I met Sheryl Miskenack indirectly through her jewelry back in 2015. At the time, I was hustling at my partner’s art booth and saw a beautiful pendant draped around the neck of one of his customers. Enchanted, I asked her where she got it, and this woman was kind enough to even write it down on a piece of paper for me.

MiskWill’, she said. ‘You can follow her on Instagram!’

I’ve been hooked on Sheryl’s creations ever since.

Embarrassingly, I didn’t actually connect with Sheryl herself (or even start collecting her jewels) for another year or so, but now I’m hardcore addicted to having her silver on my body every… single… day. I loved getting to chat with Sheryl about her creative process (which is soooo intuitive!), and I trust that you’ll enjoy hearing this conversation, too!

Today’s interview with Sheryl (of MiskWill fame) touches on issues like:

  • The one piece of advice that has stuck with Sheryl throughout her lifetime (and that she is now intentionally passing onto her son)


  • Quantum physics… and intuition… and creativity (Mind blowing! Not to give you any spoilers, but Sheryl kinda bends time and space to create her pieces for her clients. Like, she actually taps into the energy of the woman who is putting her jewelry on in the future to customize it for her in the present/past. Say what?!)


  • Intuitive parenthood: the responsibility we have to raise sensitive souls and to help them stay open and perceptive

Watch the video interview below:

(Please note that this interview was actually recorded over the phone, so the ‘video’ isn’t much of a video at all. It’s simply our audio file set to still photographs– surprise!)

Listen on SoundCloud:

Questions for Personal Reflection:

What piece of advice from your parents (or teachers, or friends) has stuck with you the most throughout your lifetime? What advice has been the most helpful and beneficial to you?

+   +   +

Do you believe it’s possible to connect with someone energetically across time and space? (Or have you ever personally felt connected to someone across the world, or from the past or future, even if you’ve never personally met them?) How do you personally connect with people across great distances or times?

+   +   +

Thinking about your childhood and your own intuitive journey, how would you like other people’s experiences growing up to be different now? What small actions can you personally take to promote more intuitive awareness, acceptance, and normalcy in the younger generations today? (For example, I like to speak with my 11-year old niece about dreams, guardian angels, and the power of setting heart-filled intentions. Even if I’m seen as ‘Crazy Auntie Dana’, I’d rather that she know I’m open and available for those sorts of discussions… just in case.)

About Sheryl:


A soulful silversmith and intrepid craftswoman, Sheryl Miskenack is well known for burning the midnight oil. With her gritty work ethic and overwhelming abundance of inspiration, she conjures contemporary designs from her home-based studio on Vancouver Island. Often working into the night bending silver and stone to her will, guided by a whisper from within, she finds solace in her craft.

Sheryl found her niche in the jewelry trade as both a necessary creative outlet and because she recognized the increasing public demand for intelligently priced, intuitively designed, and handmade quality goods. As she states, “I was led to jewelry design feeling like there was never anything out there that was reasonably priced and that fit my aesthetic taste.” For Sheryl, staying inspired is not a choice. “I just am all the time… sometimes it’s overwhelming because I want to make everything. But nature always grounds me. Music and fashion help too.”

Honouring her partial Cree background, Sheryl is drawn to Native American historical references to guide her creative process. She strongly identifies with visceral, rugged beauty in whatever form it takes. One can see those cues realized in her work. She loves working with fire and metal, things that make her hands dirty, and transforming the elements into something beautiful. You can view her online gallery and store here, or you can drool over her Instagram feed here.

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