You Are Intuitive with Sarah Wilder

In this awesome interview with Sarah Wilder (of The Fifth Element Life fame), we examine:

  • Intuitive and creative ‘gestation periods’: how resisting the temptation to rush and launch prematurely has made the biggest difference in Sarah’s success


  • Building authenticity and vulnerability into your conscious brand: the importance of cultivating space to keep it real (and to be an actual human being)


  • Zoomancy! Sarah’s experiences connecting with animal spirits and receiving their messages and guidance


  • Earth medicine and intuition: tangible avenues for the people who don’t really resonate with starseeds, ascension, or cosmic consciousness to explore

Watch the video interview below:

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About Sarah:

Sarah Wilder is the creative Soulpreneur and Boss Goddess behind The Fifth Element Life, a conscious brand that connects body, mind and spirit through symbolic + sacred talismans as well as the ever-popular Animal Kin oracle card deck.

Sarah combines her love of nature and design to intuitively create symbolic talismans, tools + teachings for self-reconnection which help to focus the mind and reconnect people to their true nature.

Her purpose is to empower women to tell and own their stories with pride, to express themselves honestly, and to provide sacred tools to guide them through uncharted energetic territories. Led by her philanthropic heart, Sarah’s intention is to work closely with a range of native and farmed animals across the world, learning from them and supporting sanctuaries and organizations dedicated to kindness and animal advocacy.

Sarah is also a best friend, a mother, daughter, teacher, and student. Her down to earth approach to life and business sees her not only becoming a leader in her industry but also more importantly, the leader of her own life. Sarah prides herself on being just like her customers – searching for meaning and reconnection in everything. She loves hip hop dancing, drawing, and she feels most at home amongst the trees, watching the birds.

You can learn more about Sarah’s work and follow her online here:

Website: The Fifth Element Life

Instagram: @thefifthelementlife

Facebook: @The Fifth Element Life

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