Exploration is where you can start uncovering some of the rules you’ve been playing by subconsciously. This is where you can begin identifying the expectations you’ve been trying to meet in many different areas of your life. Short audio transmissions and PDF prompts to support you in this deep exploration work are currently under construction, but in the meantime, I invite you to browse my other offerings:

Soul Blueprint and Holy Bone Readings:

Come to see and know yourself so much more intimately through the powerful mirror I’ll hold up to you in a personalized intuitive reading. Audio transmissions for both types of readings are 90-120 minutes long and start at $195 CAD (payment plans are available upon request). Only two sessions are available per week and can be booked directly online here (for Soul Blueprints) and here (for Holy Bones). More information about the readings themselves can be found here for Soul Blueprints and here for Holy Bones. Please note that the recording of your Soul Blueprint pr Holy Bone Session might take place outside the specific hours that my calendar shows as available; however, it will be recorded on the same calendar day of your booking for sure.    

North Star Energy Mapping Workshop:

Learn how to map your energy accurately and to ascertain precisely what you need right now to stay in alignment. North Star is a self-paced, on-demand, 180-minute video replay that also includes a comprehensive PDF manual and pre-drawn body templates you can use for your mapping. The cost of the digital workshop is $65 CAD (~$47 USD, £38, €42, and $77 AUD). More information, as well as registration links, can be found here.