I see you

Not just the ‘you’ that you present to the world, but also the ‘you’ that resides behind the veil of appearances, customs, and personality.

I see the real you.

The full you.

The deep you.

The enduring (and endearing!) you.

You are searching, Dear Heart, for some sort of sign that you are on the right path—for validation that there is meaning and purpose to what you are going through right now. You want answers. Confirmation. Clarity. Truth.

Who am I?, you’re asking yourself.

Why am I here, and what is my true purpose?

How do I move forward in an aligned way?

How can I trust myself more?

You are in the right place, Beloved.

Allow me to hold a powerful mirror up to you so that you may behold your Self in all of your true majesty, radiance, and purpose.


In a Soul Blueprint Reading, the fog within you can be lifted and your true essence can be illuminated for you to see clearly. As a broadcaster of your Spirit, I am gifted in:

* going as deep as possible,

* teasing out narratives and common threads from your energy field,

* transmitting high vibrational energies and activations to all layers of your being (physical, emotional, mental, and etheric/energetic)

* and connecting the metaphorical dots with you in a way that feels transformative, healing, and profoundly resonant— like I am right inside your head, thinking your thoughts and feeling your feelings.

–Sheryl Miskenack, CANADA www.miskwill.com 

–Karla Pizzica, AUSTRALIA www.karlapizzica.com


When I consciously connect with your essence during a Soul Blueprint Reading, I can see and feel your energy with uncanny precision and depth.

I become a fluent translator for your Spirit and a finely-tuned conduit for any insights, guidance, messages, activations, alignments, and healing that your Soul Self wishes to impart to your Human Self at this time.


Each session unfolds uniquely, in accordance with what will serve the highest and best good. However, every reading touches on five main themes:

+ Who you are at the level of your soul

+ Your mission or purpose in this lifetime

+ Your gifts, strengths, and skills that will aid you in embodying your purpose

+ Challenges and learning opportunities that you have built into this incarnation for the sake of growth

+ Ways to support yourself or to invite support in, so that you can stay connected to your truth and move forward in a way that is in alignment


It is quite common to experience the following sensations or results after receiving a reading with me:

+ Clarity and confirmation.

+ Knowledge of what your true purpose is.

+ Remembrance that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

+ Trust in divine timing and order… and in your SELF.

+ Affirmations of what you already know to be true, deep down.

+ Navigational guidance in the form of specific practices or exercises to help you move forward.

+ Energetic shifts and profound transformations.

+ Release of old patterns, blockages, and beliefs you have outgrown.


I want you to see your Self as I see you, Dear Heart: radiant, magical, connected, tuned in, and bursting with potential.


I am SO blown away by Dana’s work. I have never felt so SEEN by anyone. Not even by myself. My heart is swollen. Every part of me has been touched. Shifted. Expanded. My session with her made me FEEL to the depths of feeling I haven’t felt for a long time, if ever. It explained EVERYTHING to me. Everything I have wondered, ‘known’, questioned, fought, resisted, not understood, was all there. I am SO SO SO grateful that it has been revealed to me. I am so grateful that I can move forward now with this knowledge, with this reminder, this reassurance, of what I ‘knew’ but couldn’t bring into my consciousness.” —Katrina Smith, AUSTRALIA, Heart and Hands Creations



Is this a fit?

A Soul Blueprint Reading is a good fit for you if:

  • You are ready and willing to go deep into the essence of Who You Are. (In other words, you’re not looking for a fortune teller or dime-store answers to superficial questions. Be prepared for some very rich and deep insights about yourself!)
  • You are yearning to plug back into your own intuition and Soul Self—not just to be spoon-fed ‘answers’ from somebody outside of yourself (yet again).
  • You know that you are holding onto outdated or stagnant thoughts, beliefs, or habits but feel willing and ready to release these now, even if you’re not sure how (that’s okay!)
  • You desire clarity and a refreshing, neutral perspective around yourself and longstanding patterns in your life.
  • You resonate with my energy and feel drawn to working with me.
  • You appreciate that energy work isn’t necessarily as cut-and-dried a process as allopathic healing modalities are billed to be, but you are open to the possibility of receiving immense shifts and activations through intuitive means.


A Soul Blueprint Reading is not a good fit for you if:

  • You are only looking to be entertained. I am not a party psychic, Love, and although you might laugh during certain points of your reading, these sessions are definitely geared towards people who are committed to doing their own healing work and personal growth.
  • You believe that somebody else has ‘The Answers’ for you and you only want to be told what to do. I can offer you immense clarity, affirmation, and reflections, yes, but I’m not the authority on You, Love: You are.
  • The insights you seek are best addressed by somebody besides an intuitive. (For example, I’m not able to confirm a pregnancy for you or to let you know the sex of a fetus. That’s what pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are for!) 
  • You actually require professional medical, legal, financial, or psychological support at this time, which a Soul Blueprint Reading cannot provide.
  • You require logical proof, statistics, or left-brain ‘evidence’ to support a claim or methodology before you’ll feel confident in its efficacy.
  • You believe that I can read your mind or predict the future and will be upset when I remind you that alas, I cannot.
  • You’re not ready or willing to do any work on yourself or for yourself at this time.


Book A Session


I am most interested in Who You Are at the core of your soul, Dear One.

What is your purpose?

Why are you here on earth?

What were you born to contribute?

What is preventing or blocking the expression of your purpose at this time, and what can you do about that now?

These are the questions that drive me, and these are the issues that I know are compelling you to seek my support, too.

I want everyone who has a session with me to feel like they are wrapped in safety and are a part of something profoundly magical.

If you are ready to say ‘yes’ to this, then I invite you to book a Soul Blueprint Reading here.


“Dana’s reading provided the beautiful tipping scale for me, with her insights and accuracy oh so lovingly nudging me forward. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. There would be no one else I could recommend more strongly than her. She is incredibly amazing and is one of the most skilled, if not THE most skilled people I’ve ever worked with. I feel humbled to be on the receiving end of her gifts!” –Lauren Aletta, AUSTRALIA, Inner Hue

“I’ve been following Dana for a while on Instagram, and she sure is a beam of light. She’s very positive (high vibe as the cool kids say) but still thoughtful and real. This was a unique session in that Dana did not use cards. Instead, she intuitively tuned into my energy. It was a new experience for me – I’d never had a reading that was so utterly intuitive. I went into it with an open mind, and I was quite pleased with what I received. The most powerful thing about my session with Dana is that she tapped in to many issues that had been lingering in my unconscious mind for some time, but I hadn’t been ready to address them. Dana firmly but gently brought those energies to the surface, putting words to what had been stewing within me. It felt like a sigh of relief hearing someone else describe my thoughts and feelings – it gave my experiences validation, and I didn’t know how much I needed that until I had it.” –Carrie Mallon, USA, www.carriemallon.com



The details:

Your Soul Blueprint Reading will be a detailed and thorough audio recording, which will be e-mailed to you as an mp4 file so you can listen to it at your convenience. The audio format allows me to embed subtle energy work into the insights, meaning that you benefit not only from what is being said but also how it is being transmitted to you.

Your investment in a Soul Blueprint Reading is $295 (CAD)

(Approximately $215 USD, £175, €195, or $345 AUD)


This cost includes:

  • Your Soul Blueprint Reading (recorded as an activating mp4 audio file; minimum length is 90 minutes, although many sessions run 120 minutes or more.)
  • One follow-up e-mail, where any final questions you might have can be addressed and clarified.

Payment is required in advance and can be made through the secure online scheduler here. The booking app accepts all major credit cards. If you wish to pay via e-transfer instead (from a Canadian bank account), you can e-mail $295 CAD to dana.m.machacek@gmail.com. (In this case, you will be responsible for the small processing fee, too.)


More information:

  • You will be emailed a receipt and confirmation message automatically. As soon as I see your order come through, I will also e-mail you personally to express my thanks.
  • Even though the calendar software specifies a 2-hour window for your reading on a certain day, I will actually perform your session on my own time (still on that day, but not necessarily between 8-10am MST, because #intuition.)
  • We will not meet over Skype, Zoom, the phone, or in person while I record your audio insights. You do not need to be resting or otherwise sitting still while I am tuning in on your behalf, either! Your insights will be just as accurate and relevant, regardless of what you are doing (or not doing) while I am connecting with your energy field.
  • The recording of your session will be e-mailed to you as soon as it is ready, and you can work through it at your own pace and convenience. You will receive your insights as an mp4 audio file. I will e-mail you a link to the mp4 via Dropbox, which you can download to your computer and listen to as your schedule permits.
  • Please feel free to e-mail me afterward with any comments or questions you have!
  • Thank you for understanding that all sales are final for Soul Blueprint Readings.


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Some final notes on Soul Blueprint Readings and my style:

These sessions are not predictive—they cannot predict the future or confirm whether something will happen (or not) with any accuracy whatsoever. However, they can provide a detailed, nuanced, and holistic picture of the present moment and your enduring energetic makeup, along with clues about how to navigate forward. Please do not use Soul Blueprint Readings as a substitute for qualified medical, legal, financial, or other professional support. Please don’t discredit your own intuition, either– ever! If something I say in a session doesn’t resonate with you for any reason, trust your gut and don’t allow my words to override your own inner guidance. Be your own guru! 

I am not a medium, meaning that I do not communicate with the spirits of our dearly departed. I’m also not an astrologer, so I don’t talk about any planetary or celestial influences on your life. I am not trained as a medical intuitive, although occasionally I receive insights that relate to a client’s physical body or health.

If you have a question that wasn’t addressed on this page, please feel free to e-mail me directly: dana.m.machacek@gmail.com. I appreciate your time and am always happy to help! xx