lauren“Dana has blown me away. My gosh! My heart and soul are so grateful for her. For her incredible gift and skill. For her love and support. Her ability to tune in is unbelievable.

Dana’s reading provided the beautiful tipping scale for me, with her insights and accuracy oh so lovingly nudging me forward. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

There would be no one else I could recommend more strongly than her. She is incredibly amazing and is one of the most skilled, if not THE most skilled people I’ve ever worked with. I feel humbled to be on the receiving end of her gifts!”

–Lauren Aletta, AUSTRALIA, Inner Hue

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“My fingers want to type all the letters on the keyboard all at once because there’s so much I want to say. Thank you, Dana, for such a beautiful, empowering, and healing reading. I had quite a profound experience when you were tuning in. I woke up in a state of total peace and just allowed myself to really immerse myself into that feeling. I had tears streaming down my face because I am loved. It was so beautiful it hurt. I felt ‘home’ again.

“Thank you sooooooooo much for your insight and care with this reading. It was so healing and felt very honouring of my journey in all its truth. Your energy is carried through, regardless of physical time. Lots for me to just sit with and allow to filter in. My gratitude is beaming its way to you….thank you!”  —P. G., AUSTRALIA

solid lineleanne“My session with Dana was so amazing! I loved how clear everything was during the reading and how Dana was able to articulate specific steps I could take to feel better about certain aspects of business and life. Right after my reading with her, I made some changes based on what we discussed, and I instantly felt lighter. Since working with her, too, I’ve felt much more confident and ready to make subtle shifts towards positivity. This session gave me everything I needed to hear!” — Leanne Vogel, Alberta CANADA, Healthful Pursuit

solid line Jo“What an absolute delight it was to finally meet and speak to Dana in person. I cannot even begin to put into words the deep gratitude I have for her and her work. Her reading resonated so deeply, and her Translucence audio programme has pierced my very soul and cracked open my heart.

“We must surely be soul sisters, from the same space and time, as I’ve never met anyone that cries as much as me! I believe Dana’s words will provide me with such strength and hope as I navigate through my next chapter in life, safe in the knowledge that all is taken care of. Wow, I feel that in every cell of my body. Her guidance has also been instrumental in allowing me to now make different choices from a very different place – a place of love and forgiveness. So much love, so much gratitude to her.”

Jo Stevenson, LONDON, Jo Stevenson Creative

solid lineAlexI am so amazed at how precise Dana’s insights were. Everything she mentioned in the follow-up report really resonated with me and felt accurate. I have always been very sensitive and I pick up on other people’s frustration and depression easily. Sometimes I’d think it was all in my head, but reading Dana’s report helped me put everything in perspective again. I’m thankful for all of her tips, and I have felt so much better since my session with her. I feel like a new person! My gratitude is overflowing!” —Alex Henry, Louisiana USA, The Sacred Core

solid line250x250 scarab“I ordered a reading from Dana and had it mailed to me on a USB stick. For some reason, I was a bag of nerves around it. I had the USB for a long while (2 months!) before I even put it on my bedside shelf to push myself to give it a listen. I had no idea why it made me so nervous, but Dana was patient with me and gently let me know I had nothing to fear. There was no pressure or judgments from her to listen to the reading whatsoever.

I finally worked up the courage to listen to my reading another month after that. I felt so connected to Dana when it was done, and I felt connected to myself in a way I never have before. I loved the reading. She touched on things that I had no idea existed until she mentioned them. It all made sense. Everything made sense.

My eyes hurt the morning after I listened to the reading and they were all puffy and dehydrated from crying so much. All the same, I felt good and like Dana understood and accepted me unconditionally. I’m thankful to her for being patient with my nervousness. She was right: there was nothing to be scared or ashamed of. Now that I have experienced how amazing (and painless!) a reading from her is, I want everyone to have one! Especially the special people in my life. Thank you”  —C.L., Calgary AB CANADA

solid line250x250 scarab“Wow! Wow! Thank you! Dana’s reading really resonated with me. It felt very accurate and very helpful/insightful for me.  I am an open book when I feel safe!

“I chose the mp3 so I can have access to listen to it again and again. I’m glad I did this, as there’s so much to work with to help me move some energy. As I’ve been practicing the insights that Dana brought up, things have already shifted. It seems my soul really connected to her reading, as I am not needing to put effort into implementing her suggestions: it’s just happening. It is such a perfect time for me to have this reading done.

“I would definitely recommend a reading to anyone who is feeling the need to shift things. I personally found that chatting with Dana for a bit beforehand gave me more confidence in her readings. I’m not usually drawn to intuitive healing, as I’ve had a few experiences that were not convincing. Yet Dana is so grounded and crystal clear in her communication that it softened me to the idea.”  —J.D., Alberta CANADA

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250x250 scarab“WOW, that was QUITE the reading! I must say it is exactly what I needed to hear. I really want to thank Dana for making it clear to me what I am doing to myself and WHY! She is a WIZARD LADY. Her abilities are FANTASTIC, and this type of reading is brilliant because it isn’t all clogged up with silly surface questions.

The audio format allows her, and therefore I, to get to the real core of things. I know from my experience of having two sessions from Dana that anyone would benefit from a reading with her. Her intuitive channeling is surprisingly able to tune into what is going on with my personal energy. With love and gratitude — Thank you.” — Bob B., British Columbia, CANADA

solid line250x250 scarab“Dana’s reading was great! Very clear and informative. I loved the visual imagery and analogies that Dana provided– it’s exactly how I process things. Everything she said was true. I am aware of it all, but having someone else stating it and really understanding it– as if she was right inside me, feeling my feelings— was like a relief.

She really ‘got’ me in the sense of understanding me and seeing through all the layers of armour and protection to the real core of me. The way she flipped certain things around was mind blowing to me. Such a revelation! Having this reading made me feel more connected and so blessed. Lots of love.”  — N. Z., London, ENGLAND

solid linedrdivi750“It’s not often that I use the word ‘healer’ with my clients, but with Dana, it REALLY, really strikes me: her energetic body is just like, “This is who she is!” Not everybody on the planet has it in their energetic makeup to be a healer, and some people do it in different ways. Some people do this in the arts, and some people do it by serving the best coffee at Starbucks. But with Dana, it’s a very deep, deep gift. She is here to make a big difference; to strike very deep chords within people; and she is truly an energetic gift to the planet!

–Dr. Divi Chandna, Vancouver BC CANADA,

solid line250x250 scarab“I really want to thank Dana from the very bottom of my heart for taking so much time to do a reading with and for me. I really needed it. So much. Wow. Thank you, just, thank you. Her analogies and examples are so accessible, her recommendations are doable, and while I feel like she let me know I have a fair bit of work to do on myself, the way she told me to and how to was just excruciatingly beautiful and I feel like doing that work.

Her reading was the opposite of hippy dippy and new age, which I was sort of afraid of. She was so spot on. I believe Dana has a real and amazing and honestly legitimate gift, and I am usually skeptical of all things spiritual. She is good.”— Ursula T., Vancouver BC CANADA

solid linerobin-s“I want to start by saying how good Dana is.  I mean, GOOD.  She honed in on just the right things in our sessions together, and the tone she set was (dare I use the word?) perfect.

I was trying to think of a word to describe how I feel after my sessions with her, and only one comes to mind: Healed. She tapped into some things I either buried so deep I’d forgotten them or I didn’t know were there in the first place. After listening to the audio she created for me, I felt as though I’d been cracked open—in a good way, and some of this baggage I’ve been carrying around for decades came flying out. The whole time I was doing this, though, I felt perfectly free and safe.

I feel suddenly lighter, and that’s a wonderful thing. She gave me so many healing insights, and I’m so thankful for this. A big Namaste!”

Robin Simmons, Maryland USA,

solid line250x250 scarab“Dana is phenomenal! I’ve had two sessions with her so far; the first was an intuitive reading, where she scanned my chakras, and the second was for energy healing. Both sessions were remarkable experiences, and I came away with increased calmness, peace and self-understanding on both occasions.

Dana is extremely skilled and her approach is very caring. She immediately inspires confidence in her abilities and trust in her as a compassionate person, which are both so important in such personal work. I was blown away by the accuracy of her insights and energetic findings, and I find myself regularly re-reading the detailed report she sent me after her energy healing work for inspiration and self-awareness. I recommend Dana to everyone- she is a talented, inspiring healer.” — A. E., Calgary, AB CANADA

solid line250x250 scarab“My session with Dana was really insightful. She touched on things that went really deep and that I don’t share with a lot of people. I know we didn’t discuss these things together before the session started, and Dana’s chill, easygoing personality made me feel right at home.

Before the reading, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed, due to my workload and starting a new business recently. However, I was also excited to receive my first intuitive reading ever! Dana honed in and helped me realize I should be charging a higher rate for the work I do and valuing my skills more. I had been nervous about losing potential clients by quoting higher prices, especially when just starting out, but since my session with Dana, I’ve already quoted a higher rate and got no hesitation from a new client! I also feel more awareness and acceptance of myself. I tend to be really hard on myself, but since my reading, I’ve tried to give myself a break and remind myself of how far I’ve come.” — J.S., Victoria BC CANADA

solid lineSonesence Profile 1“Wow!!! I’m speechless. Truly, this reading was incredible. Dana is so intuitive. That was absolutely spot on! The cards she pulled and her interpretations made me grin like a Cheshire cat and even brought a few tears to my eyes. It’s so wonderful to know that I’m on the right path. What a gift! I’m definitely heeding the calls she mentioned in the audio, and I’m so excited to know that even more goodness is on its way. Seriously – a wonderful experience. She is an absolute darling.” —Tahlee Rouillon, AUSTRALIA,

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“I have been sitting with everything that came up during my reading, and the insight that I have gained has really helped to direct my next few months (in terms of what I need to do). It has brought so much clarity and given me answers to something that I have often pondered for so long. Turns out the answers were actually very simple and right under my nose all along!

I am excited for the next few months and I have started sitting, ‘doing nothing’ as Dana recommended (not as difficult as I thought it would be!) I am also integrating some of the insights that she gave me about being curious and cultivating my essence.

Something must have shifted during our session because I experienced some cold-type symptoms shortly afterward, which I know is good news! Thank you to Dana for the session, her follow up notes, and the card spread that she sent through. So much gratitude to her!” — Connie Ng, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

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