The Easiest Way to Access Your Intuition

There’s a pretty big misconception fluttering around about intuition: this idea that intuition equals mind-reading or being able to predict the future… or preferably both.

Like many (if not most) people, I was not immune to believing this lie. I totally believed that intuition meant being able to tell people what they were thinking with perfect accuracy and completely BLOWING THEIR MINDS! (Bonus points for doing this without the use of tarot cards, crystal balls, pendulums, or other divination tools!)

For many (many) years, I got down on myself and my supposed lack of intuitive prowess, feeling like I could never be a fully-fledged intuitive because I hadn’t been wowing people with mad precognitive skills since I came out of the womb.

My parents, circa 1981: Guess what, Baby Dana? We’re having peas and potatoes for dinner tonight!

Infant Me [telepathically]: I totally knew you were going to say that! I am soooo intuitive!

Sure, I could pick up on other people’s energies like a pro, I was no stranger to happenstance or synchronicity, and I could swear I was tapping into other-worldly dimensions and gaining access to a collective hub of knowledge when I was working as a counselor… but I wrote all of these experiences off.

I told myself that I was merely making stuff up– that any overlap between my own perceptions and other people’s ‘real world’ experiences was a random fluke at worst and a lucky, educated guess at best.

am i making this up

I still had more questions than answers in life, and I sure as hell couldn’t foresee the future, so I convinced myself that “I wasn’t intuitive”. Full stop. End of story. Moreover, I didn’t believe that I (or you) could ‘become’ intuitive– we either were or we weren’t, as determined at birth, apparently– so most of my life was spent being fascinated by intuition but simultaneously ‘knowing’ I would never have access to this magical gift myself.

Obviously, things have changed a lot since then.

Not only do I know now– without a shadow of a doubt– that I am incredibly intuitive, but I am also well on my way to making a full-time living out of being intuitive! And whereas before, I probably would have scoffed at people who relied on any tools to access their intuition– believing them to be sub-par psychics– now I understand that one of the easiest and most reliable ways to tap into intuition is actually through the use of oracle cards!

Intuition is not about mind-reading or seeing the future in a crystal ball

It’s also not a rare or exotic gift that is bestowed only on a selective few– it’s a skill that can be learned and practiced by anyone

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to access intuition is by using oracle cards

oracle cards and intuition

Oracle cards open a doorway directly into your intuition. Unlike tarot cards, which can be intimidating to some people because they have more complex meanings and symbolism, oracle cards are generally straightforward, easy to decipher, and provide a reliable ‘voice’ for your inner guidance.

Drawing an oracle card (or several cards at once) is literally like starting a conversation with your intuition. You can pose yourself a question, select a card to tap into your intuitive knowing or ‘answers’, perhaps refine your question or pose a follow-up query, and keep pulling cards until you arrive at the guidance that feels right and best for you. (This doesn’t mean you’ll always like or agree with your intuition, but you will get a sense of what feels true and real for you. With practice, oracle cards can easily help you hone in on your inner guidance and knowing.)

start a conversation

I know it sounds silly at first– relying on a simple deck of cards to understand yourself or even to make important decisions in your life– but once you have initiated a relationship with your intuition via oracle cards, you’ll come to realize how trustworthy and reliable your deck… and, by extension, your intuition… actually is! What have you got to lose by trying?

solid line rev

There are hundreds and hundreds of oracle card decks to choose from now, so how do you know which one is the right one or best one to use?

Selecting your deck is actually the first exercise in flexing your intuitive muscles! Different people gravitate to different decks for different reasons, so trust your first impressions, rather than feeling like you need to go out and buy the same deck that everyone else seems to be using. (I am personally allergic to any deck that resembles a traditional Rider Waite deck even marginally, but to many other people, non-traditional decks represent an abomination of the original art of divination, so do what feels right for you.)

You might feel drawn to certain colors, fonts, subject matters, or styles of cards, and there is no ‘wrong answer’ when it comes to which deck to use. You can also choose to use more than one deck– there’s no law stating that you have to be an oracle card monogamist! (Even though I was one for years…)

Some of my personal favorite decks include The Alchemist’s Oracle by Inner Hue, Vibrational Energy by Debbie A. Anderson, Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path by Francene Hart, Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild, and Angel Answers by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine. (<– None of these links are affiliate links, meaning that I’m just sharing these decks with you because I love them and not because I’m hoping to make a 4-cent commission from Amazon.)

solid line

How do you start using oracle cards to tap into your intuition?

Some people go through elaborate rituals, do ‘deck interview’ spreads, and do all sorts of other clearing exercises to make their oracle decks their own. Again, though, do what feels right for you. If you feel better knowing that each card has been individually smudged with sage and personally blessed by holy water before you ask a single question, then do that. But if you want to dive right in as soon as you rip off the plastic and open your box, then don’t believe for one moment that your reading will be any less accurate or insightful than someone who charged their deck in the light of a full moon before using it. 😉 Intention is key.

intention is key

Practice asking questions and pulling cards.

It might take a few tries to get into a comfortable, trustworthy rhythm with your oracle cards, so don’t feel disappointed if you don’t blow your own mind right off the bat. I personally like to start off by asking smaller, simple questions that don’t carry drastic consequences, and then I gradually work my way up to bigger, weightier queries using my deck.

No question is off limits for an oracle card reading unless you say it is.

Some people feel dumb asking their oracle card decks what they should make for dinner, and yeah, I wouldn’t necessarily pay somebody else to give me a reading on my dinner options, but when it comes to asking my own deck? Dinner-related questions are totally fair game!

Honestly, if you believe that oracle cards will give you unreliable or flat-out wrong answers to certain questions, then they probably will. But again: intention is key! So just because I didn’t consult my oracle cards when my now-husband asked me to marry him doesn’t mean that you can’t whip out your cards mid-proposal! And just because you don’t bother with oracle cards to help you decide which concerts to attend or which events you can pass on doesn’t mean that I won’t! (Full disclosure: I totally talk to my oracle cards about concerts, conferences, courses, parties, gatherings, and get-togethers.)

solid line rev

When I use my own oracle cards, I do so with a pervasive sense of curiosity and genuine wonder. I also come at my cards with the belief that every card spread only makes me more familiar with my own intuition, so I’m willing to approach almost any topic with my cards. Yes, it’s different when I’m providing readings for another person, as there are legal and ethical considerations to factor in, but when it comes to myself, some of the actual questions I’ve consulted my oracle cards for in the past few months include:

  • Should I even bother using Twitter?
  • Is this psychic network a good opportunity for me? (Now or in the future?)
  • Will I benefit from cutting gluten out of my diet? (And, if so, how will I benefit specifically?)
  • Should we purchase a second vehicle?
  • I’m considering taking a collagen supplement, even though my diet is predominantly plant-based. Angels: yay or nay to collagen in my morning tea?
  • What do I need to know about my rosacea flare-ups? Are they diet-related? Stress? Temperature-induced? Something else entirely?
  • Is it okay for me to stop offering EFT/Tapping coaching at this point? Can I focus solely on my intuitive work instead?
  • Should I change my prices? When, and to what?

solid line

Ultimately, your cards are simply a mirror for your own energy, beliefs, and internal processes, so they can only be as ‘good’, reliable, and accurate as you trust yourself to be. Although it can take some time to build and strengthen a relationship with your intuition (via an oracle card deck), the results are well worth the investment: increased self-confidence, belief in oneself, clarity, deep understanding, and sharper intuition.

What are some of your go-to oracle card decks? What kinds of questions do you always consult your cards for? Which questions are totally off limits?

As you might have gathered by now, I can talk forever about things like this, so let me know your thoughts in the comments or send me an e-mail to chat. xo!

If you are interested in ordering a personal reading, I offer 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions over Skype or via audio. More information about my offerings and my approach can be found here. You can also enter to win a free, 30-minute reading from me by entering your name into my monthly draw below:




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  1. February 23, 2016    

    I LOVE the Alchemist’s Oracle by Inner Hue, the Magic and Manifestation oracle, and, more recently, the Animal Kin oracle by The Fifth Element Life! I like to use them at the beginning of the day and ask things like “how can I be more joyful today?” or “what should I focus on to make the most of my productivity?” The quick answers are great for giving me a guiding focus throughout my day, and it doesn’t take long to interpret them (I tend to get pretty lost in my tarot readings for a while, which is great, but not when you’re trying to softboil an egg and put your shoes on at the same time!)

    I think they’re also amazing to use as a way to guide meditation – draw a card and focus on the way it makes you feel for a while. I’m no good with “clear your mind” meditation, but if I have a concept to focus on, it still wipes away thoughts about how stressed I am and also brings me closer to the way I understand certain themes or ideas in my life 🙂 It’s also a great way to help you come up with a mantra if you’re not sure what would help you most!

    • February 25, 2016    

      Ooh, the Magic and Manifestation oracle sounds divine! I’ll have to check that one out. 🙂

      Yes, I love oracle cards for their simplicity and easy interpretation. I really enjoy diving deep with tarot cards, too, but like you say– it takes a certain time and place to be able to do this, whereas with oracle cards, it’s quick and easy!

      With the Vibrational Energy cards, I like to do a morning card pull and ask, ‘What frequency should I embody today? Which vibration will serve the highest and best good of everyone concerned today?’ Then I imagine my body calibrating itself to the energy of whichever card I draw. Works like a charm!

      The mantra and meditation idea is a great one, too. I don’t do very well with emptying my mind, either, but I am good with clearing chakras, focusing on my breath, or imagining energy and light dissolving the clutter in my brain. I’ll try picking an oracle card before my next meditation and see how it goes! xx

  2. March 12, 2016    

    Your intuition will tell you intimate and important things nobody else will—and it will also tell you things your own mind will argue with. As a culture, we have learned to believe that being rational is what should prevail when making decisions. But what about our “inner voice,” our gut feeling—that “little something” instinctual from within, which tells us how we feel beneath those layers of logic?

    • March 16, 2016    

      I agree with you completely, Jay! I spent so much of my life relying only on my intellect, but I paid a steep price for it. It was like losing myself and my inner compass! Now that I have embraced my intuition again, I am learning how important it is to listen to its wisdom and then to take action on it, too. Sure, it might not make any sense– or your intuition might tell you things that you don’t really want to hear– but my intuition has never led me astray. It’s always been perfect advice for me.