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Creating a “Year Ahead” Tarot Spread (and Other Ways to Say Hello to 2016)

I used to set New Year’s Resolutions– the typical “lose 10 pounds”, “go to the gym 3 times a week”, blahblahblah sorts of goals. It took a while (sadly, decades) before it became apparent to me that “resolution” was simply a clever code word for “race to see how quickly and spectacularly I can fall […]

Talk to the Hand

I had my palms read a few days ago (at the mall, of all places). On one hand (ha! get it?), you might be thinking ‘WTF?! Palm reading? Dana?! THE MALL?!’ And you would be right. In certain respects. But on the other hand (again! The hilarity!), this should come as no surprise. After all, […]