card over, I drew my breath in sharply and felt my whole body flutter with excitement! I had never even seen that card before it showed up in that fateful spread, and I’ve never drawn it again since. #Fact

During my Masters Degree, when my mind and my heart were deeply misaligned, I recall asking for guidance and drawing a single card out of my deck: Lay Your Burden Down. Seeing that card, I cried and cried and cried. I desperately wanted to step away from my program, but at the time, I didn’t believe I could. In that case, I turned my back on this intuitive guidance and plowed ahead to finish my program (garnering myself a case of full-blown depression along with the fancy new initials after my name. Lesson learned.)

Given how devoted I was to my ‘One Deck’ of oracle cards, and given how faithfully it had served me on countless occasions over the past dozen years, I was startled when a new deck of cards caught my eye– easily and instantaneously.

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As soon as I saw the Connected & Free deck by Lauren Aletta of Inner Hue, I knew I had to have it. I wasn’t looking for a new deck (or even thinking about looking for a new deck!), but these oracle cards won me over instantly. I could feel the sacred energy of them flowing out from my computer screen and infusing the space around me. Every illustration I saw in the preview photos gave me goosebumps or made me swell with high-frequency emotions. They were so powerful, and even though buying them would mean I was no longer a one-deck woman, the decision to ‘Add to Cart’ was a soulful no-brainer. So I did it. And I have no regrets!

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As you know, I am just back from an extended holiday, so many months went by in between me buying the Connected & Free oracle cards and actually getting to see and use them in person.

It was worth the wait!

Obviously, I have grown and changed a lot in twelve years, so what I love about this new deck is how the insights and the illustrations are more in line with the woman I am now (versus the woman I was when I ordered my original deck). Specifically, even though the drawings in Connected & Free are sometimes darker and deeper than the ones in the Oracle Tarot deck– and even though the guidance in the accompanying book isn’t all roses and rainbows– I feel more confident in my own energy and in my abilities to ‘handle’ whatever themes are coming up for me now. I still wouldn’t be 100% receptive to pulling a Death card with a picture of a Grim Reaper on it, but thankfully, the Connected & Free cards don’t go that dark, either. 😉

The other thing I LOVE about the Connected & Free deck is that Lauren deliberately created her cards to promote using your own intuition, rather than rushing to the guidebook to get the ‘real’ or ‘correct’ interpretation of the chosen cards. With the Oracle Tarot, it took me a loooooooong time to finally feel comfortable weaning myself off the guidebook and ascertaining the meanings of my card spreads intuitively. But with the Connected & Free deck, I made a point to journal out my own impressions before I even considered looking up my cards in the guidebook (and guess what? It really works!)

I find the illustrations in Connected & Free easier to ‘decipher’ (or at least the symbolism seems to jump out at me much more easily). Also, because there are no suits or numbers to keep track of with these oracle cards, the meanings of each card are more obvious and accessible. (In contrast, does anyone know what the 6 of Swords card represents off the top of their head? Exactly.)

If you are interested in seeing more of the Connected & Free card images and even testing out the cards for free online, you can do so at the “Instant Intuition” page on Lauren’s website. Do eet!

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I could go on (and on and on) about oracle cards: why I love them, how I use them, and how they benefit me on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis.

However, I’ll stop here while I’m still ahead. (At least for now.)

Do you use oracle cards?

What is your favorite deck (or decks?)

Are you an oracle monogamist like I was, or do you flit from deck to deck with ease and abandon?

Do you have any questions about oracle cards that you’d like me to answer?

Let me know in the comments below!

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