As soon as I first heard Tahlee’s sublime meditations, I knew that I wanted to collaborate with her. Every note she composed struck such a primal chord within my spirit, and I was literally brought to tears every time I heard her sing.

It was pure resonance.


We met over Skype to discuss creating a guided visualization for the solar plexus chakra (which has now been released as Empowered). At the time of our initial meeting, I only had feelings and intentions to start anchoring the track within– nothing concrete. The concept was still sort of slippery, and I had definitely not written a script for the meditation yet. To be fully transparent: I didn’t actually feel ‘ready’ to embark on a project like this, but at the same time, I was filled with trust that the timing was perfect. (It doesn’t hurt that my word for the year is ‘Trust’. I’ve been getting lots of practice in reaching for Trust as a touchstone lately!)


I was given a week to submit a vocal recording, which meant that I had 7 days to write a script and commit it to audio. No problem. However, rather than resorting to my habitual, ‘take matters into my own hands’ persona (a strong remnant from my A-student university days), I decided to surrender the writing process to my Guides, with whom I had recently become intimately acquainted. (<— This divine encounter deserves its own post for sure. In the meantime, suffice it to say that I chose to be a channel for the perfect meditation script, rather than writing it ‘myself’.)   

So. The first day passed… and then a second. Whenever I thought about writing a script for Empowered, I felt lazy, lethargic, and baldly uninspired. That’s okay, though, I’d remind myself confidently. I’m not in charge of the writing: my Guides are.

Illustration by Ouvra

Mudra illustration by Ouvra

Days three and four passed, followed by days five and six. By now, I was starting to worry and wondered if I should just abandon these so-called Guides of mine, hunker down with a chai, and write the dang thing myself. (I can be so fickle at times!)

Then, on the morning of the seventh day, I was stirred from my sleep at an ungodly (for me) hour. Wordlessly, I slipped out of my bed and stole into a spare room with a pen, some paper, and a crystal clear intention:

Guides– allow me to receive your wisdom. Enable me to channel your insights and to translate them into words that can be absorbed and utilized fully by all who encounter them. Let these words be simple but potent, and let all who hear them be transformed on a subtle, cellular level, for the highest and best good of everyone involved. And so it is.

I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote some more. Words flowed out from my pen with ease and grace, and before my intellectual mind had a chance to ‘read it over’ or ‘make any changes’, I crawled into bed and slept for a few more hours.

Later, when it came time to record the track, I hesitated slightly. Would my script be too long? (Probably.) Not long enough? (Haha– highly unlikely!) Poorly written? (Could be…) Would it make any sense? (Um…) I debated taking my infamous red pen out and polishing the channeled script up a bit before recording it, but decided in the end to just try recording the script as-is. If anything, I reasoned, I could use the practice using the vocal software program, and if any changes needed to be made to the script after a dry run, I could always make them later.

I softened myself, slowed my breath, and started the recording.

I knew the track was supposed to be 10 minutes long, and knowing my tendency to ramble (on and on and on), I was certain that I’d need to spend the rest of my afternoon removing bits of the script and leaving them on the cutting room floor.

As it turns out, though, the audio file was 9 minutes and 53 seconds long.

Trusting this as an indication that all was well, I submitted it to Tahlee after one take. The result of our gorgeous collaboration is Empowered, which I am beyond thrilled with! Guess my Guides know what they are doing after all… 😉

Empowered album artwork final resized

solid lineDo you want to go deeper with ‘Empowered’?

The audio was designed with the standard ‘busy person’ in mind. I’m sure it could have been stretched out to 20, 40, or even 60 minutes long, but in reality– how many people would actually be able to listen to an hour-long meditation once, let alone repeatedly, to get the full benefits of consistent chakra cleansing and balancing? (Exactly.)

If you have the audio and wish to go deeper with the practices that are included in the track, you can always extend the amount of time that you spend with each exercise, pausing the track before moving on to the next ‘unraveling’ visualization. You might find that certain prompts are more applicable to you than others, and you might also experience that the balancing feels more powerful on some days over others. That’s okay. Always be gentle with yourself and compassionate towards your own energy and needs.

This audio is meant to be engaged with fully and with curiosity. Please don’t feel that you ‘have to’ listen to it or that you are supposed to feel a certain way afterwards. You might feel significant shifts in your energy after listening to ‘Empowered’, but you also might experience more subtle effects, or seemingly none at all. In any case, trust that you are receiving exactly what you need from it, at this time. If you ever have any questions or comments about the track, I’d love for you to let me know. I can be reached at: xx

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