Translucence 2.0

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What do you do in the space between Here and There?

How can you navigate that critical juncture between the Old and the New— between What Once Was and What Is Yet To Be?

You practice, Dear One– you practice.

You practice devotion. You practice awareness. You practice embodiment. You practice being a witness to yourself. You practice listening. You practice mustering your courage and taking aligned steps. You practice connecting– both with yourself and with others who are on the same wavelength as you. You practice stillness. You practice honing your intuition. You practice knowing. You practice trusting.

But you don’t have to practice alone. You do not have to traverse the gap between your Past and your Future by yourself– without a map and without any guides.

You are invited to experience Translucence 2.0 now.

You are invited to immerse yourself in the next level of your sacred purpose and divine calling with a radiant and supportive community of other lightworkers and heart-driven souls!

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Translucence 2.0 is a sacred journey that offers Practice, Purpose, and Perspective.

You will receive 26 channeled audio recordings over a span of several months, beginning on the day you register for the program. Each lesson will be 15-30 minutes in length and will be delivered to your inbox as a link to a downloadable mp3 file.

(You will also gain access to the Translucence 2.0 Online Portal, where all of the audios are conveniently stored for you to select and work through intuitively.)

It is not mandatory for you to have completed the inaugural Translucence series before registering for Translucence 2.0. Trust yourself and what your spirit is drawn to, and if it is this series but not the first one, so be it! You will benefit from the teachings no matter where you are on your spiritual path and regardless of whether you have experienced my work in any capacity before or not. Trust.

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As with the original Translucence series, you do not need to listen to these teachings in order, and you do not need to worry about ‘falling behind’ if you miss any (or many) weeks.

These lessons are timeless. Simple but profound.

You will receive lifetime access to all of the recordings.

You will benefit not only from the words themselves — from the teachings and the actual content — but also from the act of hearing these lessons spoken aloud.

My voice will be a catalyst in your own awakening — ignition for the quickening and activation of your subtle energetic bodies and subconscious potential.

Together, we will go even deeper.

Together, we will rise ever higher.

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How does Translucence 2.0 differ from the original Translucence series?

  • Brand new channeled teachings and guidance. Each of the audios in Translucence 2.0 will be brought through specifically for this program.
  • Opportunities to connect with Dana and with each other. The original Translucence series welcomed over 100 people in 10 different countries– can you imagine if we were all in the same room together? For Translucence 2.0, there will be an optional (secret) Facebook group available to join. This will be a safe online forum in which you can comment on the lessons, ask any questions you might have, or share your experiences and a-ha moments with other people who are participating in the program alongside you.

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The Details:

  • Translucence 2.0 is offered for $179 (CAD; approx $135 USD, £90, or $185 AUD) for the entire program. You can also email me for payment plan options if you wish to make a number of installments versus to pay in one lump sum.
  • You can enroll in the series at any time, and you will receive your first audio on the day you register. You will continue to receive a new audio every week until you have completed the series.
  • You will receive lifetime access to all of the audios.

You can enroll in the audio series here for $179 (CAD).

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Payment is required in advance and can be made through our secure online store here. The store accepts Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover cards. If you wish to pay via electronic funds transfer instead (i.e. from your bank account), you can e-mail $179 CAD to (In this case, you will be responsible for the small processing fee, and please remember to e-mail me the answer to your security question, too!)

If you have any questions whatsoever, please e-mail me and I will personally respond to your message.

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About Me:

dana-violet-auraI AM an intuitive guide, energy healer, and high vibe channel. I AM a technician of the sacred who helps people to connect deeply with themselves through intimate psychic readings and highly resonant tarot card pulls on Instagram and Facebook. I channel and share cosmic guidance regularly for the collective and lead individuals who are ready to rise through the sacred ceremony of remembering. #RememberWhoYouAre.

I am tapped in and highly attuned to energies, and my specialty is being able to pull down and articulate esoteric or complex topics in a way that is understandable, accessible, clear, and relevant. Recently, however,

I was called to go even deeper with my work.

I was guided to target different receptors in the psyche and the soul than my written guidance could access. I was invited to leverage the energy of the Collective by creating a web of light and sound– weaving together multitudes of people, joined by a common intention.

As a result of this guidance, I have birthed Translucence and now Translucence 2.0.

order translucence button 150pxIt is my deepest intention that even one of these audios can shift and transform you in both subtle and profound ways, and you will have access to 26 lessons and teachings as a subscriber to the series. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for joining me on this journey and for saying yes to your next level, whatever that may be!

— xx, Dana

Please note that all sales are final for ‘Translucence’ and ‘Translucence 2.0’. Thank you for your support!